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On August 8th, Shan’ann tried to have sex with Chris Watts. He refused. She later kicked him out of bed, and told him not to come home if he didn’t tell her what was going on…

This happened five short days before the murders…

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  1. Sylvester

    This coincides with “Watts told Luke Epple (his supervisor) 8/7/18 that he and his wife were having problems and that he would be staying with a friend” (in case the GPS log reflected his truck wasn’t parked at home). What friend would he think he could stay with? Also she’s sleeping on the couch – not him – I knew it. Makes me wonder who was really sleeping in the basement. He tells Nichole he was sleeping in the basement but was he really?

    • Maura

      My guess is Chris didn’t sleep in the basement much if at all. The bed had been set up for previously when their parents were visiting or for Shannan’s friend who stayed for 2 months after her surgery. It was easy for Chris to weave the bed into his lies to Nichol as proof he was getting a divorce. He Facetimed her there after working out but slept upstairs while SW was in NC.

      • BAMS13

        Surely they wouldn’t make ANY guests sleep down there in that basement??

        No, I think perhaps it was his man cave that he genuinely used now and then to “escape” Shann’an & the kids who had become an obvious nuisance to him.

  2. Shannon

    Well when your partner refuses sex and there are problems already occuring. It would be devastating to be rejected. She thought it might bring them closer, but instead it should have confirmed. Something is seriously wrong.

    • BAMS13

      I feel sorry for her reading her last texts to her friends. It’s pretty obvious she wore the pants in the relationship and had him by the balls for so long. To be taken down off her throne and rejected and dismissed so quickly by Chris truly stunned her. The declining Facebook posts shows her mood and confidence had taken a dive. She was by then focused on Chris instead of thrive for a change but it was too late.

      It sounds like she had a previous tried and true method of threats and bossing him around that was no longer working. Only because Chris now had a new Queen!!! Gggrr.

  3. Shannon

    He became the King. The Queen was banished. I read his work out equipment down there. The poor guy never had any Guys or friends to go out with and do the guy thing through the marriage. In their trips he only guy with her and the thrive fatties. Barely see another guy there.
    Kinda like living in a Cage and you find the key to open the door to another world.

    • Tracey

      Narcopaths dont have real friends. they dont understand the concept of genuine friendship, which involves reciprocity.

      • Shannon

        Shanann wouldn’t let him run or work out. I doubt she would want him to have friends. He had no life.

    • bassekrokke

      “ … and the thrive [sic] fatties.” — omg. That hit me so hard for some reason. lmaooooo

      • Shannon

        Glad I made you laugh. But if you look at the Thrive Videos……the people are quite Big. Thrive to help them all loose weight.

        • bassekrokke

          Yes, it’s funny bc it’s true … 🙂

  4. Sylvester

    I’d like to go back in time, at the beginning of their courtship, then marriage. Killers aren’t born. I think he grew disenchanted as the years went by and got tired of being bossed around, not just bossed but dominated. If he lacked balls it’s because she was a ball buster. She cut them off. But of course he made a very wrong decision. It’s almost a childish decision like throwing something across the room because you don’t know how else to express yourself. And I think he was jacked up on speed via the Thrive patches and over doing the shakes and drinks. What you put in to your body has consequences. Maybe the sociopathic shoe doesn’t fit here, but his response to his displeasure is completely cold so he’s an enigma.

    • Tracey

      Not all killers are born killers, true.
      Psychopathic killers are born that way though. their brains are wired differently. specifically within amygdalae & pre-frontal cortices.

  5. amandagildenhar

    It seems like one of the only functional parts of their marriage remaining before he started his relations with NK was their sexual one, and I don’t think Shan’ann had ever fully satisfied him sexually. I think at this point he knew he was not going to get out of anything scot-free without giving Shan’ann a real explanation and answer to everything which he was never going to do.

  6. Shannon

    Oh yes, I read somewhere, god knows where I’ve read so much. Shanann’ was straight in bed, no messes, probably no experimenting, in different areas. Excuse me, I don’t think any oral.
    So he meets new girl, maybe more experienced and he’s like Wow…….
    Not only that maybe she was kinder, smiled amongst other New relationship mode for both.
    I still think Nicole K, lying somewhere here.

