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Nichol Kessinger has also lost her life – just desserts or a symptom of a cruel, vindictive society?

It’s been repeated ad nauseum by now: why didn’t Chris Watts just get divorced? Are we a society that permits divorce? Of course, I hear you say. Divorce is as common as muck [as they say in Australia].

How about divorcing your pregnant wife, taking responsibility and going bankrupt in the process? How does society – and the opposite sex – look on a potential partner who does the right thing, but is exposed as a worthless, no-good scoundrel in the process?

Is such a person allowed to go on with their lives, allowed to pursue some happily ever after, or is society wired to mire them in scandal, crushing obligation and reputational ruin? Shan’ann’s Facebook hovered like a giant guillotine over the Watts marriage [in the event of it unravelling]. The nuts meltdown on July 9th, where Watts’ mother was lambasted in public, was proof enough of this.

Many of us know of divorced couples who air their dirty laundry in public. It’s ugly, it’s damaging, everybody loses and it happens all the time.

Watts stood to lose a lot if he was honest – his home, his mistress, possibly even his job. In his mind, the risks of full disclosure outweighed the risks of triple homicide. That may be a damning indictment of him, but whether we accept it or not, and whether we like it or not, it’s also his damning indictment of the world we live in.

Who cares what Chris Watts thinks of society, right?

But it’s the same society that is now condemning an innocent bystander to the murders. Kessinger is innocent [yes, some people can’t abide those words side by side] in the strict sense that she didn’t directly destroy Watts’ family. It feels like heresy to say that, but to address the point more fully – in the history of cheaters and adulterers, how many have gotten away with adultery with zero repercussions?

In the history of human beings cheating on their partners, how many have cheated during a pregnancy, or during financial stress, or when the brood becomes too much to handle, with no blood being shed?

And how many of those encounters have led to triple murder? The answer is, almost none, but it did for Kessinger.

The court of public opinion can be just as effective, if not more so, at pronouncing judgment, and executing a sentence against perceived lawbreakers. Again, Kessinger hasn’t been put on trial, and at least in the eyes of the law, she’s not been found to be guilty of anything, not even obstruction of justice.

While Kessinger is clearly not blameless in this debacle, neither is it true that she was entirely to blame either.

If there is an argument that Kessinger losing her life [her home, her job, her married lover] is a kind of just desserts, there is, at the same time, a demonstration here for how society can destroy you if and when the tide turns. Just as it can destroy anything, including a song or anyone else when it makes up its mind.

So how about a thought experiment. Let’s imagine you [or I] are Nichol Kessinger. We’re her. We’re in her shoes. We’re the most hated woman in America. What do you do?

The first answer that comes to mind is that she [you/me] should have gone to the cops the moment she [you/me] learned Shan’ann and the kids were missing, and that the cops had been summoned. Let’s leave out the debate about whether or not she [you/me] knew about the pregnancy, or when she [you/me] might have known.

Our argument is that Kessinger [you/me] should have gone to the cops, and done so with full disclosure. No deleted messages. Just tell them what happened. Is that what you/me would do in similar circumstances? Wouldn’t that have made the public lynching even worse?

nichol kessinger

Whatever we may say in response to that, Kessinger thought it would, hence she stayed out of the spotlight and went underground for several months. When she did come out, she gave a carefully contrived interview with a defamation lawyer present, to a reputable media agency. She had to come out from the cold, because her part in the Watts case was days away from being confirmed for the first time at the sentencing hearing.

Kessinger’s story didn’t do much good. Her public lynching went ahead regardless.

So what would you have done, if you were her?

It’s a valid question, and one Kessinger is doubtlessly tormented with each day as she tries to begin a new life, with a new name, in some unknown place, while she considers her former life lost.

What can she do now?

Full disclosure now is no longer an option, because it runs counter to witness protection. So there probably aren’t any books in the pipeline like there was with Amber Frey.

So how about this. It may be that the cruel, vindictive society we are is no accident. A proper execution of justice, and disclosure, in this case, would have been in court, not in the media and social media. The reason that didn’t happen is sinister, and part of the way our lack of clarity on this case manifests, is through knee-jerk demonizing of Watts and Kessinger. But neither Watts nor Kessinger arose in a vacuum. They were once thought of fondly by their family, friends, colleagues and society, just as you are now.

Who cares what Chris Watts or Nichol Kessinger think of society. Who cares if they were both too scared – and remain too terrified – to take society into its confidence. Who cares! But it’s that fear of society that caused Watts and Kessinger to engage in a secret liaison, and when things went bad, to keep those secrets secret. We may wag our fingers at him and her, we may call them cowards, but we can only do that while we’re on the higher ground. What happens when we’re in their shoes?

This societal status quo reminds me of a famous scene in Kill Bill Volume Two that addresses the critique of a comic book hero on society. On us. Have a listen.

The operative part of Bill’s monologue is when he talks about heroes wearing costumes, and then Superman arriving on Earth already a hero, but donning a costume of human society as he sees it [as he sees us] to blend in as Clark Kent.

BILL: And what are the characteristics of Clark Kent? He’s weak. He’s unsure of himself. He’s a coward. Clark Kent is Superman’s critique on the whole human race. 



  1. Kaye

    A giant part of the problem in Chris’s mind probably is the public pedestal that Shan’ann put him on. In her Facebook posts, he is the perfect dad and husband. The gushing over him and how other people perceived him through that meant his fall once exposed would come from a much much higher height than for many of us. He would never live down the “shame” of not being that perfect person, for not embracing the suburban, catalog-quality American life that was advertised as his life, that his family had given to him.

    • maggie

      Right, I agree. I noticed this during his interrogation too. After CW finally told investigators where the bodies were located, they asked him if he would prefer one of his coworkers meet them out there and his reaction, in my opinion, was one of the most genuine/”passionate” reactions in the whole interview. It was as if, to him, there was nothing worse than imagining his coworkers discovering what he did. Of course, by that point in the interview, he had to have been realizing everyone was about to discover what he had done. But I agree with you, he seemed highly sensitive to others’ perception of him. And it was like he was incapable of standing up to anyone!? He seems to have been the type of person that spent much, if not all, of his life being controlled by someone else. I got “controlling” vibes from his mother and suspect this might have been another reason she and Shanann didn’t get along….perhaps they were both strong willed, opinionated women. Anyway, I definitely think his fear of public perception, etc greatly affected his life and his actions in August.

