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Dozens More Watts Family Photos You’ve Not Seen Before


Below: August 12, 2017

Posted on the 1 year anniversary of her murder:

Posted one day after the 1 year anniversary of her murder:


  1. Shannon

    Everything Thrive. There must be thousands of pictures. Who keeps getting these. Like really, who continues to put up all these pictures of a dead family?

    • Cassie L Wiesner

      That was her job and she was good at it and made her family money!

  2. Rebecca Anich

    She hasn’t been dead for a year, one caption says a day after the year anniversary of her murder…
    That aside how many pics of yourself can one take? Nick you should do a book on social media and images and narcissism…I think someone in the house was one perhaps. The cooking pics are the only ones I see a real glimpse of the real life, not the glam portrayed where everything is perfect. Crucify me all 😉 my opinion only.

    • Shannon

      I know I saw that date……?

    • ncam619

      And look closely…the candid cooking pics are not even her,it’s her friend.

      • nickvdl

        It’s Cristina Meacham, but I’m guessing you knew that was her name, right?

    • G

      Most of her pics of herself are showing the Level brand and that was her job and the main way they sell the product. So what if she had lots of pics of herself who cares! At least she was not a murderer…I know someone in the house was one. Yes she knew how to be glam and you are just jealous. You crucified yourself!! Once you awaken you will have no interest in judging those who sleep.

      • Shannon

        That was the funniest comment I’ve ever read.
        Jealous…..who would be jealous of her.

      • nickvdl

        So what? G are you involved in any way with MLM, and do you know anyone who is?

      • Cherry Merlot

        Her big beautiful house, “glamorous” lifestyle, and new Lexus were all essentially for show and that’s nothing to be envious of. It was all a house of cards and would have imploded if the murders hadn’t happened.

        • Allison

          Maybe to her it wasn’t for show…. considering she and HER HUSBAND
          made the designing a house decision together. Is it so horrible to believe she was proud????? Yes, her positive messages and selfies were meant to be inspiring and in your face. She earned her Lexus! Do you have any idea how much work it took her to get to that level? She woke up and got dressed everyday making sure she looked “glamorous” which takes effort! Even when Chris put her through hell she kept it together the best way she could. Thank god for all her presence, because it’s there for people to see how amazing she and the girls were. It’s a plethora of memories for her family to visit and remember that one time.

          • Tonya

            Allison.. I completely agree. 🌸

      • thetinytech2018

        This is quite frankly the worst and most useless comment I’ve ever read. “She knew how to be glam, you’re just jealous etc..” Glam for who? A bumpkin? I’m quite serious, all things considered for the money she spent she looked about average. Her and Chris had massive complexes and were consumed by consumerism and tangible items because neither of them stood out in any other way. When it came to Intelligence, talent, attractiveness etc.. they were both average/mediocre on their best day. They were both empty human beings searching for some sort of recognition. Happy people don’t tell you they’re happy, successful people don’t remind you every 5 minutes of their success, and yet there she was, 16 times a day on social media telling everyone how successful and happy she was. Perhaps she knew she was neither and had to continue trying to convince herself, who knows but it’s astonishingly clear to anyone whose looked deeper into this case that the Watts were quite disconnected from reality. She was making no money, in fact she was losing money every month in that pyramid scheme yet she sends her kids to a preschool that costs 1700 a month and she’s going on vacation while they’re maxing out credit cards and about to be foreclosed on. Instead of getting an actual job that pays money she continues buying product hoping that her magical thinking and vision boards would pull them out of 80 thousand dollars in credit card debt and save their home. It’s just so bizarre.

      • Allison

        I love this comment. I don’t understand how in the hell people bash this woman. She loved her life! She loved her family and so for that she bragged. She had no idea the problems that conspired against her. This literally showed in the case files with text and internet searches both she and Chris did. So what if their life wasn’t what was seen in pictures! To her it was real. She was his wife and she was their mother. She believed in the brand she promoted and we can clearly see it when reviewing pictures of the house in the crime scene photos. She had a water bottle and a pack of pills next to her beside. If you didn’t believe in what you do for a living then why do it when you don’t benefit from it other than posting pictures for money? I don’t see people bashing Avon reps. This woman was murdered by the one person she devoted her everything to. He lied and hurt her before he brutally murdered her and their children together. People have no respect. None for her and her babies and it’s absolutely sickening how some speak of her family or how they don’t let them heal and just be. You don’t have to like her and you don’t have to like her social media presence, but for god’s sake have mercy on this families death. Is it a crime to be proud? Is it frowned upon to love what you have and do everyday? Is it stupid to believe in structures and raise your kids in that manner? This man cheated on his wife, emotionally put her through hell and back, left her alone in pregnancy, didn’t have intimacy and love for her for 3 months! She asked numerous times for the truth and he was such a selfish coward that he couldn’t confess. By his hands alone her took 4 to 5 minutes to slowly kill his wife. Can you even imagine what she felt in those moments? Carrying their son, worrying about her girls and their safety, how she wasn’t good enough, how much it was her fault for her flaws, the man she loved unconditionally was killing her. God only knows what he said to her or how it conspired. She deserves all the respect in the world. He buried her in an 8 inch hole and left her face down on her knees and dumped his children in crude oil…… yet people want to blame her for her own murder…REALLY!?

