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QUIZ: Want to Win Book 5 in the TWO FACE Series? See how many of these 10 Questions you can Answer Correctly

The fifth book in the TWO FACE series is the most voluminous and in-depth yet. With each successive narrative we not only get to know all the characters and players more thoroughly, we’re also able to sketch and color the context of the crime in increasingly vivid detail.

5 months after the murders, and despite unrelenting and focused research, we’re still in the process of getting to know the criminal psychology of Watts himself. Although our understanding is definitely more intimate today than it was before Christmas, to feel our way to the real people, real motives and real circumstances of this unique case has clearly taken time and effort, and though we’ve made substantial progress, we’re not quite there yet.

True crime research is strange. With more information new questions and possibilities arise. Inevitably the basic arc of what we know [and the why] shifts perceptibly forward, but frustratingly, some simple answers remain frustratingly out of reach.

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Some of the questions asked and answered [and in some exceptional cases not answered] in DRILLING FOR DISCOVERY include the following:

1. Why did Nickole Atkinson go to 2825 Saratoga Trail in the first place on Monday morning? There are two reasons to this answer, one of them obvious, but the other is not very well known.

2. What shoes did Shan’ann Watts wear on the airplane? Motivate your answer.

3. Name three locations for the girls’ shoes that appeared out of place on August 13.

4. When was the first time Watts was asked whether he [or Shan’ann] was having an affair, and who asked him?

5. When did law enforcement become aware that Watts was likely having an affair with a co-worker?

fullscreen capture 20181201 140252

6.  When did Nichol Kessinger speak to the cops for the first time?

7. Who found Shan’ann’s purse, when and where was it?

8. The colored object on the left hand side in the drawer beside the bed in the master bedroom, is it a kid’s toy or anal beads?

fullscreen capture 20181213 161801

9. When Watts was asked to suggest various ways of making someone disappear, which answer tied in directly with the way/circumstances surrounding how this crime was committed?

10. The District Attorney believes the children were smothered. Were they? Did Chris Watts confess to smothering his children?

The degree of difficulty for these questions is tougher than for the last quiz. The winner will be selected on Sunday 27. Only one comment per user is allowed.

TWO FACE DRILLING THROUGH DISCOVERY will be available before the end of January.



  1. tbp

    1. She went to her house because she hadn’t been feeling well the weekend before, and she said she was diabetic
    2. She wore her flip flops that were found by the door.
    3. The girls’ shoes were found on the back porch.
    4. He was asked if who the girl was by Agent Coder in his first interview, August 14
    5. They became aware of the affair from Andarko. Law enforcement was told about emails exchanged with a co-worker that may indicate an affair.
    6. August 15
    7. Ms. Atkinson found her purse in her office on August 13 during the initial search with Ofc Coonrod.
    8. Not sure, but I am going to say a kid’s necklace.
    9. Luring someone into a trap.
    10. I don’t think they were smothered, and he never admitted to smothering them. That was put out there by law enforcement.

  2. Sylvester

    1. Nickole went to the house because Shan’ann had failed to respond to her texts and she was concerned for her well being because she had had a very bad weekend in Arizona, headaches, not eating or drinking unless forced to, upset about Chris – and because they had an appointment to go look at cars that day.
    2. Thong-type flip flops found by the front door
    3. Three locations of kids shoes – a collection of shoes in between two leather club chairs in Shan’ann’s office; the back porch; and in the hall closet near the entrance to the basement
    4. Agent Coder, FBI, Interrogation Interview Room 8/14/18
    5. When Chris’s phone was confiscated 8/14/18 and analyzed by CBI
    6. August 15
    7. Nichole Atkinson found the purse in the office near the door when Chris let her in the front door 8/13 along with Officer Coonrod, Nicolas and Madison
    8. I think you are referring to the small strip closest to the front of the drawer, by the jar of something. Dark pink and white. Answer is I don’t know.
    9. Lure someone into a trap
    10. Asphyxiation due to smothering. Chris did not confess to smothering his children.