      • Karen

        Bams, were you asking me if I am saying she deserves all the inflated, hysterical flak she’s receiving? I don’t know who that is directed to

    • KG

      Three people have been murdered. Pregnancy terminated and all you think about is how this thing NK feels. Gees. This thing never showed emotions when she was interviewed. You call that breaking down. Duh. It was all about her. Her reputation. Her safety. She should have thought about that before starting an affair with a married. Before coverting her neighbour’s husband. She googled Shannan in 2017 already.
      You reap what you sow. Harvert time will come for her. We are praying. She disgusts me.
      She knew more than it meet the eye..She wanted Shannan ‘s life. She told Chris she wants her own kids. She is deadly selfish woman with no emotion. Talk about the devil in person. Sies digusts me. Used sex to destroy a weak man who was evil like her to destroy his FAMILY. How do you sleep with someone who is not your spouse. !!!!! Sexual sins , well these are the fruits. It’s deadly. This is a lesson for us all to learn here. Be content with what you have. Don’t sleep with a man who is not your spouse . Greed and lust are deadly sins. Sexual sin is deadly. Tltltlt she irritates me this moron. I hope she comes to stay here in my country South Africa and she will be taught a wonderful lesson about what happens to cheaters man and woman alike.
      This should be a wake up call for fallen depraved human hearts that sin promises to please you but will destroy you. For the wages of sin is death . I am by no means a sin but will never break a family. Will never ever go out with a cheating husband because as he does to his wife he will do to me too. Cheaters should not be taken seriously and never trusted. That’s why they are called cheaters they lack morals less of human beings. They are selfish and only live to satisfy their carnal flesh. Sies maaan.

      • maggie

        you’re right. all she has ever been concerned about is how the public will perceive her. she didn’t care about SW or the children. she also didn’t care about hurting them because she wanted/encouraged CW to leave them. and then she had the nerve to sit in an interview and discuss her own childhood and claim that she gave CW advice as to how to do things once he and SW divorced. she is vile. and you are right, you are never “innocent” when you do what she did.

      • Marlen

        Your whole comments reminds me of all the people described in the book called Bible when they wanted to kill a woman because she has committed adultery and right when they were ready to kill her , they were asked if someone was not guilty of any sin to throw the stone but curiously every body left. You should ask yourself the same question because your words show nothingore than arrogance because of your perfect moral life

        • Silvia

          Dont bring bible story into this.
          This whole situation completely different.
          Here 4 innocent life gone. Young one taken too soon.
          Think before you comment.

        • Geena Barrows

          WOW You really don’t get it do you ? She is also responsible for taking 4 lives…A family died …A wife,,,two precious little girls and a unborn baby boy !! Life meant nothing to her..Only hers….She will feel God’s wrath!!!

          • Ralph Oscar

            Oh barf

      • maggie

        @Marlen: was this directed toward me or…? either way, yep, you are right. no one is perfect. but not all of us find ourselves in the middle of a criminal/murder investigation during which we lie to police and hide information. we are all ‘sinners,’ but not all of us are criminals.

        and before anyone tries to say I’m wrong to call her a criminal: she has contradicted herself again and again, highlighting her lies and half-truths. you and I would be in trouble for lying to law enforcement, so why shouldn’t she?

      • thetinytech2018

        KG’s comment has to be the most off basis comment I’ve seen on Mr. Van Der Leek’s site as of late. From the rampant misspellings to the incoherent babbling, it’s a perfect example of the confirmation bias that nick speaks of often on this blog, that he writes and offers to the world free of charge, might I add.

        It’s like KG disregarded everything just so she could preach about the commandments and condemn someone to feel holier than thou. The funny thing is those that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, and unless your perfect which I highly doubt, this isn’t the time to put yourself on a pedestal. Say what you want about NK, but as a woman im getting sick of seeing other females lambast each other when it comes to the matter of infidelity. NK isn’t perfect but neither is anybody else, and last I checked she wasn’t the married one or the murderer. She didn’t break her vows to Shanann, he did. She didn’t force him into a relationship, he pursued her and nobody held a gun to the other person’s head (metaphorically or literally) to participate. NK didn’t kill those children or Shan’ann, and when we focus on only one aspect of the case in order to affirm what we already thought, not only is that confirmation bias, but we learn nothing.

        • Ralph Oscar

          I just tried to leave this comment to AC downstream, but it’s locked up in moderation (why? I’m nice!), so here ’tis:

          I don’t understand the whole “NK is so ugly” crowd – I think she’s quite attractive, fresh-faced and wholesome looking. Especially compared to Shan’Ann, who appeared to be made of grease and plastic. Plus, an educated woman brings a whole different level of attraction and appeal – she can actually *talk* about interesting stuff. And let’s not forget that NK and CW shared the same work environment – plenty to talk about there that he wouldn’t be able to talk to Shan’Ann about because she had no experience for context. I especially agree with your conclusion:

          ‘Actually, she’s the personification of all their insecurities. She’s what these basic chicks fear the most– an educated, technically skilled woman that doesn’t sit around all day painting her fucking nails. So yeah, “whore!”’

          • maggie


        • monicakelly7488

          With all do respect, in my early 20”s I was the “other” women. Of course ms KEssinger did not kill the kids, however she was a catalyst, and if you think that is not true you are lying to yourself. I was the catalyst for the man I was seeing’s divorce, I was the catalyst for a drawn out legal battle. He even said, “ I wish I never met you” while they were going through the divorce. We were coworkers as well. I no longer work there but my friend does and his two daughters still so not speak to him 6 years later. There were many issues I. The man I was seeings life as well, they were also catalysts. But he didn’t kill his family. So to sY she does not have blood on her hands in BS. I still feel like garbage for sleeping with a man I Knew waS married with children. She seemed to barely give 2 cents about the tremendous loss of those three Children.

      • Jen

        One word: KARMA!!!!!

  2. Karen

    You’re absolutely right, Nick. She is damned either way. What would I have done in this situation? I couldn’t possibly know until I’ve been there. Everyone badly wants someone to lash out at someone. Can’t get to Chris so Kessinger will take the beating.

    • Kaye

      And think of the notoriety NK would have had during a trial. At this point only people who really follow this story closely know who she is. If a trial had taken place, her name and photo would have been on news sites for probably weeks at a time and many more people would be aware of her. I honestly think by the end of next summer her life will probably be back to “normal” if she continues to keep a low profile.

  3. Sylvester

    I think how Sha’nann perceived her husband was, and always was as weak. If she put him on any pedestal it was for show, to make herself look good and her god-forsaken product line. In that context anything and everything he did she saw as inadequate. Imagine living in that box that someone has put you in right from the jump. She even tells him that she (not exact words) rescued him from his mother, his family. If she thought of him as a nothing who needed rescuing did he ever really come up to “great” in her eyes? How could you ever do anything right when someone believes you need them to show you what’s right. Any growing he did as a person, over the years of their marriage, she wouldn’t have seen it – he had to grow in silence. I think his very affirming job at Anadarko and how he was viewed by his coworkers – “memory like an elephant” “photographic memory” “silver fox” good worker, trained the new employee well, did his job and didn’t complain, etc., he must have felt a tremendous amount of value and self worth from just his job alone – something he wasn’t getting at home – appreciation. Can anyone here fathom what that would be like – being put in a box of someone who needed saving from day one, (she thought he needed saving) as weak, can’t cook, can’t hang a picture the way she wants it hung, and she needs him to tell her what’s wrong, why he’s not responsive, why he doesn’t want to kiss her or touch her anymore, I won’t go on but if you have ever been put in a box like that and by a mate – think of the many ways you would try and escape from that. He never was seen as perfect just as he was by his wife.

