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Nichol Kessinger’s statement to the Denver Post regarding when she knew about Shan’ann Watts’ pregnancy may not be entirely accurate

Who broke the news of Shan’ann Watts’ disappearance? When did the first post appear on social media? These are the key questions to gauging the veracity of Kessinger’s statement. It’s a question about when: when did the media know versus when does Kessinger says she found out.

Kessinger’s statement to the Denver Post on November 15th appears to provide a timeline. Watts’ mistress provides information in her statement about August 13th in a systematic and seemingly chronological fashion.

  1. Kessinger says Watts texted her [presumably in the morning] to say he’d been busy.
  2. At 15:35 he told Kessinger his family was “gone”. Shan’ann had taken the girls to a play date and not returned, he said. Since he was fairly casual about it, Kessinger said she didn’t make a big deal about it either.
  3. Then, her statements continues, news reporters “showed up” at his house. Although the time isn’t given, we know this was on Tuesday morning, August 14th. by 07:00, when Shan’ann and the kids hadn’t turned up overnight, Detective Braumhover contacted the media. That’s how they ended up finding out about the crime.
  4. She was “very confused”.
  5. Later that night [presumably August 14th, the day of the interviews, Kessinger said she learned of the “full situation”. This makes sense, in terms of her story, because if she’d found out earlier in the day, why did she wait until the next morning to contact the cops?
  6. “When I read the news…I found out he was still married and his wife…pregnant.”

But according to Watts, he started the interviews at 12:31 and by 13:36 he said he had completed them. We don’t know who he told, but it seems a stretch that Kessinger didn’t know her beau was about to take a phalanx of media gathered on his porch into his confidence, especially given she was – at that point – still in an affair with him and would have a vested interest in what he said [or didn’t say] to the curious press.

Fullscreen capture 20181129 074512

When the first news reports appeared online on August 14th, they were timestamped. The Denver Channel article appeared at 11:26, and the Denver Post at 11:41. Both articles used “Pregnant Woman” as the first words in their titles, and both mentioned “Shanann Watts” in the script.

But the social media alerts on Facebook occurred even sooner. These were also explicit about Shan’ann being 15 weeks pregnant.

Although Watts never once mentioned in his Sermon on the Porch that Shan’ann was pregnant, early reports did use that word. If Kessinger was actively searching online, it’s unlikely she only learned Watts’ wife was pregnant once those video interviews Watts gave on his porch appeared either on television or online.

According to the Discovery Documents [page 2128] at 12:08 on August 14, Kessinger spent nearly four hours online, Googling for news on Shan’ann’s disappearance.

Fullscreen capture 20181129 063443

Kessinger also Googled “Shanann Watts” at two minutes past midnight – in the early morning – of August 14th.

Fullscreen capture 20181129 063426

Fullscreen capture 20181129 062742

We also know from page 2101 from the Discovery Documents that as early as August 4th, 2018, while Watts was away with his wife and children in North Carolina, his mistress Googled both their Facebook profiles at 14:10.

Fullscreen capture 20181129 163204

So, is Kessinger being entirely accurate when she says she only found out Shan’ann was pregnant when she read the news “later that night” – on August 14th?


  1. Kaye

    She knew earlier that afternoon most likely but what we now know is she used the rest of that day for damage control to erase her messages, wipe social media, photos, etc. She probably talked a lot with her dad too about what the next steps should be. I don’t believe all the people in chat room comments out there saying she must have known about or encouraged his actions. I think once she saw those news reports that morning she freaked the f out.

  2. My2Cents

    She knew about the pregnancy long ago before Shannon disappeared. There was an article where Chris was saying it’s not his baby. She choose to believe that and happily carrying the affair. And I agree, her after statements were clearly coached by someone who knows how to handle damage situations.

  3. Sylvester

    Do you think she’s wearing the necklace in the photo that Chris bought her? Not that it matters, but it might be her way to play with the camera and the public.

    • nickvdl

      Jeepers that’s an excellent observation – could very well be Sylvester.

    • Brenda

      I think I matters a lot. And it does appear to be the same necklace. Why would she want to be near a gift from the man who she now says is a liar and is disgusting? Either she still cares for him in spite of everything or she was sending Chris a message. It’s all rather in your face.

  4. Sylvester

    One other thing – Watts is also wearing a necklace in nearly every single picture – it’s the leather kind of thong through a wooden sort of stick but when he gives his porch interview it’s not on. If you are leaning over someone trying to squeeze the life out of them you wouldn’t want your necklace dangling down around their face to give them something to grab of course. But he’s not wearing it on the 14th.

  5. Sylvester

    Check out the “oops we did it again” video – he’s wearing a long sleeved gray shirt and his necklace looks to be tucked down into the shirt probably not to interfere with his lawnwork so it seems that he never takes it off but it doesn’t look to be tucked down in his “Carolina” sports t shirt on the porch.

    • Kaye

      You have an eye for details all right! Maybe he was wearing it and it got ripped off during the killings. That could have been the cause of the mark on his neck. I just got a chill.

    • Brenda

      It’s the necklace he bought for her. There is a photo of it displayed across one of their hands, maybe from the sand dune trip, or from around that time.

  6. Bea

    NK seems desperate. She checked out his ring finger upon meeting him. She went to bed with him right away. She said she barely knew him but went to bed with him repeatedly (up to 4 times a day), took an overnight trip with him, texted nude selfies to him, went to his home. First she said she only went to his home once, then it was twice but only for short visits. She said she was uncomfortable there, but comfy enough to have sex there. Short visits? She ate and had sex! She also texted her good friend that she would not have “firsts” with Chris because he had already been married and had kids with another woman. Then Chris gives her a card all about how many “firsts” they already had and would have a lifetime of “firsts” together. She talked to Chris about “firsts” and THAT was his motivation for killing his family. NK really tried to come off as “meh” about Chris and his situation but she spent two hours shopping for wedding dresses online…because of a guy “she barely knew”… shopped for apartments for him, told him to pawn his missing wife’s ring. I do not buy her “take it slow” BS false narrative at all.

    NOTE: This comment has been edited to remove defamatory slurs. If it happens again you will be banned from commenting here.

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