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Chris Watts’ Ex Sheds Light on the Man Behind the Monster

Within the first ten minutes we discover that Chris Watts was a gym rat all his life, until he met Shan’ann. She made him give it up and once he did, he put on a lot of weight.

The ex [whose name I can’t figure out, can you?] says that Watts went to gym religiously for two hours a day, everyday.

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  1. tbp

    Reminds me of Scott Peterson’s sentencing where they brought in people from years past to testify on his behalf. If I recall, they were people from high school and college that had lost contact. (I think one was an old golfing coach.)

    Point being that was what CW was like when he was younger. The ex girlfriend has “no inclination” what he is like now. Also, I was a little horrified that they seemed to justify the body disposal. As if being scared justifies digging a hole in the ground for your wife and cramming your children in oil tanks is understood, given the circumstances. After all he was scared and didn’t know what else to do. I actually stopped listening at that point.

    I tend to agree with what they said about the marriage dynamics I just don’t believe SW murdered her children, and I think he planned it. I just don’t think he smothered them.

    • Ralph Oscar

      It’s far more likely that CW overdosed the girls with Shan’Ann’s leftover oxycodone and then put plastic bags over their heads rather than have a struggling situation. Something much more passive, like the OD scenario, makes far more sense – he had the tools at hand, and he did a search on “oxycodon [sic] overdose” or something like that.

      • Robin

        That would have shown up in the blood work at autopsy

        • Ralph Oscar

          Not necessarily.

      • Carolyn

        Yes, true. But Bella had a lot of injuries. They had to be from when she was murdered or when she was put in the tank. If she was put in face first and there was only 1 1/2 ft of oil in the bottom she could have gotten them when she hit the oil and most likely the bottom of the tank.

  2. Sherri

    This is kind of irrelevant. My husband is CW’s age. He worked out too when he was in high school because he played sport, and when he was single and he first met me. He STOPPED working out because he attended school, got a job, and we had children. Life gets in the way of exercising sometimes, and I don’t see how comparing CW’s fitness activities when he was young and when he’s 33 is totally relevant. Also, I remember hearing in some interview that SW encouraged Chris to start working out again because he has a family history of diabetes and she “wanted him to live forever”.

    • Ralph Oscar

      CW being a “gym rat” is consistent with his history of sports involvement. If you look at the wedding pics, CW is obviously heavy – he’s way out of shape. So it appears that the difference between the CW situation and your husband’s situation is that CW stopped working out *before* getting a job and having children – at the point of their wedding, they had no children, and they then moved to CO so he could take that job as a mechanic with the car dealership.

      If Shan’Ann did pressure him to quit going to the gym (she was OCD; did she go crazy wondering what he was doing out of her sight?) and that resulted in him putting on a lot of weight, then it happened before their wedding.

      You’ll notice that CW had a gym setup in the basement and that all the pics of him working out show him working out *at home*. Perhaps that was the only scenario that Shan’Ann would accept for him to work out – if he did it there at home where she could keep her eye on him.

    • Tonya

      Yeah, I heard the same thing. I don’t remember who had said it 🤔 I think it was Shanann’s mom Sandy..that she encouraged him to work out because she loved him and wanted him to have a long life 😔. It’s so sad, she loved him so much and wanted him healthy and by her side and that monster took her life along with the beautiful children.😢💔

  3. Rebecca

    The past girlfriend is a member of the FB group that feels Chris killed SW in a rage because she killed the girls. Chris is praised and Shan’ann is verbally destroyed. They feel the manner in which the girls bodies were disposed means nothing. If you mention it you will be banned. Because of that I hold no validity to this recorded session. It is the equivalent of asking the guy I dated when I was 21 about my personality and likes 20 years later.

    • JuJuBee

      The presiding judge said he’d never seen such a vicious crime in all his years on the bench. Plenty of men murder their wives and yes, their kids, but we all know the judge was talking about the oil tanks and the shallow grave nearby. To ignore that is to whitewash what Chris did. It sounds like studmuffin Chris has himself some groupies out there.

      • Shannon

        Maybe you need to look at death scenes. This is mild in comparison to how some people are actually killed.

    • Audnut

      What is this group called?