    • nickvdl

      I was Facebook friends with the murder victim in the Oscar Pistorius case. That ended up being my first true crime book, and it was virtually the only book that gave a voice to the victim in that case.

      • Mustang Sally

        That made me cry!

  3. CBH

    Knowing the end taints all these photos.

  4. Mustang Sally

    I see, in every picture, the reason why so many people (myself, included) continue to be fascinated with this case. They look genuinely happy, they look like you and me, they are attractive, life looks good, the smiles look real, and nothing seems sinister. The only question one would seem to have, if not knowing their story, would be “why is everyone wearing weird stickers on their bodies in so many of these pictures?!”

    Those things would have driven me crazy and I surely wouldn’t have been adhering them to my skin like they are some sort of jewelry or decoration! The fact that the patches aren’t meant to be worn discreetly is one of the more bizarre parts of Le-vel/Thrive to me. Yes, yes, yes…I get the promotional aspect…if you can’t see them, a person won’t know to ask about them. I’d still be thinking, I’m not wearing a ridiculous looking patch on my skin!

    • nickvdl

      I think they were genuinely happy to a point. But happiness can also be delusional. Should you be genuinely happy if you’re cheating on your wife? Should be genuinely happy if you have no money? Should you be promoting wellness and happiness when you have chronic health challenges and sickly children? And does your genuine happiness come at someone else’s expense?

      • Mustang Sally

        All great questions.

      • Mustang Sally

        And my observation was based on the perspective of not knowing anything about their stories; looking at them they just seem like average people living average lives in average circumstances then to learn their extraordinary story, is what makes them compelling.

  5. Diana

    I’m wearing a “ridiculous looking” patch right now and I could care less who sees it. I quit smoking Dec. 5 and I’m wearing a nicotine patch, but even if it was a vitamin patch, who cares!

    • Mustang Sally

      My observation only, Diana. Those bright, colorful, disneyesque patches would have driven ME crazy and I would not have considered wearing them for my dietary enhancement. That’s not to be confused with whatever medical intervention others seek to improve their own health. Congratulations on your smoking cessation! I wish you continued success!

  6. G

    It has not been a year yet so to say 1 year anniversary is confusing. The pic was taken on the same day the year before.

    • nickvdl

      I apologize if you’re confused. If you’re at August 13 2017 on Facebook, going through the timeline of her page and looking further and further back in time, then that’s the 1 year anniversary.

      But you seem to have done an okay job explaining it to yourself and perhaps others that may be equally puzzled by the significance of August 13 2017 and the word anniversary.

  7. Kaye

    Is it common behavior among Thrive promoters to create “ads” of themselves with the perfect portraits and the inspirational quotes stuck on top of the images? I find those the most disturbing, as it’s most likely Chris was taking those photos with Shananns phone. She really wanted to create a brand of herself, as a glossy 21st-century Barbie mom-boss to be emulated. Was this self-branding something that Le-vel encouraged among promoters, or was this something that Shan’ann wanted for herself?

  8. Jerry Manziel

    Heartbreaking seeing these photos……somebody should photoshop Chris Watts out of all of them, he doesn’t belong or deserve to be in them.

  9. Pasha

    I think I’m anti-Thrive at this point. Chris and Shan’ann both looked so much older than their actual ages.

  10. Diana

    Mustang Sally I was just busting your chops lol. I’m just grouchy because I need a cigarette.

    • Mustang Sally

      Laughing! And would, no doubt, stub it out on my forehead! 😂

  11. Mom2*3

    I keep seeing everyone comment that Shanann didn’t have a job and did not contribute to the family finances. I get that she did that whole Thrive nonsense which I’m sure it wasn’t worth the effort that she put into it for the amount of money she made. But I’ve also seen on numerous websites that she worked as a call operator for a children’s hospital making $18 an hour. According to their tax records she did have a job and worked night shift as well. Well I don’t disagree that they lived way beyond their means, she was also contributing to family finances. Most people don’t bat an eye at spending $1,700 a month on daycare but everyone is crucifying her for spending that much on a school program for her children. Why??

    • nickvdl

      You must be new here. Shan’ann didn’t work any other job besides Thrive in 2017 and 2018.

    • Elizabeth Knight

      A lot of their debt I believe was from her children’s medical bills.

  12. Karen

    Really good pictures. Shan’ann had her Thrive patch stuck on her neck brace. That’s determination. I see those pink items that appeared on Coonrod’s bodycam. I now recognize it as a kids pop-up tent.

  13. Shannon

    1700.00 is alot of money just for daycare. When the mother is at home, making no money. Mortgage behind 3 months, homeowners association taking them to court. Phones, food, insurance, gas, trips.

  14. dana

    these comments are all contributing to our understanding of this tragedy…i’d never heard of Thrive before but now it sounds like some kind of cult. i wish shanann could have lived to see her girls grow up. she seemed like a truly caring person.

    • dana

      what’s this weird emoji?

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