    • BAMS13

      Oh yes for sure. King Chris had been awoken from his deep sleep for sure, finding out there’s a whole new world out there that was his to explore with his new fit bod. The problem is, he reacted to his new world like he was sleep walking… not so “woke” afterall.

    • Presley Bowers

      Where did you read that? That certainly wasn’t the case from everything I read. Shanann was actually giving Chris oral not to be crude but a BJ when she saw the spot on Chris’s penis. She had him get it checked and it was cancer. You can read that in the discovery about Shanann’s mom giving the information and saying Shanann saved his life. Shanann spoke in those text about their sex life being wonderful. That’s why she was concerned because it had slowed down after her trip to NC and she was so confused. They even had sex in the pantry according to her friend Nicole. They were hiding from the girls and had a quickie in the pantry. Shanann even had sex toys in her nightstand in the pictures from discovery. She doesn’t sound like a prude to me. But then again Nichole Kessinger was researching DP/Deep Penetration, threesomes, anal sex, etc. To me that sounds like a slutty mistress trying to do anything possible to sink her claws into him even more. She knew all about him still being married and living with his wife and kids because she’d been to the house at least two times she’d admitted too. Even cooked and ate in Shanann’s Homs. She started researching Chris and Shanann back in August 2017 and did more research in January 2018. This was months prior to the affair even starting. Nichole knows way more than is being released. I think that alone says a lot about the character of Nicole Kessinger.

      • BAMS

        Exactly, Shann’an may not have been a prude but I don’t think she was the sexual deviant like NK has proven herself to be. Her internet searches and texts do make her sound like a dirty tart and I feel uneasy saying that about another woman but to me it might explain her wanting to erase all the texts between her & Chris. I think they were most likely 95% sexual in nature.

      • maggie

        100%!!! Couldn’t agree more. Shanann did not seem to be a prude whatsoever. There is evidence of this in her text messages, the sex toys in her nightstand etc. And completely agree regarding NK…I have no doubt that she was trying to pull out all the “stops” with CW. The photos recently released of NK (the ones with the black background that were clearly taken in anticipation of her ‘story’ coming out) portray her to be far more attractive than she appears in regular, everyday life. In her average photos, she doesn’t appear to be anything special. It isn’t like she had much of anything on SW. I think she was incredibly threatened by SW and was trying to do everything she could to keep him interested. I think she was becoming increasingly clingy/invested and probably giving him a hard time about his life with his wife. And YES….her search history completely contradicts what she stated re what she knew about SW and their lives. I am so confused as to why it seems that police aren’t more interested in her involvement…but I guess there are things we don’t know (?).

      • bassekrokke

        I was dubious about Chris’ alleged bi-sexuality until I saw the anal beads in the nightstand drawer, and then Chris’ booty-eating note to Nikki. Dude loves a$$.

        • nickvdl


          If you continue to make slurs and insulting comments about Nichol Kessinger you will be banned from this site. Your other comments, all about anal sex, have been deleted.

          For more information on how to have discussions at this site please read this:

          • bassekrokke

            There were anal beads in their nightstand. Chris was into anal sex. Lots of talk about Chris’ sexual preferences. It’s relevant. I did call Nikki names and I apologize. However, you are the one who’s wrong about anal sex being taboo. I have been reading comments in which ppl disagree with you, and you lash out when your opinions are questioned. It’s unbecoming, and it reeks of … get ready … narcissism. Will you bam me for daring to reply to your admonishment? All signs point to yes.

          • nickvdl

            you lash out when your opinions are questioned. >>>I’m sure it appears that way, because I think you imagine we are all on the same level here. All opinions are created equal. But actually they’re not. I’ve written four books [I know, worthless in your view] and written several hundred blogs [ditto, worthless], so when there’s an informed view versus an uninformed opinion stridently defended, yes, I can get testy.

            You don’t have to respect the work, but neither do I have to allow people to hang around who insist on disrespecting it. Insist being the operative word.

            As I mentioned in the link I sent you, if you want to disagree with theories posted here, invest some time and effort in your paragraph. Anyone who does probably has an open mind and is in a place where they’re willing to learn and able to enhance our overall understanding. A very informed view, alas, is very rare at this site. When I come across information new to me, accurate information, I welcome it and it’s put up as a Guest Blog.