    • Lainie

      You failed to put any PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY on CW for physically MURDERING three people. He purposely and methodically, one by one snuffed the life out of three people. Two of those being small children. HE is responsible for that act, no one else. Certainly not social media. CW made a choice to end three lives. He made that choice because HE SELFISHLY thought it was THE EASIEST WAY.

    • Mary

      Your comments might be valid if he were filing for divorce or was in a therapist office explaining why he wanted out of his marriage. But “NO” he alone decided to snuff out 3 very precious lives….his own flesh and blood,all for selfish reasons. Shannan’s family got it right, he is a monster! There is absolutely no justification for his actions because at any time he could have ended his marriage. Shannan even gave him an “out” and said if you don’t want me or love me anymore just say so. He did not tell her because he already was making his plans to kill her. He had so many options and that evil thing chose the absolute worst possible thing.Can you even imagine the terror they went through and what was going through Shannan’s mind as her husband squeezed the life out her.He said he knew not to let go because it would keep him from Nicky.The irony of that is that his own evil,sick murderous rampage did that!

      • nickvdl

        So do you think it would have been a civil divorce?

      • Ralph Oscar

        *Wow* Your underestimation of Shan’Ann’s capacity for viciousness is overwhelming. She was the narcissist here; attempt to escape a narcissist’s clutches and you are in the fight of your life.

  4. Sylvester

    And Kessinger – she wasn’t just giving him sex – she liked him, for him.

    • miagataaa

      Romanticizing a child killer, are you?
      Yes, let’s all sympathize with that poor unappreciated baby girl strangler.
      Pretty despicable. Get some help.

      • thetinytech2018

        I don’t think he’s the one that needs help. Nick wants his readers to look beyond the surface and actually think for themselves. It seems perhaps you’d be more comfortable with your kin in the Youtube comments section. You’ll find the rest of your echo chamber there, as this place is for those who want a fresh perspective and to learn about the nuances of true crime.

    • Mary

      All well and good if he had not KILLED his family.

  5. Sylvester

    That sounded like a rant! ha. I’m reading “Rape of Cassandra” and I’m reading more details than I knew about or thought about. And, I really appreciated the chapter on the Unsung Hero. It warmed my heart.

  6. BAMS

    Oh god where do I even begin? All of those Saints flaming Nichol K publicly act holier than thou as though they’ve never lied or cheated in some way or another themselves. My personal view is they have a seething hatred towards NK because perhaps she brings out their own insecurities within their own relationships! Doesn’t she represent everything that a “piece on the side” is perceived to be? That’s why there are overweight and/or unattractive women calling her an UGLY whore, saying she’s soooo ugly, she’s a tramp, she likes it in her butt, she sounds like a dude, she looks like Bob the builder (out on the worksite mind you)
    They think of THEMSELVES when they’re mud slinging NK, not Shann’an!! As much as the use Shann’an as a cover, they are thinking how THEY would feel if their husbands or boyfriends did this to THEM. To be honest at least half or more have probably cheated or been cheated on at some stage, it’s common unfortunately and they act like NK is a witch to be burned at the stake in some medieval era.

    Am I saying NK is a model woman? No. But is anyone? Most of the vitriolic remarks are coming from uneducated sounding hysterical women who are making themselves sound like the stupid people. They forget that NK thought Chris was separated, not a happily married man with a piece on the side. HE is the evil liar here and for now he’s flying under the radar because he’s been “dealt with” so now NK needs her just desserts as you so aptly put it.

    Granted, deleting the texts didn’t bode well for her but since they seemed to be mostly sexual, I think she was ashamed and it was apparent in her interview. She also had naked pics on there and didn’t want the cops to see. She clearly didn’t think her darling Chris was anything but a potential partner, now here he was a MURDERER of his own family! Who would want to be associated with that?

    I think she is entirely blameless in this crime, purely from a viewpoint that she had nothing to do with the murders (according to LE) and wasn’t charged. Do I like her as a person? Not really! Not at all to be honest! It’s still not my place to publicly flame her though, I think that’s happening enough already. The majority seemed to have decided she’s not only a home wrecking ugly whore but she was also an accomplice?

    She’s being punished and will continue to be to some degree probably for the rest of her life or until it dies down a bit. Or until the next big crime deflects the torch light away from her.

    Casey Anthony walks free with a smile on her face (I am not talking about whether she’s guilty or not, just the public perception of her) and NK has to change her name and go into hiding? What does this tell you about how we react as a society?

    • maggie

      First of all, of course women are going to be thinking of their own lives when they see a situation like this or when we read about people like NK. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s human nature and it is how we experience sympathy for others.

      Why are you taking it so personally that others don’t find her attractive? You even resorted to the very same thing (“overweight” “unattractive”) in your post above re people who have negative thoughts about NK. Anytime there is a mistress involved, people are naturally curious to see what she looks like and I think in this situation, a lot of people were surprised that she appears to be plain/homely. That is interesting to people considering she was a factor (according to LE) in him committing such heinous crimes. Honestly, she isn’t very attractive….she doesn’t have a lot of features that people probably expected. Regardless, a lot of men engage in affairs not based on what the other woman looks like, but how she makes him feel. And it is clear that NK was competing for his affection.

      The public isn’t being given many reasons to defend or consider her 100% innocent at this time. All we basically know about this woman is that she had an affair with a married man who murdered his pregnant wife and two children and has been dishonest with LE. Just because she wasn’t caught with a “smoking gun” doesn’t make someone 100% innocent. You portray her as a victim who was deceived by CW, never knowing he was still married. This isn’t correct. While she did tell LE that she was unaware he was still married, her internet searches prove otherwise. LE found multiple searches in her internet history prior to the murders not only for SW but for other members of the family. Not only that, SW’s social media was public due to the nature of her job. And while NK claims she has no social media, I don’t believe for a second that she didn’t view SW’s FB either out of curiosity or (if she believed CW was separating from SW) to check the status of their marriage. I think one of the reasons CW ended up deleting his FB was because he didn’t want to be tagged in something SW was going to post and knew NK would see (or something like that). There is no way NK didn’t see that stuff when SW had such a big social media presence and involved her family in that.

