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Watts Family & Crime Scene Photos You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

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  1. Karen

    Absolutely correct. I hadn’t seen those. What a slap in the face that Chris went from a 5000′ house to that small cell he’s now in

    • Pam Foldesi

      I think he is missing that cell phone most of all.

  2. BAMS

    As the saying goes, he made his bed and now he has to lie in it. Oh the irony if you really think about it…

  3. EllenD

    Nicole Kessinger’s father was Chris Watt’s former boss at Anadarko? Is that correct?

    • Carol Johnson

      Yes, Nicole Kessinger’s father was Watt’s former boss at Anadarko.

      • Vic

        As a retired correctional officer , it’s going to be a living hell for Watts in prison. In the prison hierarchy he ll be down the totem pole.

    • Carol Johnson

      Yes, Nickol Kessinger’s father was Watt’s former boss at Anadarko.

  4. Nik

    No Chris did not work for Nickols father. She was a contract employee brought in by another company. I think her dad is an electrician or some crap. All I know is that defenatly is not her dad that he worked for. If so her dad fired her from anadarko lol.

  5. Dr Professor Nina Pickett

    This guy is a total piece of shit a monster.
    Out with the old family and in with the new

  6. Carolyn T

    I wonder if we’ll ever get the truth? The pleasure he and his family get from lying is psychotic.

  7. Marie Schmude

    Another example of Demonic Oppression…Look into his dark eyes and you will see a demon looking back at you!

  8. brenda

    CW went from Beauty, to Bimbo to Bunker (alone) LOL – Nicole so trashy in comparison with gorgeous Shanann – what a dumb ass….

  9. Robin Gregory

    I wish Chris had gone forward with a divorce and not harmed his family. I wonder if Shanann hadn’t gotten pregnant with Nico whether he would have opted for a divorce instead. Nicole said she knew about his girls, but she did not know about the pregnancy. Clearly the pregnancy was proof he was still sleeping with his wife, and that blew his story that their divorce was imminent. This case will still never make any sense. I can’t figure out why at some point he didn’t come out of the fog, realize what he was doing and stop! When he put his hands around Shanann’s neck? After he killed Shanann, why didn’t he stop even then? Or on the long drive to the oil field? Or when he looked in the back seat at the girls? Or when Bella asked what happened to Cece? Why?! He just kept killing! It wasn’t “heat of the moment.” So why would someone with no prior history of violence and by all accounts a “good” guy do this? I wonder if Shanann had been physically abused by him in the past, and she just felt a need to keep up appearances. This is tragic, indeed.

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