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Chris Watts moved Shan’ann’s suitcase from the bottom of the stairs to inside the master bedroom upstairs, leaving it at the doorway – why?

Just over a month ago we speculated on TCRS about which room the murders took place. Amazingly, after 1960 pages of discovery we’re no closer to answering that question. Well, except we may be a little closer than we were.


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  1. Carrie

    I have a few thoughts on that. One.. He wanted it out of people’s site as they knew she had o.c.d. Not something she would do. Second he wanted it out of his view and third he wanted to go through it. I have no doubt she bought him that shirt he was wearing on t.v while she was away. Other then that I don’t know. Who kills his family and is so sloppy about everything he does.It almost appears he wanted to be caught really strange. If he didn’t confess do you think he would have been caught?

    • Carrie


  2. Diana

    I notice that it says the suitcase had ID Tags that had CW on it instead of SW, don’t know if that means anything though. I’m thinking could the suitcase have been moved because Chris wanted it to appear the Shan’ann made it up to the master bedroom before going out to a friend’s house like Chris told everyone? Or did Chris put it there to make it look like she was preparing to leave him? This is driving me crazy now lol. I’m going to continue thinking on it for sure! I hope you tell us why you think he moved it – or if it was actually Chris that even moved it because we don’t know for certain that he is the one that did.

  3. Carrie

    I believe they… Her friends and police stated it was by the steps.

  4. Sylvester

    If he killed her downstairs, after she wheeled her suitcase to the foot of the stairs and set her purse down he has no reason to take the suitcase upstairs that morning. Too many other things to do, but he moves it later because he’s trying to point himself away from where the crime was committed, hoping having her suitcase upstairs means she made it upstairs. Or it could be something more simple in that he did a little cleaning downstairs (the smell of cleaning chemicals was noted) and he thought in a normal world where she came home, went to bed, and took the kids somewhere that morning after their so-called argument then she would have taken the suitcase upstairs herself.

  5. Kaye

    What’s confusing is that I think I remember reading about two suitcases. One was orange and I believe the other was pink. I thought the one in the master bedroom was the suitcase that she hadn’t yet unpacked from the NC trip. I will have to go back and double-check but I remember reading that. But in any case it does sound like the suitcase at the bottom of the steps was moved somewhere after the initial police visit.

    I also thought it was a bit weird that Chris’s defense team seemed to have been going through the house without any police present? The neighbors initially thought they were intruders and had to go by to see what was going on. Who knows what things the defense team was moving around?

    • nickvdl

      It is weird isn’t it?

      • Carol

        I always thought he got her downstairs but after reading in the discovery that no movement was detected on main floor between 1:48 and 4:23 I’m leaning more to that he killed her in her sleep. The time she got home was 1:48, so she must have put her stuff down and went straight upstairs

  6. Sylvester

    Now it seems more plausible if he were going to clean all of the carpet downstairs where her suitcase was resting at the foot of the stairs, that he would want to move it upstairs and away from his cleaning surface.

  7. Janice

    Also – those pictures are from the previous owners of the house.

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