  4. Tabitha

    Are you seriously posting this crap?! This ex girlfriend has not even been verified to be his ex girlfriend. This is crap put out on by Kay Marie’s BS podcast. Is this what you call reporting? Because I would think you would verify sources before posting this. Her own group members asked for proof of this girl and was told it was none of their business.

    • nickvdl

      Like I said in the post, I listened to the first 10 minutes, and I find it odd that the identity of the girlfriend is unclear. So this isn’t “reporting”, it’s largely left to you to make up your minds.

      Everyone is free online – and at this site – to ignore what they don’t like or disagree with, and to dig in and discuss the things they are interested in.

      • Tabitha Morris

        The only thing you are doing, is helping this woman (Kay Marie), to disgrace a murdered woman. Reporting or not, some things don’t have to be shared. What I am interested in, is getting this disgusting ladies podcast and Facebook group shut down for the sake of Shanann’s family and “true” friends. Want to help with that?

      • Ralph Oscar

        I support a policy of evaluating every source purporting to present evidence pertaining to this case. Some may turn out to be nonsense and thus not useful, but it’s important to evaluate the contents regardless of how strange or sensationalist it appears in case there is a kernel of useful information somewhere in there.

      • julinka1981

        You could have worded a post better,so it’s clear this is not an evidence for the narrative behind CW killing of his family.Your introduction suggests you agree with the content of the podcast,specifically you mention “SW made him give up gym” You could have added to intro-“this a very questionable podcast info that’s been reported. After all,you have taken a time to dispute other online videos such as Dr.Phil about CW being a narcissist.

    • Lauren

      @Tabitha Agreed! This article is the equivalent of the National Enquirer reporting. Quantity VS Quality.

      • Shannon

        She did make Chris give up the “gym”.
        She didn’t even like him running.
        You see Shanann is the focus here, she wants all the attention, not Chris.
        As to who don’t like this Kay woman. There would be no FB, YouTube, or other sites if we all bitch, because we don’t like the contents.
        Read it and weep or don’t read it.

    • thetinytech2018

      Tabitha – If you don’t like something you’re free to ignore it. You may not agree with what someone has to say, and that’s completely valid; However you have no right to get things “shut down” or taken off the internet just because you disagree with it. If that’s how you choose to spend your time so be it, but it seems like a waste of time to me and your effort will probably be in vain. Everyone out there has a right to talk about this case in a forum of their choosing, perhaps this isn’t the forum for you.

      • Tabitha Morris

        I think you misunderstood me. I never said that I would try to get ithis site shut down. I just wish that people would stop giving Kay Marie any publicity at all. Her and her group have said so many disgusting things about the victim in this case. Some of her members have also been sending death threats to her family and making up fake profiles, pretending to be Frankie. They are seriously sick people. Now would I love to get “her” podcast and Facebook taken down? Yes!

        • Ralph Oscar

          “Now would I love to get “her” podcast and Facebook taken down? Yes!”

          Off with you, then, on your noble quest! Stop at nothing to slay the foul Facebook dragon! No more dawdling and lollygagging here – there’s virtue and honor at stake!

  5. JuJuBee

    How is a man with a pregnant wife and two kids under the age of five supposed to spend “two hours a day” at the gym like he did when he was single? If he even did that before he was married. He looked like he was tubby when Shan’ann came on the scene, or he gained weight when they first got married (not uncommon for both men and women).

    “Shan’ann made him do it!” only lends credence to the theory that he killed her out of rage at how she treated him, not because she killed the girls. (I’ve never been pregnant so I informally asked the women I know who have kids whether they believed a pregnant woman could murder her own children to spite her husband. The responses added up to, “You’re carrying life inside you, it’s just not plausible at all.”)

    As for fear being the motive to dispose of their bodies, ineffectual Chris whining he was scared and didn’t know what to do, it was stupid to put them where he did but it’s another link to his Anadarko colleague/mistress. Was it NK’s bright idea? I believe one of the reasons he did it was so he could drive out there once a week to check the tanks and relive the triumph of getting rid of all those inconvenient females. To gloat, if you will, at his trophies and how he got away with it.

    • JuJuBee

      To clarify, “Shan’ann made him give up going to the gym.”

