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Chris Watts: The Devil in Disguise + Miscellaneous Videos [UPDATED]

The moment Chris Watts confessed to murdering his pregnant wife: Part 2 – Yahoo

Chris Watts led double life before murdering his family, court docs show: Part 3 – Yahoo

In a shocking statement, Chris Watts describes how he killed his wife: Part 4 – Yahoo

The title to the video below is incorrect and misleading. Although Watts did defecate beside tanks, it wasn’t at CERVI 319 but CERVI 1029.



  1. Blexy

    First video of CW in prison released

  2. Carol

    I’m not a believer in the paranormal but dang how did the lights in garage go on? Gives me the creeps

  3. Cindy Reynolds

    I’ll tell you another case that will chill you to the bone is the case of RONALD GENE SIMMONS! Wow look it up if you ain’t altready heard about it! This guy almost makes CW look like a choir boy! I said ALMOST!

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