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Watts Family Photos June 2017


Although in the June 2017 timeline this image below is from September 3rd, 2016. Presumably during this period, Shan’ann’s parents were living with them for several months in Colorado. It was during this time that Sandi met and took a job working for Nickole Atkinson as a hairdresser. That’s how Shan’ann and Nickole met, through Sandi’s hairdressing job. 18446801_10154523050251935_2117522143365812760_n18485830_10154524743506935_734789507525147919_n18486297_10154533734476935_2497756100767994903_n18519551_10154534024626935_1360974470732176606_n18765934_10154579980456935_8963803286504885869_n18813354_10154571659616935_7556502813591948446_n18813574_10154588032246935_5156396501716783488_n18836930_10154584865561935_4654483182428610220_o18839222_10154588099621935_6908836805465221745_n18881809_10154587895556935_4550959708284434124_n18882081_10154571500906935_5806635218009764793_n18893298_10154595344851935_3690413503819147605_n18920164_10154583826356935_1454385732491708280_n18920253_10154588032231935_2843152078314983590_n18921900_10154594852621935_3570687320991411473_n18922195_10154578086136935_2692005662757163396_n18922200_10154603119866935_3295456617780060391_n18922216_10154587521396935_4934601135234885623_n18951200_10154593354166935_8555539619035058177_n18951209_10154594851836935_5021166226496079624_n18952524_10154605018636935_7848631725678430524_n18952571_10154603218151935_5280222749316254981_n18952856_10154598750026935_8744907578136438383_n18953068_10154606924361935_455693836185288061_n19029585_10154594907476935_9086782398261248486_n19029727_10154603119941935_7871286417305308672_n19030373_10154602065526935_7720760333142097493_n19030488_10154607476346935_7713948743567762317_n19059175_10154599730881935_7372119686494346402_n19059621_10154612337041935_4924847568206161487_n19105873_10154613151056935_6865284383711927461_n19105946_10154614912861935_1819971734180000721_n19146017_10154614912816935_7635166486432707264_n19146188_10154603119871935_8279146180158366774_n19247585_10154642017611935_7084245379700094005_n19248050_10154629113731935_8251200739955791711_n19248085_10154645967496935_520085349232113801_n19260227_10154632696181935_2309206133375362308_n19366204_10154621886231935_4850853197260025311_n19397005_10154629893566935_2876858652843933639_n19399356_10154638887996935_7739769539632628506_n19399475_10154634065596935_8935427165539562183_n19399853_10154644321311935_3592505146879620372_n19420470_10154639406911935_2545800544171006695_n19420638_10154640766786935_2548202860232453195_n19424094_10154646189666935_2375266800156931582_n19424170_10154646074976935_9077229261337819776_n19424537_10154633895646935_360334398183551242_n19430039_10154652666636935_8233951660999406396_n19430098_10154641450786935_3770972127189136851_n19510085_10154646390121935_3258642419841261185_n19510101_10154650554636935_7229678929851497214_n19511317_10154646189671935_7801068655792212157_n19554565_10154658667276935_7465522500877904660_n


  1. Chip

    Those silly patches. I wonder if Chris willingly wore those stupid things. I would be embarrassed. Another thing that gets on my nerves is the “Premium Lifestyle”. That is so pompous. The whole LeVel thing makes me cringe. Who’s the guy in the suit? Another Thrive zombie?

  2. CBH

    After reading all and knowing all we do, these pics look false and obnoxious and like they could only lead to disaster.

  3. Chip

    I was just doing a little googling about LeVel and Thrive and I am convinced they have blood on their hands. There is no doubt in my mind that it played the biggest part in this. I do not believe Chris would have done this if it weren’t for this shady company ruining their lives. There is no way without proof that I will ever believe she was making 80k per year. No way. Maybe they brainwashed her into believing it’s coming or that it was just around the corner. She’s hanging on to the belief that all their problems will be solved once she makes it to the top. We’ve got to spend money to make money. Probably angry with Chris because he just can’t see it. I believe maybe he was taken in by their bs at first but was smart enough to become a skeptic later. I would love to know her true relationship with that company. Some of the complaints on the BBB say that it’s all but impossible as a promoter to get anyone on the phone when you have questions about the products or ingredients. All kinds of problems with the autoship. Overcharging. Lots of bitter ex-promoters. I just wonder if she ever complained about this company outside of all the praising videos and photos. I wonder if some of the fighting and yelling Chris was doing was because he wanted her to get a real job before they lost everything. I’m sorry but I don’t think the yelling the neighbors heard him doing wasn’t warranted. I would think there would have been a lot more yelling than there was given their financial situation. And if he did yell at her in public, imagine what she must’ve done or said to get this normally shy, quiet man to do that in the first place. It’s terrible that he obviously had no one to confide in. Not even that Nikki Whatsherface. Maybe someone could’ve shown him a way out of this situation other than what he chose.