      • Shannon

        She didn’t want him NOW working out. Why was he working out at home? Because she didn’t want him in a Gym, around other people, woman.
        She wanted to isolate him.
        Is that Fair?

    • Ralph Oscar

      “I believe one of the reasons he did it was so he could drive out there once a week to check the tanks and relive the triumph of getting rid of all those inconvenient females. To gloat, if you will, at his trophies and how he got away with it.”

      I believe there’s a little more to it than that – CW was responsible for maintaining those two tanks off by themselves. The oil they contained was caustic; if the murders hadn’t been discovered for a few weeks, it’s likely the girls’ bodies would have been entirely dissolved. And, as the maintenance technician in charge of that area, CW would have been the one dispatched to check if either tank was registering abnormal readings as far as gas buildup or whatever (I do not have any background in this industry and lack words). By putting the girls in separate tanks, that made it more likely that both tanks would have registered abnormal within a parallel range, making it seem more likely that it was due to a technical malfunction rather than some problem with the contents of the tanks. That’s how it looks to me, at least.

      Could NK have helped CW figure this out? I hadn’t thought of that angle, but I don’t think it’s a productive avenue to to pursue. The case is closed; nobody’s doing any more investigation. NK has disappeared into witness protection; she’s someone else now. The scenario that CW figured it out on his own is plausible; since he worked with these tanks, he’d have to know that the contents were caustic and that he should protect himself when working around them.

      So the girls were properly “disposed of”. Burying SW in a shallow grave and leaving that sheet flapping about in the field? REALLY BAD. What happened there? Did he have to cut things short and that’s why it was so shoddy and amateurish, given the sophistication of the girls’ disposal? Did he think he could return back later and do a better burial job? The fact that the top sheet and pillow cases were sitting in the kitchen trash back home suggests CW expected to have far more time to finish clearing the murder scene.

  6. Joe S

    Seems like a lot of hear say. Jay made a smart decision leaving that Sesh.

  7. Cans

    I’m just wondering what’s so hard to figure out about my name? Its 4 letters. I have been verified by the way.

    • nickvdl

      Normally when journalists talk about “going on the record” there’s clarity about who is going on the record and about what. What’s your surname? Are you on social media? What do you do for a living? Do you have any photos of yourself and Watts during your relationship? Theoretically, if you don’t want to reveal your face you could remove or blur yourself out of the picture.
      Also, what do you believe is your biggest insight into Watts or the family dynamics, something that no one has considered?

    • Tim N

      @Cans Chris Watts is a textbook Covert narcissistic. They Love bomb > Devalue > Discard’ in all their relationships and without exception. Coverts have varying ‘flavors’ but carry the same core traits. They are nice and helpful. Awkward at first, the special misunderstood shy person, withdrawn introvert, this is what they want you to think but it’s actually their projected False Self Image. Shyness is their honey trap. They appear innocent and look to the outside world like the most respectable stereotypical human being. They immediately overvalue their new source and temporarily put them high on a pedestal. Any praise given by a Covert sounds over the top. Coverts love the love-bombing phase and infatuation is about as close as they’ll ever come to love. A real narcissist is always, 100% Socio-Psychopathic. They are EMPTY. They’re driven by selfishness and immaturity.

      Unless they are living with them, someone else isn’t going to see what you see. Covert Somatic Narcissists universally exhibit the same (peculiar) sexual proclivities – Prefers sexual positions where he does not have to face you, (i.e. since having sex this way allows him to fantasize). The female partner is treated as an object, an extension of the somatic narcissist, a toy. This is also why intimacy with them can feel strange and sometimes unnerving. Like they do all of the motions, but there is an emptiness in it. Was that your experience? They will usually tell you they love you during the act of sex. Was that your experience?

      o Copy cats— a common form of manipulation is to mirror in the effort to appear having a lot in common with you. They copy people’s ticks, laughs, movements, behaviors, tones, words, and phrases. If you pay attention, they even attempt to copy your movements as you are doing them. Its terribly eerie. The narcissist lives a life constructed on so many lies that the very lies become their truth. The narcissist depends on others ignorance.