      I am not saying she was an “accomplice” in that she was there when he murdered his family, but she absolutely was involved in this crime whether it was intentional or not. And I do think it will stick with her for the rest of her life. She may move away or change her name, but she will have to come clean about this in future relationships unless she wants her loved ones to discover this later/down the road.

      All of this being said, it’s hard NOT to distrust NK and question all of the things she has been trying to hide. And I’m baffled that you would try to shame people who have voiced this opinion mostly bc it’s based on facts! Do I think she should be physically harmed and tortured? No. But am I warranted to suggest she isn’t attractive and seems sketchy at best? Yes. She had a relationship with a married man (that she did know was married with two children), continued to participate and encourage this affair over time, she was communicating with CW heavily before and after the murders, she was reluctant to come forth after his arrest, she searched for information on how to conceal text messages from police, she deleted communication and other evidence between herself and CW and lied to LE in her interviews. Again, these are facts.

      • BAMS

        I don’t “take it personally” at all so why assume that? I just think it’s interesting, look at her – does she really look unattractive to you???? I don’t think she’s Angelina Jolie pretty but she’s sure as hell not the ugly woman they all make her out to be.

        I wrote what did because I personally saw the profile photos of people calling NK ugly. If I wasn’t picture perfect myself, I would NOT be criticizing another woman’s looks that way. Have I answered all your questions?

        Now my question is, why are you taking my comments so personally??

      • BAMS

        Oh and I really couldn’t care less about her “internet searches” and all that petty bullshit. Chris is in jail and that’s all I care about. I have more on in my life than to dissect, analyse and vilify NK or her looks/character.

      • maggie

        There is no “reply” option under your reply, BAMS….so hopefully you’ll see this. I suspect you will.

        To answer your (pathetic) question again….no. I don’t find her attractive at all. I am sorry that that offends you.

        And re the photos you mention of people calling NK ugly….so what? They are allowed to voice their opinion of someone who was bold enough to engage in a relationship with a married man.

        Your response to “not caring less about her ‘internet searches'” is beyond ridiculous. Do you really not understand???? Her internet searches is what PROVES that she knew about Shanann and her life with CW. It also provides insight into her desperate attempts to win him over and wedge within a marriage. It ALSO proves that she lies to police. Her internet searches aren’t just important, they are imperative in understanding the full story of what happened. Do you not even understand that? Because everyone else does.

        And regarding the Casey Anthony comment… I said before, NO one is making NK go into witness protection. You said comments are “making her want to.” That is different. No one is making her do shit. I was simply correcting your comment.

        And I am not taking anything you say “personally.” But thanks for trying to turn my own comment around. I simply just don’t excuse or feel sorry for sloppy behavior such as NK’s. Doesn’t mean that I wish she would burn in hell….it just means that I don’t pity her when people have negative feelings towards her. Like I said before, whether intentional or not, she absolutely was involved in the deaths. And if unintentional, she was still actively pursuing a married man with two children that SHE DEF KNEW ALL ABOUT. She may not be guilty, but she certainly isn’t innocent.

    • maggie

      PS: Casey Anthony doesn’t “walk free.” She rarely appears in public as anytime she does, she is risking her life. She has no “real life” bc of this threat. Witness protection for a person like Casey Anthony would require a lot more considering she is so recognizable around the world. Plus, NK doesn’t “have to change her name and go into hiding” as you stated. If you listened to her second interview, she mentions wanting to change her name etc. It has clearly been something she has been wanting to do. No one is making her do that.

      • BAMS

        Clearly I don’t mean “walk free” literally. Geez.

      • BAMS

        Are you kidding? Clearly you haven’t read the scathing stuff said about her on social media, plenty of people are making her want to do that.

      • Elspeth Allen

        @BAMS, If Nichol is so ashamed of her actions that she is considering changing her name, then she should have thought about that before she decided to try to take another woman’s husband… Actions have consequences and Nichol is reaping the consequences of her actions.

    • AC

      Yeah, I don’t get this either. Kessinger is not a murderer. She made a bad decision to try to get with a married guy, but I don’t understand how she became a pariah. I think you’re right– all the virtue signaling women (and men) that see her as a homewrecker, whore, etc., etc. pass judgement like she’s Hester Prynne because of course, THEY would never do such a thing (yeah, right). These people usually don’t have critical thinking skills and watch morons like Nancy Grace who always want their pound of flesh; eye-for-an-eye mob mentality idiots that would gladly attend a public hanging if they still existed. I think it’s interesting– they all spout about how “ugly” Kessinger is– she has a BS in Geology. Sometimes looks aren’t everything. Actually, she’s the personification of all their insecurities. She’s what these basic chicks fear the most– an educated, technically skilled woman that doesn’t sit around all day painting her fucking nails. So yeah, “whore!”

      • maggie

        Just another comment defending NK and claiming everyone who calls her “names” are simply jealous of her. Wrong. You really think I would be jealous of some Colorado plain-jane with a degree in Geology? That’s cute. I graduated from medical school and have a successful career. I’ve been married to an incredible man for 7 years and I’m very content in life. I can assure you that the last thing I feel for NK is jealousy.

        • thetinytech2018

          I highly doubt that Maggie, the fact that nobody asked about your life or asked you to justify yourself, yet you did anyway speaks volumes about you. Certainly not in a good way either. Truly happy people don’t go around telling everyone how happy they are, same with successful people because they don’t need to convince themselves or anybody else

        • Gayle Gallien

          LOL~~ You did not graduate from medical school. Your commentary would be more professional.

      • Elspeth Allen


        @AC I am a technically-savvy, critically-thinking , educated female and someone like home-wrecking Nichol is not someone I fear. She is a whore. She got used by a gay man who missed poking the bum hole. She is most definitely indirectly complicit in this triple murder. No matter which direction you turn your paint brush, in your defense of this insignificant, poor excuse for a woman, she is still the primary catalyst for Chris Watts’ actions.

      • maggie

        @ Elspeth Allen: exactly!!

        • Ralph Oscar

          Well, you two make quite a pair. I’m sure shared bigotry is your preferred bonding topic. The rest of us don’t see anything of value in you and your hate speech – sorry.

          • maggie

            Oh, so I’m a “bigot” because I don’t find NK attractive? Hm. And “hate speech”? If you are aware that CW has given a prison interview to the investigators from CO and shed a bit more light on things going on at the time, then you should realize that our speculations regarding NK’s lies were actually correct. Keep in mind that CW does not know what she’s been claiming in interviews, etc and at this point, doesn’t have much reason to lie about her or other details of the situation. His life is over anyway. He says one of the main reasons he was intrigued is because he had never been pursued by a female before. He also reiterates, multiple times in multiple ways, that NK absolutely knew he was married with two children. He makes it clear that she was not pleased when he would leave her to go do something with his wife or children. These are all just a few examples of things NK lied about to investigators. It was obvious just by reading their text messages (the ones she didnt delete), search history, and using common sense. CW confirmed this during the time he spoke with investigators. And it is obvious he was just answering their questions, not trying to place blame on NK. He says he wishes he could apologize to her for everything that has happened etc. SO. If not having sympathy for this lying, vindictive person = “hate speech” to you, then I can only imagine how challenging the real world is for you.