    • Pasha

      He is a grown man. Why would someone need to show him a way out of a situation that he got himself into and was perfectly capable of dealing with himself? He knew the way out….divorce. But he didn’t want to pay child support to his wife for the children he helped create. So he murdered them all. And he had his parents to confide in, especially his dad. And he had in laws who seemed to care a great deal about him. And co-workers. He willingly played his part in knocking up his wife for a third time, so he was just as much at fault as she was. If things were so awful, then why get your wife pregnant knowing how much more strain it will put on the marriage?

      • Shannon

        I believe she lied to her Thrivers he wanted baby. If she was on the pill, holy shit…..that would be awful with the thrive patches, plus all her other so called medicine. Anyway she probably stopped the pill without his knowledge.
        She was good at lying!

      • Chip

        Pasha, seriously? Are you Thriving? Sounds like it. The in-laws cared a great deal about him? I doubt that. Given how she ran him down to anyone who would listen, except of course, the Thirivers. To them he’s great! How do you know he willingly knocked her up? I thought she couldn’t get pregnant without fertility drugs due to so called illness after illness. Why does he seem so surprised in that reveal video? I don’t think he ever wanted another child. She thought she could fix everything with that little bit of manipulation but it backfired on her. And what about these co workers you refer to? He was an introvert. I doubt there was anybody there he could really talk to especially about things like that. Even his best friend from childhood rarely spoke to him and even then it was mostly by text. Oh, his friends. You mean her friends don’t you? From LeVel. The ones she shoved down his throat. And if he was so awful then why is there no one who speaks bad of him before the murders? Do you think he was a genuis? Plotting an Agatha Christie style murder? He did this, no doubt. But he had a very stong motive and I don’t think it boils down to a tawdry 5 week afair with a tart like NK.

      • Shannon

        Good one Chip.

      • Ralph Oscar

        “If things were so awful, then why get your wife pregnant knowing how much more strain it will put on the marriage?”

        That’s a really good question, and one I find myself coming back to as well. Chris Watts was filmed making a presentation about how to make your marriage work (or something like that), and he himself said, plainly and clearly, that sometimes, another baby can help repair a damaged relationship. Shan’Ann said that the third pregnancy was his idea, and his surprise at her “Gotcha!” reveal doesn’t contradict that. I suspect that his feelings had changed between when he might have suggested (or simply agreed) that it would be nice to have another child and the reveal, because his pleasure at realizing what Shan’Ann was springing on him in front of the cameras was less than 100% convincing.

        However, given that his wife had multiple illnesses ($$$) and had had expensive neck surgery ($$$) and both their girls were sickly ($$$) and had had to have surgeries ($$$), I simply can’t imagine any rational person thinking it would be a great idea to bring another (likely sickly like the others) child into the situation. There is abundant evidence that this family was drowning financially; another child would have been a millstone around their necks. Chris Watts was clearly focused on the financial aspect; as soon as he got rid of his victims, he called the girls’ too-expensive preschool to tell the staff they were withdrawing; he contacted a realtor to sell the house; he went to see a different house he’d had a realtor locate for him. All financial circling the wagons. And why were the girls in these expensive preschool programs when Shan’Ann had quit work to be a stay-at-home mom? What was the point if the children were off in day programs? Couldn’t she have been working a job to earn real money instead of spending money on manicures and outings with her Thrive friends and making (required) videos and calling that “working”?

    • CBH

      Fully agree with 100% of your post.

    • Ralph Oscar

      I ran into a comment over here:

      WhyYouLyin1288 1 point 8 days ago
      She was part of Amway, either crimerocket or shakedowntitle has pictures of that. Also lularoe. So you have:

      It(doesn’t) work!
      Thirty One
      Oragami Owl

      She was successful at none. I saw tax documents from 2016 and also bankruptcy documents and where it says “Other income” (all income listed was coming from the husband) it lists “Direct Sales Commission – $111” for her as monthly income. It was her only income according to those tax documents.