            Since I’ve written four books on this case, if you feel your opinion is valid, back it up with some solid information. Spend some time backing up why you say what you say [and probably more time than you think is the right amount of time]. There’s an assumption that all opinions are created equal – but they’re not. My opinion is based on researching this case every day, for hours each day, for months. How does that match up to yours?

            I never said anal sex was taboo. You’re preoccupied with it, can’t talk about anything else, and can’t resist hurling slurs at the mistress involved [or, it seems, at me]. We get it – you’re disgusted by her. Do you have anything else to say? Or do you need to say how disgusted you are a few times, over and over to feel justified? You’re skating on thin ice. This site isn’t for folks to come and feel better about themselves, or to settle scores. It’s a place to gather and share information, and expand what we know. Fixated discussion on anal sex doesn’t really expand our knowledge-base.

            It’s quite funny that you’re obsessed with anal sex but I “reek” of narcissism and am unbecoming. Again, if you read the link I sent you would have received the warning loud and clear that hurling insults at me [just as it applies to all admins everywhere online] buys you an express ticket out of here.

            I see while I was writing this comment, really in two minds with what to do with you, you found something else – the spelling of dog’s name – to undermine me with.

            And so, off you go.

  7. Shannon

    Yes I read about the spot on him. Not sure when thou. Yes ive read a few things you mentioned. But I also read the things I said too.
    Who knows, but I think NK he was more excited with. New person, new feelings.

    • BAMS

      I wonder if it really was cancerous or an STD… Was it ever confirmed? Another thing for NK to worry about, CW’s dirty appendage assuming that it wasn’t cancerous after all.

      • Marcie

        A 26 year old male with genital cancer? Very doubtful. It was probably a genital wart. So maybe someone lied about a medical issue?

    • Cindy Reynolds

      Of course he was more excited with NK, like u said new person, new feelings, new p….y. No mortgage or bills or kids! Just free and easy baby! Until he marries NK, they have kids, a mortgage, bills blah blah blah……… know the same old crap “ the grass is greener” feeling, until it isn’t!

  8. Michelle

    They had five bedrooms and made their guests sleep in the basement?

    • bassekrokke

      Probably Chris’ parents but not Shanann’s?

      • Shannon

        Why niether parent better the other as to where sleeping. Sopposedly 5 bedroom.

  9. A

    I wish people in Shan’ann Watt’s life gave her a reality check, instead of giving her optimistic messages. They could have said: “The reason your husband doesn’t touch you is because he doesn’t consider you a catch anymore. You have no money; You have health problems; Your in-laws want nothing to do with you. He probably believes he can find someone else, who is more his type. The best thing to do is take your kids and leave as soon as possible.”
    It sounds harsh, but sometimes in life, you need to swallow the bitter pill. To Shan’ann’s credit, she did text one of her friends to say she couldn’t afford to live in Colorado as a divorcee, but she didn’t want to go back to NC, and that she might want to move someplace else. But she never acted on it. Instead, she was purchasing marriage counseling books and trying the save the marriage. What it boils down to this: do you save the marriage or do you save yourself? I wish somebody had told her to throw in the towel on the marriage and save herself.

  10. Ralph Oscar

    It has been established that NK was searching for information on “anal sex”. That’s neither here nor there, but in trying to think up a scenario where CW could have easily overpowered Shan’Ann, if he’d practiced anal with NK, he’d know which position his partner would be most helpless. Shan’Ann had obviously propositioned him on 8/8 and he turned her down and she was upset; if she’d approached him again after getting home from her MLM trip and he suggested, “Let’s try something new this time” – would she say “No”? I don’t think so. At this point, I think she would have tried *anything* to get their relationship back on track. And if he were on top of her and she was face down, she’d have been effectively incapacitated once he started throttling her. Even vaginal sex, doggy style, he could have pushed her down if she’d been on her knees and she’d be equally incapacitated.

    • ANNE H LEA

      I agree- after it was clear that he had a violent “rape fantasy” that he acted out on his Tinder hook ups I highly doubt he strangled Shannan without sex being involved- I mean that’s what he’s been wanting for who knows how long.

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