          • Ralph Oscar

            So what about your bigotry toward gay people? Hmmm…? I do love me the smell of self-righteousness in the evening.

          • maggie

            My bigotry toward gay people???!

          • maggie

            Ah, I see that you are referring to something Elisabeth said re when it was thought that CW had prior relationships with men. When I said I agreed with her I was referring to her response to the person suggesting that anyone that didnt defend NK or think of her in a certain way meant that they were jealous of her. Aka the most absurd statement ever. But thanks for trying to divert the conversation and find any little excuse to accuse me of something.

          • Ralph Oscar

            Your innate charm and demure gentility obviously caught me off guard.

          • maggie

            You are, yet again, avoiding the topic and attempting to distract me with personal “jabs.” It’s interesting that you are so quick to defend a woman who has been caught lying to authorities over her relationship with a married man that led to the deaths of four human beings, yet you have no problem taking personal “jabs” at me when you know nothing about me or my life.

          • Fhiona Brett

            I know you can’t count.

          • maggie

            Oh yeah, “Fhiona”?

          • Geena Barrows

            Really ….bigotry ? Hate speech ?? What about Murder you morons….The mistress was so full of hate for shanaan and her two precious little girls and her unborn baby…So jealous of shan-ann and her life that she couldn’t contain her hate for her and wanted them erased….Nk stalked , manipulated, and plotted to get what she wanted. She knew cw was easy to control..It was easy to dupe him,she saw he was a weak personality..And I pray someday that she will pay the price and justice will prevail..

          • nickvdl

            You’re the one seething with hatred.

  7. Daisy

    My guess is once NK got him she wouldn’t have wanted him. Things seem more desirable when they are just out of reach. Hot sex only goes so far and once she realized what she was really getting and living with day to day, a man going thru a divorce, burdened with debt and 3 kids to care for and support, etc. I doubt she would have stayed. Folks go on and on about this relationship being so meaningful that he took out his family for her….For pete’s sake it was less than 2 months long! Yes, there was attraction BUT what Chris really loved and killed for IMO was the FREEDOM and NO RESPONSIBILITIES.

    Ironically, even if the relationship between them worked out, Chris would have found himself in a similar situation with NK who seemed just as strong, and take charge as the wife he murdered. Then what? keep on killing each one. Chris was attracted to take charge, independent, strong women and then ended up hating the very thing which attracted him. We need to dig deeper and go further back to the family of origin dynamics to see where this pattern originated. It didn’t start with Shanann and it would not have ended with her! My feeling is he wasn’t killing just Shannan that day but the whole smothering, controlling mother image.

    • BAMS

      I wholly concur. CW didn’t annihilate his family for NK, he did it for himself and his freedom – why and how he did it so easily is the billion dollar question!!

      It was a sexually charged relationship and NK would have tired of him before he did her. This was all fairly brand new for him, he also had huge financial burdens and family responsibilities. NK on the other hand was single and this clearly wasn’t her first rodeo.

      Time to move on past this bullshit NK witch hunt I say. Let’s get back to some intelligent conversation and get down to the nitty gritty of what REALLY turned CW into a family annihilator. I want to unearth all the skeletons in his closet, I bet there must be plenty.

      • Karen

        bullshit NK witch hunt?

        • BAMS

          Yes it’s ridiculous! They even put out a statement saying to STOP the witch hunt, that they have not charged her with ANY crime and in their eyes, it’s closed on her part. Are you saying she deserves all the inflated, hysterical flak she’s receiving? Maybe I’m just compassionate and have more empathy but I see it all as hateful and over the top. Anyone with sense can see she is being punished and charged by the public anyway. No one said she is a lovely lady, she clearly had poor judgement and told a few lies here and there but she played ZERO part in those murders. ZERO.

          • Ralph Oscar

            No, you’re entirely right. NK is being portrayed as the villain in this scenario, to the point that some are calling for her to be charged under “alienation of affection” laws, which Colorado does not have. Give her a break.

    • BAMS

      That’s also an interesting point you make about him not just smothering Shann’an but everything she *represented*, including the motherly controlling figure! Hence why I liken Chris Watts to Norman Bates!!!

    • sheis

      Totally agree.

    • maggie

      I agree!!! I am so interested to know more about CW upbringing, their dynamic, behaviors or other mental illness/instabilities etc. And I keep saying it…but similar to what you are saying, I think Shanann was probably very similar to his mother. Both seemed to have been strong-willed, opinionated women who prob didn’t appreciate the other one’s role as it affected their own presence in CW’s life. CW seemed so ‘torn’ between them; for instance, not choosing a side during the argument over Cece in NC. But you made an interesting point about him actually seeking freedom from responsibilities. I def agree.

      I have also wondered what would have happened if he simply left SW for NK. Would NK have even been interested once she “won”? I can’t help but think that a lot of her motivation was driven by the satisfaction she derived when he seemingly chose her over SW. She clearly knew all about SW based on her searches etc, not to mention, SW’s social media was public for anyone to view. I’m not saying NK and CW didnt have things in common or that she didn’t validate him but I also feel like so much of her behavior is just like how most young girls act when they first start dating a guy that they like….presenting themselves as cool and carefree.

  8. BAMS

    I just had a thought, considering Chris Watts was doubling up on the Thrive patches, how do we really know that he wasn’t taking any other substances, whether it be over the counter or prescription??

    Could he possibly have been going through a medication induced PSYCHOSIS???

  9. Cheryl

    Nichol Kessinger is a modern day Hester Prynne banished to the wilderness (I.e., the witness protection identity-stripping gulag) for committing adultery. But Hester’s and Nichol’s real sin is violating the marriage fantasy, which promotes love between two people married under God as eternal, inviolate. According to this romantic principle, women achieve a sort of sainthood through marriage, whereby furtive fornication is, in allegiance to this country’s Puritanical roots, dignified by the purposeful production of children, the purchasing of homes, cars, and other consumer goods— all signs that one is blessed, God’s chosen. That an interloper like Nichol, who covets the very same marital fantasy, can disrupt a seemingly well-oiled marital machine like the Watts’s is anathema to all of the women who have literally and figuratively bought into it—economically and emotionally. It’s no wonder then that Nichol is the object of so much rage, which is really misplaced fear and doubt about the instituiton itself.

