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Today would have been Shan’ann Watts’ 35th Birthday

Shan’ann Watts was live [below] on January 9, 2017 at 4:35 PM.


  1. LW

    Happy birthday in Heaven.

    • Teresa

      I would like everyone to view this video I found on youtube relating to the surveillance video of Trinastich’s. It isn’t long and the part the poster talks about is strange.

      • CBH

        Many people on YouTube have been struck by this detail, but Nick Van der Leek was very annoyed by it when a poster pointed it out to him.

      • Mustang Sally

        The Pink Panther Returns!

      • thetinytech2018

        Couldn’t that video been cut down to a minute? You gotta love the theatrics people put into this, the dramatic music, the jump cut editing, I mean really… There is no reason that had to be seven minutes long. I know it wasn’t you who did the YT video, I just don’t understand why people do this. Anyway, I don’t see what people see, I do see a shadow but aside from that is almost impossible to tell what it is. I took a screenshot and loaded it into Adobe Photoshop CC and I still couldn’t make out the shadow to be that belonging to a child, a cat, or anything else that was definitive. I don’t get how others, with no background in editing or photos can be so sure from a grainy SD video.

      • Teresa

        Fair enough, while I’ve tried to read every post here about this case, I didn’t realize it had already been rehashed. Either way, it DOES look like Watts bent down and picked something up from the ground.

  2. Mustang Sally

    Happy heavenly birthday, Shan’ann.

    Tough, tough day for her family and friends. May they all find a moment’s peace today, wonderful memories to make them smile, and love to fill the emptiness death leaves behind.

  3. Lara Martinez

    Nick–what do you make of the 6 week trip to NC? I read it was to “grow her business,” but you posted the dwindling FB Thrive videos while she was there. It’s seems a weirdly long time to just visit parents & in-laws. Do you think it was a trial separation?

    • nickvdl

      Hey Lara

      Before the Discovery Documents and cell data timeline and texts were released, I was pretty sure it was a trial separation. But it seems pretty clear it wasn’t, certainly not for Shan’ann. She also announced the trip a long time before she went on it.

      During the last week there they were supposed to celebrate their 8-year anniversary in North Carolina [even though the anniversary fell on August 10]. [Discovery Documents page 490].

      For Chris Watts, on the other hand, the 5 week window WAS like a trial separation. As time went by it became more and more like that. He also lied to Kessinger, telling her that he and Shan’ann were separating, and why wouldn’t she believe him. I mean, how many pregnant wives leave their husbands for 5 weeks at a time…

      And I think as the end of the period drew nearer, he started dreading the idea of a “return to normal”, and added to that, the duties that were going to arise out of caring for and paying for a third child.

      I do think Shan’ann went to NC to work on her business, but the trip seemed to backfire spectacularly, in more ways than one. There was the meltdown with Watts’ folks, and by being away so long, Shan’ann left the door wide open for the mistress to move in on her husband, not that that was her fault.

      It does seem odd that having fallen pregnant, she would leave then, doesn’t it? Maybe in her mind she felt like she owed it to the family, to Chris, to herself, to drum up business to make up for the time when she’d be too pregnant to work. And maybe she sensed some kind of ambivalence from Watts shortly after announcing her pregnancy. But again, it seems like the trip to North Carolina was scheduled even before she knew she was pregnant.

      • Lara Martinez

        Thanks, Nick! I agree–and I just have to wonder if she would still be alive if she hadn’t given him that preview of being a single man.

      • A

        What about the neighbor Nate Trinastich telling Officer Coonrod that he often heard the Watts fighting verbally. The last time he heard them fight was before Shanann Watts went to North Carolina, he said, and he believed that she wanted to get away from the situation.
        “To be completely honest with you, my wife and I were wondering when she was on vacation if something happened, because I’ve heard them flat-out screaming at each other at the top of their lungs, and he gets crazy,” he said.

    • LW

      Maybe I’m old-fashioned but I don’t even believe in married people going on separate vacations. Sure, the occasional visit with family is fine, but five weeks is excessive!! If your marriage is already shaky, being separated like that can’t be a good idea. I just don’t get it. I personally wouldn’t even want to be away from my husband that long. I love my family, but I’m ready to go home after a few days! The whole thing is weird. She could have even cut it short when things really started to go south- like in July after the blow-up. That would have been enough for me to scoop up my children and just take them back home.
      I don’t get it.

  4. Diana

    I believe Nico was due in January too. Very sad. I know some people don’t think Chris feels any remorse for Shan’ann’s murder, and I don’t claim to know the answer to that, but I bet he IS at least thinking of Shan’ann today.

    • tbp

      Yes, I bet he is thinking about her too. Most believe that he despised her, and he killed her based on that feeling. I don’t feel this way. I think he just wanted to be with his mistress. I think his psyche messed him up. He thought he committed the perfect crime.

  5. Nick

    @Lara take away the preview period and the pregnancy and it’s hard to imagine there being a murder.

    • mitzi2006

      I totally agree…..that was a perfect storm

    • Lara Martinez

      Totally agree!

  6. CBH

    In the second video she looks more relaxed and natural than I’ve ever seen her. Gives you a glimpse into the softer, prettier, better person she might have been, if not for her MLM obsession, her hypochondria, and her narcissism. Sad, really.