      • Shannon

        I think your wrong with the Sex analysis.
        Shanann said she loved when Chris would hold, touch,kiss.
        NK, said he was super on going down and sex was great.
        Multiple positions in sex is great. He might have had Animal instincts, which is great. Instead of a boring F–k. Nothing worse then thinking about what you have to do tomorrow or looking at the ceiling.
        After yrs of marriage, any couple still having sex, showing affection is a Bonus…..for them.

      • Ralph Oscar

        I don’t agree – CW did not seem to have any control over their relationship. Only toward the end, when we hear the neighbors reporting overhearing yelling fights, do we see any evidence that CW is asserting himself at all. I think CW was pushed to the breaking point and that ill-fated 5-week trip out of state combined with his new love affair with NK resulted in a very different kind of thinking for CW.

        But the whole way, up until the very end, everyone regarded CW as quiet, passive, bossed around by his wife, a classic “gray rock”:

        I suspect CW had adopted the “gray rock” approach as his way of maintaining survival with a demanding, overbearing, histrionic partner – he simply went numb and invisible, the better to avoid her notice and rage. Toward the end, though, things had come to a head – they were months behind on their mortgage, their homeowners associate was suing them and a court date was approaching that could have resulted in foreclosure, and now Shan’Ann is pregnant with another child when they are already drowning financially. That’s a situation that has become more about surviving than enduring; perhaps it took things getting that desperate for CW to stand up for himself and make his own perspective known in spite of the perceived risks. And it was too late, they were in too deep. There was no way out – they’d already filed bankruptcy just 3 years before; that relief wouldn’t be available to them for another 5 years. And by then, would they be homeless?

        • Air Glo

          1. Women and men get enough education to prepare yourself for an adequate paying job.
          2. Marry someone with the ability and willingness to make an adequate income.
          3. Buy or rent a small affordable home.
          4. Charge NOTHING!
          5. Take out NO loans except maybe a reasonable AFFORDABLE mortgage on a modest house.
          6. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER enter into a pyramid scheme (Multilevel Marketing) for any reason. Especially don’t think you can support yourself that way.
          7. Don’t put your toddlers in $25,000 per year day care.
          8. Make a budget with your spouse.. Review it regularly. Stick to it!
          9. Learn to say NO to yourself. Enjoy SAVING money.
          10. Look for happiness in simple, low cost living.
          11. Don’t have another baby you can’t afford.

      • Marcie

        As someone who’s been immersed in this case – I agree with just about everything Ralph Oscar has contributed.

        A lesson from this case is – if you are married…….. always, ALWAYS have your own financial account you can draw upon in case you need to file for a divorce. Chris literally had no cash or credit to even start the process. Had he had 30k or so in his own account a year ago and filed, everyone would still be alive.

    • Tabitha Morris

      You have been verified huh? By Kay Marie?😂 I have no doubt you may have dated him a couple of times. Maybe even slept with him. But the majority of your story, I don’t buy. You dated for 2 years, yet his own parents have never mentioned you. You say you were around Shanann in the beginning, enough to see her craziness at least 20 times. But yet, Shanann was so jealous and controlling that she didn’t mind him hanging around and still being friends with his ex girlfriend of two years, that he discussed wanting to get married and having kids with? Ok.

  8. Mustang Sally

    If you would like to spare yourself what amounts to an hour and 22 minutes of very leading and giggling nonsense, I’ll offer you an overview from my perspective:

    I didn’t take notes so I will add the disclaimer that I’m recalling these recollections from memory, admittedly whilst scoffing along.

    The interviewer ends the interview by reminding everyone to be open minded, and nonjudgmental…the interview begins by introducing “Cans” (an abbreviated version of Candace, perhaps?), a woman who has come forward claiming to be a former girlfriend of Chris Watts.

    What begins is a very close-minded and judgmental interview between the interviewer of Murder Rap Sesh (MRS) and the interviewee, “Cans,” a former girlfriend of Chris Watts (CW). Cans (an abbreviated version of Candace, perhaps?) and MRS both state at the outset they are CW supporters, allude to being Shan’ann Watts (SW) haters, and believe CW was railroaded into accepting a plea deal admitting to the murders of his daughters, something the “gentle, loving, amazing, and heroic” CW would never do. By contrast, the “evil, conniving, controlling, hypochondriac, judgmental, insecure, materialistic, shady, and manipulative” SW likely would. Cans does not offer any positive characteristics she observed in regards to SW to balance any of her negativity because, quite frankly, she never observed any.

