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Even the moment Chris Watts was put in cuffs and taken into custody is recorded on a police bodycam

When Watts went in for questioning on the morning of August 15th, for the second day in a row, he probably imagined he’d come out later and be able to hang out with his father. But instead, this was the moment his life behind bars actually started, and his old life came to an abrupt and final end, just as it did for Shan’ann, Bella and Celeste.

If only all criminal cases with this fast, effective and efficient, but it goes to show, I think, how valuable a role the community -m including family – can play in policing, and bringing criminals to justice.

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These screengrabs are taken from 1:53 in the clip below and from here.


  1. Shannon

    After he admitted to killing her. Did he not think he’d be charged.

  2. Diana

    He probably felt relief but also dread after confessing. Like history repeating itself. Relief after killing Shan’ann but also dread having to deal with her dead body.

  3. Diana

    Forgot to say….It is pretty cool how we can literally watch this whole case play out! We can start off with a news story about a missing pregnant Colorado mom and her two toddler girls. Then we can go in reverse and find copious amounts of videos via Facebook and Instagram of the missing! When the killer is arrested and the bodies are recovered, we go in reverse again after the release of all the discovery documents along with pictures and videos to see how it all played out. Sandwiched among it all is when we see the accused killer plead guilty in court and receive his punishment. This case gives us body cams, CCTV, cell phones, drones, GPS, cadaver dogs, recovered texts and social media galore, most of these things unheard of not so long ago! Still so much to learn about this case and all the characters involved!

  4. Shannon

    Yes, if she hadn’t been on Screen time so much. This case wouldn’t get so much coverage. This way, unfortunately we get to see what she was like and all around her. Kinda helps seeing the dynamics in this family.
    But it does happen everyday.
    But Chris by being naive and ill informed about crime….lol…..didn’t fair well.

    • michele anderson (@lovelostgrl)

      Yes, the dynamics show he was a weak willed cheating narcissist who murdered his family. Ill informed about crime? He killed his family, that monster is where he belongs. You know who it didn’t fair well for? His wife, girls and unborn child. They are the real victims. Shan’ann was a good person who loved her family. Watts is evil. I hope he enjoys rotting in jail for eternity.

      • Maura

        Agree with @lovelostgrl.

        If we had Videos showing Chris lying about his marital status and and Videos of his dates, dinners and trips with Nichol people would be able to see the Chris that wiped out his family. Also, even if his work awarded him some gift cards as a bonus, he had to be using some of his own cash to fund some of those dates.

  5. Shannon


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