  7. Todd

    Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

  8. Aaren

    I grew up in my grandparents two story, two family house. They were upstairs, my mom, me and sis were downstairs (kitchen on each level). Anyway – once every couple weeks I would hear my otherwise reserved, polite, retired artist from the “greatest generation” scream at the top of his lungs at my grandma. I’d quickly hide near the bottom of the stairs to snoop. His yell was scary. And what he was yelling about was always trivial (an appliance wasn’t working and he was blaming my grandma or something). But every time i heard his gutteral rawer, i’d freeze and listen just to make he wasn’t homocidal. He loved my grandmother with all of his heart and when she died he died of his own broken heart quickly after. But if you didn’t know who he was, but just heard the yells, you’d get the wrong impression.

    Maybe Chris and Shannan yelled at their kids. I mean, one was nicknamed “rampage”.
    I have two daughters (6 & 3) and there are times I lose my shit when they are behaving. And I yell. And my husband yells too but louder. It’s all out of a sense of helpless frustration feeling defeated by these tiny people we love but can drive us nuts. Our spousal disagreements, meanwhile, are much quieter because I can choose my words to make a point and don’t need the volume.

    I say all this to illustrate why I dont think Nick the neighbor’s comment about yelling is of primary importance. If he gave an example of what they were saying, we could assess. It he didn’t so we can’t. And we are assuming he heard them and not another set of neighbors, etc.

    • Aaren

      Please fill in the obvious blanks on the couple of words I skipped/left out.

    • Pasha

      I agree with all of this. Some people seem to think that the yelling is a red flag….but honestly, all married couples argue and yell occasionally. And I think a lot of people comment without fully understanding the situation simply because they’ve never experienced marriage or having children.

      All married couples argue and have the potential to lose their temper and yell. It happens. It’s normal. It’s not normal if it’s excessive or violence is involved. If name calling and degrading is involved it’s not normal. But the occasional yelling isn’t such a red flag. So I wish there was more context in regards to the amount of arguing the neighbor heard, or what they said, or any signs of abuse, etc.

      And people dog the crap out of Shan’ann for calling her kids fussy or saying similar things about them in her videos. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Almost all moms say these things from time to time. And she doesn’t seem angry……most of the time it seems like she’s just joking. Saying “Celeste is a hot mess today” is nothing more than a joke and means nothing, but people seem to hold it against her for some reason. Like I said, I think these people have never stayed at home, trying to work, with 2 small toddlers. Toddlers ARE fussy……they make messes…..they can be a hot mess. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids because you express frustration with them from time to time. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but it’s weird to judge something like that if you’ve never been a parent to small children….especially 2 small children together.

      • Lara Martinez

        Have you seen the Christmas video where she terrorizes CeCe into a crying, screaming mess? Then makes fun of her for being so scared she “pooped her pants?” I have 3 children 2 years apart (one autistic)–I would never act like that. It really bothered me that she allowed her baby to scream and cry for 20 minutes off camera–even those on the Facetime call were concerned. So many times she forces her girls to “say hi” to her “thriving” group–day after day after day. The 6:30pm bedtimes along with the mandatory naps is another issue that bothered me–it is just bizarre to declare like she did “I need me-time” when you have toddlers. If you need excessive hours in the afternoon and evening, I suggest you don’t have small children with no nanny. I just don’t get a good feeling when I watch her videos with her kids–and this entire post is just my personal opinion–other points of view are welcome.

        • Jessica Chipman

          Which is why she sent them to day care full time. Toddlers are so much work, and they don’t keep you house clean or even allow you to clean. Much easier to have me time all day and get manicures and girl lunches. I as well found the excessive sleeping very strange. My kids never slept until I did, with maybe an hour nap max- once my 3 yr old stayed up until 4am as I had not gotten back from a trip yet! How did she get them to sleep so much? The hospital visits were insanely frequent. I have been trying to decide if it was hypochondria or something more. The rectal thermometer temp taking is very strange as well, I have never taken a temp that way in my 3 kids lives! Why was that necessary to do, seemingly daily as she was convinced they had Familial Mediterranean Fever or some such.

  9. Carol Lucey

    I always felt he hadnt intended to kill the kids, my feelings, though completely confused lol are that he expected the shit to hit the fan when Shanann came home, she was going to be hounding him about the receipt for the meal, she told him to keep it for taxes, also she would have found out he was never at that game coz of time on receipt ect. Asking what mates he went with ect, he knew his affair wud be rumbled,he was paranoid too about what his friends thought about him (him being such an amazing fella lol) Think Shannann went down basement to see if he was up, he took fone off her tellin her ‘your not gonna be writin shit on facebook about us ect’ stress dogs hit on that in basement, she goes to bed in bits crying, he mentioned crying several time, prob coz he knew there wud be mascara on sheet, waited til she was asleep, did the dastardly act, Bella wakes up while he’s gettin truck, finds mother dead , whats wrong with mommy ect, he grabs her covers her face and gets a scratch from her he continues suffocatin her on her bed, dog went crazy in that room then did poor Celeste, he was clever enough to keep fans on upstairs to hide cadaver odor, that mistress needs more investigating too. R.I.P Shanann and babiesxx

  10. mitzi2006

    I think when the dog hit in that area it was specifically on that purple night mask, which later was seen upstairs. Chris likely doesn’t wear a women’s sleep mask so why was it down there. Nichol kessinger? Has to be because I doubt shanann slept down there.

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