    Bear in mind CW chose both of these women (by her account) to share his life, love, and confidences. MRS calls Cans adorable, cute and sweet and can totally see why CW would date her… Cannot understand his appeal for SW other than the fact she was “gorgeous.”

    For the next hour and too many minutes they proceed to discuss how wonderful CW was, how horrible SW was, how terribly Cindy Watts has been treated by the press, how SW called all the shots, how rewarding it was to see SW get completely bamboozled by a mistress, but unfortunate that it caused her to snuff the kids in retaliation…

    When asked why Cans thought CW may have accepted responsibility for his daughter’s deaths, she figured that he was smart enough to know his life was over anyway, his mistress was lost to him anyway, his daughters were gone anyway, his good guy image was destroyed anyway. Really, why not just accept it? SW wasn’t going to go to jail for it. He punished her for that already. Bad girl…

    I can’t write anymore!!! I have to go boil my ears after listening to those two idiots for too long! I will say, if she was his girlfriend, and they did date in their early 20’s and stayed friends for awhile after, as she claims, I’m certain she has relevant information she can offer…if not being interviewed by this giggling glad gal.

    • Tabitha Morris

      Mustang Sally
      My thoughts exactly.

    • Ralph Oscar

      There’s simply no way Shan’Ann would have harmed her daughters. That’s a ridiculous assertion – it was unbelievable the first time it was brought up. CW’s actions after the fact put the lie to that claim that it was SW who killed the girls. It was CW all the way.

      • Maura

        Agree. The DA and FBI should have made a stronger statement that CW was the only murderer.

    • Cheryl Filar

      Agreed, Mustang Sally. Excellent post.

      • Cheryl Filar

        My impressions of this podcast:

        The interviewer’s gushing and giggling throughout the podcast are obnoxious and undermine her own and Cam’s credibility. It felt as if I were at one of Shan’ann’s silly Thrive parties being forced to consume birthday cake bars, whose questionable nutritional value is beside the point because you know the expectation is you better buy it. I’ll take Kessinger’s vocal fry and seemingly distracting, dissembling narrative any day compared to this twatty trash. It seems to just be more of the same: opportunistic semi-professionals, if that, spicing a pre-conceived narrative with selective “facts” for salacious consumption by their acolytes. Isn’t this the same podcast that claimed to have a reliable inside source who disclosed, prior to the autopsies’ release, that Shan’ann’s body was in terrible shape–her wound’s indicating she had endured a substantial beating prior to her murder? Then, voila, a few days later the autopsies are released and, according to the report, Shan’ann’s body had no defensive wounds. All I can say is I’m glad there is a refuge from this idiocy like this site and Nick’s books.

  9. laralovesandrew

    Bottom line: Shan’ann may have been controlling in the marriage but Chris was a man and being a man means taking full responsibility for yourself. The fact that he did not, or could not or would not is not Shan’ann’s fault. It’s his. He decided that it would be easier to solve the financial crises Shan’ann created with her horrible money management and propensity to get involved in multiple MSM spiels by erasing her existence. He obviously felt contempt for the children–maybe because he had no say in when Shan’ann got pregnant–the third pregnancy certainly hit him by surprise. I think Shan’ann had a lot of serious problems that were coming down on this family–but I can’t agree with those posting on the internet that she was a demon or killed the children. Chris could have gotten a lot of satisfaction out of just leaving Shan’ann and selling that house that was in his name and getting an apartment with his mistress. It just amazes me that he would choose triple murder. Also–if SW killed the children, why didn’t CW call 911? I don’t care if the child is blue–there is always that chance that she could be resuscitated. He claims that he “saw her do it”–then there’s even more of a chance you can save them! That fact alone tells me he did all 3.

    • DCFan1911

      Bingo. He was a beta male who decided to take control by murdering his pregnant wife and two innocent toddler-aged children. That is simply monstrous and there is no excuse for it. Shan’ann Watts, like all of us, was an imperfect human being with faults and flaws. Chris Watts murdered his pregnant wife and children, and dumbed their bodies in/near oil tanks. Any objective person won’t have any trouble deciding who the victims are and who the perpetrator is.