    • BAMS

      Hahaha!! I’m not sure if you’re acting serious or being facetious Cheryl??

    • BAMS

      There was no MARRIAGE, no LOVE, NOTHING. Can’t you see it was only a MIRAGE?????? The “affair” was not an affair in the truest sense, that whole marriage was a sham and why I’m against the outdated institution of marriage in the first place. Nobody BELONGS to another person, we are humans, not property and a stupid piece of paper doesn’t prove anything.

      What Chris did was wrong in that he should have been honest about seeing other women from day one.

      Wake up people. That marriage was DONE and dusted a long time before the murders happened. They were separated even though living under one roof. They were sleeping apart and discussing separation and selling the house. He was looking for another place to live. Is that a normal marriage to anyone? Would everyone have felt better about it had Chris been able to afford his own apartment in the meantime? How would the *sordid affair* have looked then? Not quite as bad right? Wake up and make sense.

      • maggie

        I am seriously not trying to continue replaying to your comments but the above statement you made re their marriage is incorrect based on basically all the information released to the public.
        SW wouldn’t have discussed CW’s sudden change in behavior if they were separated and preparing for those changes. She even describes how he has been different and notes how great things were between them before she left for NC.
        Their parents and friends would have known or had some kind of inclination that something was wrong well before this all happened if that were true. Instead, the only thing they mention is a recent argument between SW and CW’s mother re Cece’s nut allergy (or whatever it was).
        Now, CW may have FELT separated from his marriage but he obviously didn’t let SW in on that until she was away in NC. That is obvious as she explicitly describes his behavior in conversations with her friends.
        CW is just a huge p***y. Don’t get me wrong, he clearly has other mental instabilities as well….but he is weak in every sense of the word. He couldn’t stand up to his mother in defense of his wife (when she was clearly in the wrong) and he couldn’t stand up to SW to have a normal, mature conversation about their marriage. He told everyone what they wanted to hear. He never took a stand for anything. He is a coward.
        And btw, you have every right not to believe in the institution of marriage, but marriage doesn’t mean you “belong” to another person.

      • MoniQueMoniCat

        It is you that must wake up; It was the adultery that served as a catalyst for the murder. In this case we cannot separate the two, the adultery and the murder went hand in hand.
        He’s in prison for life.
        And she ruined her life.
        3 young souls and one woman are dead.
        Both the families are ruined.
        Friends and loved ones included.
        In this case, you cannot separate the adultery from the murder because in this case the adultery and the murder went hand in hand and there is no separating that fact.
        What ifs don’t matter.
        It’s what happened.
        The oil drums, the shallow grave.
        How can you attempt to separate any of it?
        It’s there in your face.
        It happened.
        It is what it is.
        It’s done.

    • bella

      My comment is very late but I had to give props to you Cheryl, that was very insightful and beautifully explained/written. Much appreciated.

  10. sheis

    Listen, I don’t care that they were having an affair, or any of the sex stuff – consenting adults and all that.

    I do think there were some things she was hiding, and lies she told. It’s a little darker for me than just this clueless innocent babe being lied

    THAT’s where I have the problem with NK, and I resent the characterization that I’m a prude because I think she’s bad news. Not because of the affair, but her attitude.

    • maggie


  11. Effie

    If you knowingly enter into a sexual relationship with a married father; you deserve whatever hell rains your way. There are ways to do it without tearing up a family and destroying lives.
    Sure, people cheat every day. Did she have any reason to even think something like this would happen? No. But she was playing a very dangerous game and she got severely burned. Maybe next time she is faced with a life decision, she will stop and make better choices. As it stands, I am glad she is miserable. She is a dirty little homewrecker and her life is what she made it. It is because of her choices. She should have been a better person.

    • maggie


    • maggie

      Agree with you 100%. All goes back to personal responsibility. If we engage in risky behavior, we should be prepared to accept the repercussions.

  12. Diana

    FINALLY! Someone who sees NK the way I do – blameless, as far as being at fault for the murders. I agree with most of what BAMS said. I’ve stated before that if it wasn’t NK, it would’ve been someone else Mr. Wonderful Perfect Hero Baby Daddy would’ve been romping around with. I’m not part of law enforcement, but I don’t see NK erasing texts as obstruction of justice, I saw it as someone concerned for their privacy and the embarrassment anyone would have if the world was reading possibly intimate conversations. Some would say – don’t engage in behavior that could embarrass you in the first place! The holy roller attitude! One can indulge in judging others, but with the facts we do have, I don’t see how anyone could say NK committed any crime/s. As for sleeping with a married man? I’ll say what I’ve said before – NK didn’t make any marriage vows to Shan’ann, Chris did. NK owed Shan’ann NOTHING.

    • nickvdl

      NK owed Shan’ann NOTHING.>>>Including now that she’s dead?

      I believe there is a law in certain countries, if a mistress willfully causes a marriage to break down they can be sued for damages. By the same token, a wife who “goes after a mistress” and tries to ruin her, can also be sued.

      “The reality of the matter is that once a marriage has broken down irretrievably, parties are allowed to move on with their lives. However, if you are still sharing the same bed with your spouse, and the marriage has not broken down irretrievably, you are betraying the sanctity of a marriage, and the courts will award damages.

      Clients often ask me whether they are allowed to engage in extra-marital affairs while the divorce is under way. I would not recommend this, as there is always a possibility that this may be used against you in a divorce matter and that there may be a potential claim against the third party.”

      • Elspeth Allen

        I got it!! I bet I know why Chris murdered Shanann and their children. Chris and Shannon are both from North Carolina, which has an “Alienation of Affection” law, where a spouse can sue a person who breaks up a marriage. I would be willing to bet that Shanann threatened to sue Nichol for breaking up her marriage.

        Knowing he would already be on the hook for child support and alimony (for cheating), Chris realized there would be even more financial hardship, if he hooked up with Nichol, only to have Shanann sue Nichol.

      • Marcie

        There are no alienation of affection laws in Colorado.