    • Ralph Oscar

      “I was just doing a little googling about LeVel and Thrive and I am convinced they have blood on their hands. There is no doubt in my mind that it played the biggest part in this. I do not believe Chris would have done this if it weren’t for this shady company ruining their lives.”

      I agree. In fact, I wish the case had come to trial, so that perhaps Shan’Ann’s MLM addiction could have been scrutinized and publicized. MLMs do far more damage to individuals and families than is typically acknowledged, and this case would have made it nationwide front-page news. Perhaps it would have led to a viral #NoMoreMLM twitter campaign or something.

      In fact, I wonder if LeVel, aka “Deep Pockets”, played any role in Chris’s plea bargain and then inexplicably shipping him out of state to a prison in Wisconsin.

      We all know it’s wrong that Chris killed Shan’Ann and his little girls. Unless we take a hard look at Shan’Ann’s MLM addiction, though (7 different MLMs, to my knowledge), and how this affected the family dynamic, we’ll never gain any understanding. We must go through the history and through the murder to come out on the other side holding the MLM accountable for the part it played in these terrible events. If we can hold a MLM accountable for the cost in human suffering and human *lives* it is chewing up in its seductive program of exploiting the vulnerable and desperate, we’ll be making progress.

      But we’ll never get there if we stop with “Chris was a mad dog that needs to be put down” or whatever. By all accounts – and I do mean all accounts – he was a quiet, passive, introverted homebody. The last person we’d ever expect to do this sort of thing.

  4. Sylvester

    Eerie picture of the Bissell carpet cleaner. I’ll bet that’s what he used on the carpet when Officer Lines said she smelled cleaning chemicals and noticed vacuum cleaner lines.

    • nickvdl

      Great minds think alike. I see it contains Febreze as well [odor removal].

      • Sylvester

        Yes, and Febreze is potent – it’s perfumey strong.

  5. atschmid5322

    Shanann had the oddest shaped mouth I have ever seen. It distracts me in photos of her.

    • Marie

      I agree atschmid, very distracting

  6. Cheryl Filar

    In terms of this thread, this post is out of context but not in terms of the case and Chris’s inscrutable character, which we are trying to understand through pictures, what others say about him, his few words, his actions, and finally his crimes. I saw the move “Vice” today–the movie about Dick Cheney and his rise to power. At the very beginning of the film the following quote appears, which made me think about Chris and in large part about why we’re still here trying to understand Chris and by extension the entire case:

    “Beware the quiet man. For while others speak, he watches. And while others act, he plans. And when they finally rest…he strikes.” The quote is attributed to anonymous.

    • Shannon

      Good one Chip.

    • Shannon

      I love that quote.
      Very true…….

    • Seymour Glass

      Wow! It’s quite eery in context of Chris.

      Did you like the movie? Having a date night this weekend, thinking of seeing this movie. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 63% so I wasn’t sure.

      • Cheryl Filar

        Seymour, I liked the movie. If you’ve seen “The Big Short,” it has a similar style—semi-documentary/satire. Also, it has a defined “liberal” viewpoint, so if you’re of another political persuasion, you may not appreciate it. One person left in the middle of it. As he was departing, he hoisted his arm and gave everyone the finger—lol. All that being said, the movie is well acted and interesting history. It made me want to do some reading about Cheney.

      • Seymour Glass

        Thanks so much, Cheryl.

        That guy who left mid-way through sounds like a nut job. Who does that?

      • Ralph Oscar

        I liked it but my SO was not as pleased. There was a strange tone to it; it was produced by both Brad Pitt and Will Ferrell, neither of whom are staunch Republican supporters, to my knowledge. Brad Pitt’s production company with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, Plan B (see “Troy”), was credited at the beginning.

        I found it interesting and compelling, even though there were quite a few details that I don’t believe were at all accurate. Still, really intriguing backstory on The Great Satan himself, and despite the inaccuracies it really filled in a lot of background for me.

        It’s thought provoking and disturbing, uses a lot of footage from years past, so I think it’s relevant and important, in its own way. If that’s the sort of thing you like doing for date night, seeing something that you can then go get a drink or a coffee and discuss, this might just be your cuppa asparagus.

      • Ralph Oscar

        Forgot to mention – we went to a 12:30 matinee on Sunday, and there were 4 other people in the theater besides us.

    • Ralph Oscar

      Went to see Vice myself on Sunday – thought the same thing.

  7. Cheryl Filar

    Seymour, I think it’s a sign of very divided times. It was an early showing, too—very few attendees, all seniors, including the guy who walked out! So much for old age smoothing out the rough edges!

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