      At the end of the day, Chris Watts’s downfall was his concealed sociopath tendencies combined with his passive nature. He was incapable of setting boundaries, saying no, and fighting back when he was being mistreated. I can’t imagine my spouse going on social media and saying “F@#k you” to my parents. That’s something NO ONE should put up with from their spouse…the one time my spouse yelled at me in front of my family, I immediately snapped back “Watch your tone.” It has not happened since – this is a healthy boundary that has to be set early and firmly. I could not let my spouse think it was ok for them to yell at me in front of my sibling. The reason Shan’ann thought it was ok for her to publicly castigate Chris’s parents was because he had not set those boundaries earlier in their relationship – he was a passive beta male. Unfortunately for Shan’ann and their children, he was also someone who had no heart and no real empathy for others, and when he’d decided he’d had enough, he committed a heinous crime against them rather than simply divorcing and moving on with his life. It was a dreadful confluence of events.

      • Seymour Glass

        I apologize in advance for being off-topic but wanted to demonstrate the reactions of two parents of murderers in spotlight cases – Jayme Closs and Chris Watts. Here you go:

        Today, the father of murderer and kidnapper, 21 year old Jake Thomas Patterson, released a public statement: As per Daily Mail today:

        “Despite his son being charged with murder and kidnapping, father Patrick Patterson says all his attention is on the grieving Closs family.”All I care about right now is Jayme’s family. I want to get them a note,’ Patterson said to CNN on Tuesday as he passed the Barron County Justice Center to reach out to the Closs family. He shook with emotion and was on the verge of tears as he dodged reporters and said: ‘I’m sorry, I can’t talk’.”

        Now juxtapose Jake Thomas Patterson’s father’s public reaction with Chris’ Mom and Dad’s public reaction, notwithstanding the few televised interviews bashing Shan’aan. Which reaction seems more normal to you? Now factor, unlike Patterson, their son murdered their three grandchildren and disposing them in the most horrific way?

        Jayme Closs and her parents were total strangers to Patterson’s father, yet look at his reaction juxtaposed with Cindy and Ronnie Watts, who was intimately “close” to the victims as grandparents. Yet she uses a victim’s impact statement to turn around to her diabolical son who’s leg is shaking under the table in a rage, and confesses her love and forgiveness on national T.V., without addressing the Rzucek family at all.

        This should tell everyone how and why this tragedy happened. You don’t have to look far to see what is wrong with Chris Watts – Cindy & Ronnie Watts and that toxic family – golden child / scapegoat – dynamic, seeing Chis as an extension of themselves.

        In closing, I recently watched a video Cindy Watts talking about Bella & CeCe. Go to the 5:00 time stamp, look how she is unconsciously shaking her head “NO” when describing the girls being wonderful children, beautiful children, missing them. The entire time her head is shaking “No.” Here’s the link:

        What do you think?

      • nylady

        Seymour, with all due respect for your opinion, Cindy and Ronnie Watts are in a no-win situation. Support him and they get criticized. Turn their back on him and they get criticized. He was not this monster when they knew him. He evolved into this monster over the course of his relationship with his wife. Anyone who has ever been married knows there is a fine line between love and hate and the love/hate dynamic exists in many marriages. He was pushed too hard, and he snapped. He lost it. That’s not supposed to happen in a civilized world. God have mercy on his soul.

    • JuJuBee

      I don’t think he saw divorce as a solution. He would’ve been giving up a big chunk of his income as a divorced dad of three kids and a spendthrift ex-wife. He coldly calculated that those expenses were too much baggage to haul into his new swingin’ bachelor lifestyle. (I’m not sure how much he contributed to their living well beyond their means.)

      • marielangford3311

        Agree juju, and he would have had to deal with shan’nan for at least 18 more years.