    • maggie

      If you agree with most of what BAMS said, then you’re either NK herself, one of her minions, or delusional. There is absolutely no way to determine NK “blameless” if you know all of the facts. I don’t recall anyone calling CW “wonderful”, “perfect”, or a “hero” as you suggest. And you’re right, more than likely if he hadn’t had an affair with NK, infidelity with someone else or some other marital issue altogether would have arisen…..but thats NOT WHAT HAPPENED. He had an affair with her before and after the crimes…they never stopped communicating. I do agree that she probably erased a lot of content because it was incredibly embarrassing/sexual, but we don’t know that, do we? What if it was much more damning than sexting? And to suggest that it is “holy roller attitude” for someone to suggest to not engage in risky behavior is insane. I think you and the people who would agree with you WISH that the people who post these things about NK are just crazy, over zealous Christians who live at church and have no concept of the “real world.” I’m tired of that. I can’t speak for everyone here but what most people are trying to say is that she needs to take some personal responsibility. She made a choice, as a grown woman, to engage in a relationship with a man who was married. And sure, you’re right, she wasn’t married and hadn’t taken those vows. But the sheer fact that she was pushing for this relationship with CW (married man), planning his new life with him, etc etc sureeee does speak to her character. And that was a decision she made. Not as an 18 year old. As a 30-ish year old. And not one time. But many, many times. And not just sexual/casual. She wanted the whole package/relationship. So you can sit there and suggest that everyone else who doesn’t pity NK is “judgmental” all you want. But you are the only one who looks foolish.

  13. Diana

    I’m by no means a lawyer, nor am I well versed in the law, but I do know that divorce skyrocketed in the 60s – 70s due to “No Fault Divorce”. I’ve only seen people with bucket loads of money sue a spouse for “Alienation of Affection”. And some could even argue Shan’ann being gone 6 weeks WAS a separation. Again, I don’t pretend to be well versed in the law, I’m just seeing the reality of what goes on in the world as far as cheating spouses and divorce.

    • Maura

      In reply to @Elspeth. I looked up Colorado law and they do not allow spouse to sue someone for Alienation of Affection. However, I don’t believe SW knew about Nichol just suspected that CW was cheating. He didn’t have the guts to tell his wife about his affair and didn’t want SW to hurt his new relationship.
      CW knew he couldn’t afford to pay alimony, child support and potentially 2 households after a divorce. How would he have any money left to wine and dine NK?

      @Diana SW said the 6 week visit to NC had been long planned and that before she left everything was good with CW. So despite their problems and poor finances, she did not see the 6 weeks as a separation.

      • maggie

        @Maura: I totally agree. It’s sick but, based on what we know, I def think that was his thinking. That he simply couldn’t afford to pay for his own place/bills plus alimony and child support. I’m thinking that he probably also suspected that NK would expose their affair if he continued to stay with SW. And yep–SW clearly tells her friends that things were “great” with CW before she left for NC. Between her texts with friends and the letter she writes CW, we can see that things were much different before she left. She describes how things were saying they were spending time together, sleeping together, he was excited about the baby, things were good. This is why she is so genuinely confused when his behavior changes while she is away.

  14. maggie

    I can never begin to imagine his sick brain but…I am assuming that he knew he didn’t make enough money, or would struggle, to pay his own rent to live somewhere else and pay child support. I honestly think he also was incredibly afraid to tell SW about his affair or to proceed forward with the divorce. I think he was probably also afraid that NK would discover that he wasn’t being honest with her either. But I agree with you and everyone else….divorce and/or separation is not taboo in today’s world and even though it would have been potentially disappointing for their families, etc they could have each moved on. I have no idea why he couldn’t see that (presumably). I do know, at least here, a couple must be separated for at least a year before divorce. Not sure about the laws elsewhere. And if SW’s being gone for 6 weeks was considered a separation, it would have been news to her..she says via text message that things were great with CW when she left for NC.

  15. w k

    What was Chris texting to mistress when watching at neighbor’s security camera footage?. Mistress texted back Chris “AMG, That is redicilious, THEY will be FREAK OUT ” on DAY OF MURDER -Monday 8/13/2018 2:40 PM. Here is the mistress and Chris’ partially recovered text message screen shot ( **by the way, this police bodycam time was setup wrong , When *police first arrive should be1:40pm ; watching at neighbor’s security camera footage should be 2:36-2:40 pm 8/13/2018 ; * “On August 13, 2018 at approximately 13:40 hours this officer was dispatched to 2825 Saratoga ” pdf page 5 _

  16. Brown

    NK helped police??? !! NK help police almost nothing, I think she just want to cover her own ass by turn her self in before police get her.
    Here is the time line:
    -Aug 15 *8 am* : *Chris employer Anadarko Manager called the police -revealed the affairs and their secret emails.* (discovery pdf page 513)
    -Aug 15 *11 am* : Chris start taking polygraph. ( discovery pdf page 511)
    -Aug 15 *3:27pm* : Police Drom found Shanann’s bloody bedsheet ( Because Shanann’s mom told the police to use Chris GPS in the truck,)
    -Aug 15 *4:01pm* :Chris was told he failed the Polygraph.(discovery pdf page 513 and enclosed video link-clock on the wall )
    – Aug 15 *4:47 pm* : Chris finally confessed to FBI and his dad- he killied Shanann (discovery pdf page 513 and enclosed video link with clock on the wall)
    – Aug 15 *5:36 pm* : *NK had 1st interview* with police agent JONES PHILIP (discovery pdf page 283) *** Reference – discovery file – pdf *** Chris confessed killed Shanann full video (rewind at 4:25)

    • miagataaa

      Spot on. 🎯🎯🎯 She didn’t help with shit and the detective dropped the ball when he didn’t give her the lie detector test and persue her as a suspect in terms of aiding and complicity. Like you said… covering her ass.
      These people acting like Feds and police detectives are perfect are hilariously naive. Cops and Feds miss vital info and ignore complicit perpetrators all the time. It’s common. In fact, one of my aunts killed my uncle (a cop) and got away with it. She even

  17. Kim

    look at their house video 1:16, so easy for anybody to in and out from the backyard trail behind the house and THERE IS NO CAMERA AT ALL IN THE BACKYARD. By the way, The mistress never need to enter from the front door (fearing witness by the wife’s neighbor friend) during wife’s vacation in NC.

    **** Their house video * Here is their backyard video- it looks super easy to get in from the extremely low fence for any adult.
    ***Their google map home views:,+Erie,+CO+80516/@40.0902683,-105.0006323,180m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x876c09b0febacad1:0x516b879a8e2e8d6d!8m2!3d40.0904828!4d-105.0005438

  18. maggie

    this is super interesting. from what i can tell, its CW that texts back “omg, that is ridiculous! they would freak out!!!” (or whatever it is specifically)….either way, superrr interesting. also, was the camera time on the officer’s body cam wrong perhaps? thank u for posting this!

  19. Ash kravitz

    She wouldn’t have had to go into witness protection or be receiving all these threats if she had told the truth. Telling the truth and genuinely trying to help an investigation that involved children going missing. But she was calculated and selfish and she hid evidence and blatantly lied about things. Like saying she didn’t even know Shannan’s name. When she googled her in sept of 2017. She lied repeatedly. If she had told the truth, sure she wouldn’t be our favorite, but no one would be blaming her for this. I believe she absolutely had something to do with this. She made her dirty bed, now she can lie in it. As far as your question, what would I do if this was me? It wouldn’t be, because I don’t interact with other people’s significant others. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • maggie

      exactly. she is in this situation because of the choices she made. no one else forced her into a relationship with a married man or forced her to lie/conceal evidence/appear sketchy at best to police/the public. she chose, as a 30 something year old woman, to do those things. and now we should all feel guilty for questioning her? I dont think so.