      • G

        I agree with this. Watts didn’t simply want a divorce, which would have left the obstacles of the messy financial situation and a potentially contentious relationship with Shan’ann to be addressed. Public image, in varying ways, seems to have greatly mattered to both spouses; Watts, who was generally known as a good man, didn’t want to be perceived by his family, friends and coworkers as the “bad guy” who leaves a pregnant spouse in order to run off with a coworker; that wasn’t something he was going to live down. Perhaps he had some concerns about his employment with Anadarko, should the affair be discovered by his employers. He also didn’t want to diminish his prospects with Kessinger, who probably (and understandably), once the affair bubble burst, wasn’t going to be interested in taking on his children or his problems.

  10. Shannon

    We can only hope Cans is telling the truth. No one from Chris Watts past has spoken. From things she is saying, do sound like Shanann.
    Maybe she might identify herself, at one point.
    People dispute Shanann’s character, and then it turns out true.
    Maybe just maybe Chris was a nice guy, who got screwed in more ways then one.

    • marielangford3311

      Shannon, it reminds us of “The Burning Bed” doesn’t it? The movie based on a true story. Or the movie “Enough” w/Jennifer Lopez. All people are capable of murder if pushed hard enough.

      • Tim N

        Nope. CW is a real Covert narcissist and a narcissist is always, 100% Socio-Psychopathic. They are EMPTY. He was already broken long before he met Shanann. Fact.

      • Shannon

        Yes I liked both those movies, especially…Enough.

      • thetinytech2018

        Tim, you keep saying he was a “covert narcissist and socio/psychopathic”. Leaving out that sociopath and psychopath are not synonyms for each other, there are plenty of people that are narcissists in this world that don’t commit murder. Same goes for those with antisocial personality disorder (sociopath) and psychopathy. Just because one is afflicted with any of the above disorders, that doesn’t mean they will commit murder and using that diagnoses to describe why someone committed murder quite frankly does everybody involved a great disservice.

        Have you ever looked at antisocial personality disorder in the DSM-V or DSM-IV? Some hallmark radius of antisocial personality disorder (what people call a “sociopath”) is as follows:

        Superficial charm and good intelligence.
        Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking.
        Absence of nervousness or neurotic manifestations.
        Untruthfulness and insincerity.
        Lack of remorse and shame.
        Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior.
        Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience.

        That really doesn’t describe Chris to me. If we’re going with narcissist as opposed to sociopath, then Shanann fit the bill for that descriptor more than Chris did. Chris may have superficial charm but he seemed introverted to me, so I won’t comment at that seeing as I never interacted with him personally. Unreliable? Not from any accounts I’ve read, quite the opposite? Inadequately motivated by antisocial behavior? Again, from what we’ve heard from family and friends, they would have never believed he’d do something like this and while he was shy, he was still polite to those around him and well liked. Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience? If anything, that was Shanann. She was on her second marriage; She was on her fifth or so MLM scheme and still hasn’t learned that there’s no money to be made there even when they were in dire straights financially. She demonstrated poor judgment not only by continually joining different pyramid schemes and losing money, but by writing her 18$ USD per hour job in lieu of yet “get rich quick” hack job. She still wouldn’t let Chris manage the money, even after they went bankrupt, and continued to do all the things that lead them to bankruptcy in the first place, only on a larger scale this time. $25000 a year for two kids under 5 to attend school, acquire and max out more credit cards, not going to a financial advisor again after years of demonstrating a poor understanding of finances, enrolling the kids in school again even after the HOA was taking them to court for unpaid fees when one month of the kids schooling would’ve been enough to get caught up. Not paying the mortgage for months, even after they had to borrow against Chris’s 401k just 5 months earlier to get caught up. Going on a 6 week trip and spending money you don’t have on that itinerary and others when you’re late again on your mortgage and HOA fees… The list goes on. They were already behind on the mortgage and were on the cusp of foreclosure prior to her and the kids getting murdered. She thought it was a great idea to get pregnant and she had told people that “a baby can save a falling relationship” when that’s been shown to only bring more bills and more financial stress. None of this was need to her, this being their third kid. I know it takes two to make a child, however if she had good financial judgement, even if Chris did say he wanted a child (which is largely debatable at best) Shanann being the one that controlled the finances should’ve said “now isn’t the best time, last time it strained our finances more and were behind on a ton of bills, perhaps after we catch up we can revisit the subject in a year or so from now”. I could go on and on but you get the point.

        Did she deserve to die because of all these things? Absolutely not, but if we’re going to try and fit Chris and Shanann into neat little categories, not only does it do this case a disservice but you can’t do it to one person and not the other. These murders didn’t occur in a vacuum, there were interactions between the two and if we’re going to try and look at this case objectively and figure out the unknown, then we have to look at all the facts presented to us.

        I see the terms “narcissist” “sociopath” and “psychopath” thrown around often in the comments here and I don’t think many people understand what those words actually mean when translating it to how a person acts. There’s a wonderful write-up about narcissism on this site that I think would be beneficial for people to read, and while both Chris and Shanann displayed tendencies belonging to each group, I don’t think it’s as simple as attributing what happened to just one of those descriptors. It’s just too easy and, in my opinion, stops us from looking deeper into things.

  11. ncam619

    Calm down lady. I’m pretty sure Nick posted this because he believes that his audience is intelligent enough to decipher truth from b.s.. For instance, i decided to take the interview with a grain of salt when she mentioned that she never met his parents even though they “dated for years”. This may not be the site for you.

    • Tabitha Morris

      I can imagine you would feel the same if it was your family that was murdered right? If you know it’s bs, then why repeat it? It’s called integrity.

    • julinka1981

      I am not so pretty sure!Nick took a lot of time to analyze dr Phil video, and made sure he dismissed him and put his own analysis on it.Quite odd that this time he just posts unverified source and make it seems like he agrees with what’s being said.Hmmm

      • Nick

        You are skating on thin ice. I listened to the first 10 minutes and saw some limited value in it. I left it to you to decide on the rest. This does provide potential insight – or it does not. That should be the discussion, not my motives.

    • Teresa

      During his interrogation, Chris Watts stated that he wanted a third child. Whether he was lying to deflect suspicion, I don’t know, but if he replied honestly, then he was as much to blame for the financial stress a third child would bring as Shanann was. I cannot, for the life of me, understand a couple being so irresponsible financially.

  12. marielangford3311

    Tim , you say “fact”. Do you know Watts personally? Has he killed before? Have you examined him as a professional?

  13. Shannon

    Nothing in life is a Fact. Is this your first time posting here.
    There are many discussions going on Truecrimerocket, with quite a few Topics.
    Every one here is a mini detective.
    Thinking, analyzing, listening, reading.
    Unfortunately you will get called out for comments, myself included.
    Why do you think Chris was already broken before Shanann?

    • julinka1981

      Simple answer-childhood and his family reliatonships! He wasn’t psychopath but he was definitely affected by dysfunctional family.

      • Shannon

        Really. I think all families have some secrets and a black sheep and an angel. Let’s see, he was excellent at his Jobs, liked Sports, had a few friends,. Hopefully got laid.
        Do you 100% get along with your family.
        Is your family Perfect?

  14. Phebe

    It seems like this ‘Cans’ is candice from the fan letters on YouTube because she was also on another live streams claiming to be Chris’ ex. I think she is just someone who is obsessed with this man. She was sending love letters to prison as well.
    Anyone who has been following the case knows enough to make these kind of claims. Just like that gay man who claimed he had an affair with Chris.

  15. Shannon

    I can’t wait for “gay boy” to visit Chris in Jail.
    And he gets Turned away.
    I think he’s a Liar.

  16. Annette Chapel

    yeah a really good dad so good that he killed his kids….and have you ever wondered why no one has interviewed her its because no one cares about this ladys opinion she dated him 13 years ago something can happen in your life today and change you forever so she doesn’t know the chris of today

    • rmkenned

      The former girlfriend did a video session with Kay from the FB group Speculations. Her name is Cans. Not sure what that stands for.

  17. Truth

    Chris’s mom sure doesn’t seem like the parent whose son just killed his wife and two grand kids. WEIRD! I would be so emotionally devastated I couldn’t even sit up to talk……

  18. jason webster

    Let me tell you there are many lies from Chris to work through.He killed those girls and with sick vengence he let Shan’nan discover them. Then when she was at her weakest distraught angry flat with grief he killed her. I will put this out there to Watts has killed before on those baron back roads and in the boonies. Find out where his accompliss is for the night of the murders somewhere in a barren of oil I suspect. reasearch research research this guy is not just a monster now he always was….the truth is out there

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