    • Maura

      Well said. She knew Shannan’s name. I believe the affair was longer than 2 months. She deleted texts to cover herself. I’m sure all his coworkers knew he was married with kids. She had been on social media but erased it. Since Shannan’s Facebook was public Nichol easily would have seen the pregnancy video. She blatantly went after him more intensely while SW was in NC with the kids.

      The right thing for NK to have done is to not go out with CW at all until he was divorced. When his divorce didn’t happen she would have caught him in his lies.

      • maggie

        @Maura: exactly!

  20. MoniQueMoniCat

    Adultery: The kiss of DEATH!

    Nothing good comes from adultery. It is malignant and like cancer spreads, it ruins the lives of all those around you.
    And it ruins you.
    It takes TWO for adultery.
    Both are guilty for the damage.
    Maybe not in a court of law.
    But in reality.
    In life.
    And life is all that matters.
    There are many ways to murder a person, with a lying tongue and a cheating heart. Betrayal.
    Adultery breaks 5 of the 10 commandments all at one time: thou shall not commit adultery, thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s spouse, thou shall not lie, thou shall not steal, thou shall treat others as you want others to treat you.
    Adultery doesn’t always end in murder, even if it often does.
    But it always ends in death of trust, of innocence, of sanctity, of love.
    Of family.
    Nothing will ever be the same.
    Jesus said you without sin cast the first stone,
    So there is forgiveness.
    But not without repentance.
    For He then said “Go and sin no more.”

    • Ralph Oscar

      “It takes TWO for adultery.”

      Only on the part of the *married* person. If the other person is unmarried, s/he cannot be an “adulterer” or an “adultress”. So Chris Watts was the adulterer here – NK was not. And if he presented himself as unattached, as divorced or at least separating and heading toward an amicable divorce, that’s not *her* fault.

      And who hasn’t gone along with some kinda out-there story, when we really wanted it to be true and hoped it could be? Chris was looking mighty fine at that point, remember. And yeah, I know it’s likely that NK knew a bit more about him and his wife and his marriage than he realized, due to her online searches, but it’s easy to believe that she wouldn’t put private business related to the breakdown of their marriage and their impending divorce online. Remember, Chris said she was pregnant with some other guy’s baby.

      People’s reactions here remind me of how often the person being cheated on blames the mistress or the (whatever the name is for a guy who gets involved with a married woman) instead of focusing on the real guilty party: The cheating spouse.

    • Ralph Oscar

      “it ruins the lives of all those around you.
      And it ruins you.”

      Gawrsh – *really*?? How *dramatic*! A relative of mine started stepping out with her husband’s boss – it was a torrid affair, and they both divorced their spouses to marry each other. They were married for over 65 years when he passed away – and they’d been faithful to each other their entire marriage.

      So where’s the “ruin”, pray tell?

    • Ralph Oscar

      “For He then said ‘Go and sin no more.'”

      Shouldn’t attempt to quote bible when you don’t have any idea what was going on in that passage. The woman “caught in adultery, in the very act” was not the focus – it was the jeez, to see if he’d walk the walk. Oh, he talked all kinds of talk – and loudly – but when it came right down to it, would he have the balls and spine to actually *do* what he said everybody *else* should? If this woman were truly “caught in adultery, in the very act” as the passage states, then where’s the man she was caught with? Because that’s the rules – in order for a charge of adultery to be presented, *both* the man and the woman must be caught and brought in *together*. Yet here we have just a lone woman.


      Divorce and remarriage were *commonplace* within Roman and Jewish society. It was the jeez who wanted to go all hardline on everyone, forbidding divorce altogether (“What God has joined together, let no man put asunder”) or only in the case of the *woman’s* infidelity (“whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery”). The jeez advocated for the death penalty for any other scenarios of divorce or especially remarriage. This woman was probably a remarried divorcée, thus guilty of the death penalty under the jeez’ careless lipflapping pronouncements.

      So the Jewish authorities brought her to the jeez to see if he’d stand up for what he’d been telling people and insist that the woman be executed. Of course he was too weak, spineless, and cowardly; the story attempts to cast him in a good light but instead just sounds ridiculous. Everybody just wanders off in the end.

      So I would suggest Proverbs 17:28 for you: “Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.”

  21. Crystal

    Nichol Kessinger did not lose her life. Eventually the interest in this case will fade and people will forget about her. But if she had lost her life, I wouldn’t feel sympathy for her because unlike Shanann, Bella, Celeste and Nico, she gets to have a future. Not to mention, the backlash she is facing is her fault for making herself look suspicious by lying to the media that their relationship was not serious. Her stalking Shanann up on social media and telling him to sell his wife’s wedding ring after her and the kids disappearance yet claiming that she didn’t know that he was still married didn’t help. She should have just been completely honest instead of pretending to be like Amber Frey.

    She is not a victim in this case.

    • Maura

      Her interest in Amber Frey was to see how much money she earned from a book deal. Her telling Chris to pawn his wife’s diamond rings when his wife is missing is tacky. NK was very concerned with money.

    • Gina

      All those things you say she did does not matter she did not commit murder.

  22. Haida

    I don’t really care that she fooled around with a married dude, I’ve always said it’s the married one who’s made the promise of fidelity.

    I just find her so unlikable. The fake concern for their marriage, trying to paint herself as a sympathetic figure, blah. AND actually saying that she was clueless to their life as a married couple BULLSHIT!!! SW had her whole fucking life on display for the world to see, of course she knew everything, who wouldn’t creep that?

    And that voice??

    Personally if I were her, I’d be PISSED at the coppers for allowing all my personal shit laid out for public consumption.

    At the end of the day Chris Watts is the selfish coward that murdered his family, she’s collateral damage.

  23. B. Figtree


  24. Gina

    Maura and Maggie……It is common sense why NK deleted her texts and searched can cops recover texts, she wanted to get rid of anything to do with him and she didn’t want strangers seeing their nude pics.In a way Its like a bad break up some choose to delete pictures, give back or burn gifts, etc….
    NK cooperated with LE and had nothing to hide. She did not commit murder period! All the stuff that you say she did for a fact does not equal murder. She committed adultery and had adulterer actions, no morals, no sympathy, knew he had kids etc….that still does not make her a murderer she did not murder anyone the actual murderer did it all no one else to blame but him!!!!!
    CBI commented “After investigating we were confident that she had no role to play in this tragic event”

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