  3. Mustang Sally

    1. Nickole went to Shan’ann’s house on Monday morning to check on her friend because she had not been answering her texts and she knew she had not been feeling well all weekend. They also had a lunch date together at 1:30 to meet with a new promoter Nickole had signed up. I wasn’t quite certain if Shan’ann was planning on going to look at a house with Nickole for their friend Cassie who was moving to the area.
    2. Shan’ann wore her favorite black flip flops on the airplane to Arizona, if that is the trip you are referring to, as Nickole stated those were the only shoes she packed for that trip. That sounds probable if she just had the overnight case, wasn’t feeling well, and would likely suffer swelling in her feet from the altitude while flying.
    3. A pair of Cece’s shoes were just outside the shoe closet, a pair of Bella’s were beside the back door, and two pairs of shoes were located on the back porch on a chair.
    4. Agent Coder asked “Who is she?” during his initial interview with Chris on 8/14.
    5. Anadarko Regional Security Manager, Tony Husky, advised LE on the morning of the polygraph (8am on 8/15), he had found emails between NK and CW that indicated they were likely involved in an affair. He stated he’d forward the emails later after he had cleared it through their legal department.
    6. The morning of August 15th.
    7. After overlooking it several times, wondering how she could have missed it, Nickole Atkinson found Shan’ann’s purse after returning from Nate’s house in Shan’ann’s office on the floor just inside the doorway.
    8. I suppose that could depend upon who is playing with them! AND I really hope no one does a search of MY iPad history, because according to my image search, those could very well be anal beads!
    9. Chris’ answer of luring someone into a trap and agreeing to the interrogator’s suggestion of strangling someone (while conspicuously avoiding this suggestion himself).
    10. I do not believe the children were smothered, I believe there are compelling reasons to believe they were drugged (vomiting may have caused asphyxiation). According to Chris Watts’ written waiver and signed guilty plea,, he did not specifically admit to smothering his children.

  4. CBH

    1. NA became concerned when Shannon hadn’t texted her to “harass” her, as she put it, to make calls after the business trip. Shannan also failed to respond to 2 texts, and NA became further concerned about possible health/pregnancy issues. Shannan had apparently failed to show up for a 10 am doctor’s appointment, nor had she contacted NA about going to look at a car for NA related to the Thrive business.
    2. Flip flops which she always wore and which NA could see through a window were at the foot of the stairs, causing further concern for her friend.
    3. Children’s shoes were seen in a hallway, in Shannan’s office, and on the porch.
    4. The FBI agent remarked to Watts during the initial interview that his weight loss coupled with ‘losing his spark for his wife’ were to him indicative of another woman in CW’s life.
    5. Through work emails between Kessinger and Watts located on Watts’ phone and through employee conversations with investigators.
    6. August 15.
    7. NA found the beige purse in Shannan’s home office. She gave it to Officer Coonrod who handed it to Watts to search. NA remarked that the purse was generally on the kitchen counter when she and Shannan were preparing to go out.
    8. At first glance they look like children’s beads but looking closer they are likely anal beads.
    9. After suggesting to the investigator “burning” and “poisoning” Watts the said you might “lure someone into a trap” which may or may not have been his subliminal mind referencing his plan with Shannan (it may well have been an attempt to indicate third party abduction).
    10. Autopsy claimed asphyxiation and Watts never admitted to smothering them. He had initially claimed Shannan had strangled them.

  5. atschmid5322

    Agree with all of these answers except the anal beads. Unless trent bolte is telling the truth. Because first of all, NK googled anal sex (SW was apparently not willing to do that) and he enjoyed the smell and taste of NK’s booty. At some point, it was mentioned that this was new and exciting for CW, though i don’t remember where i saw that. So unless NK brought those over while SW was in AZ, i don’t think those would be anal beads. Secondly, if you search “Ben Wa Balls” on google, which is what those beads are called, you would find they are bigger (about twice the size of the ones in the picture.). There are also beads used for Kegel exercises, but no mention anywhere that Shanann was doing Kegel exercises with beads. Both types of anal beads are usually two at a time, not a long necklace like that. Finally, the necklace in that drawer has glitter on it. I have a had time imagining ANYONE would want glitter in their rectums.

  6. caroleann29


    1. She was concerned that Shannan was not posting on Facebook and that she decided to go over because she looked after the dog and knew Chris would be at work. As she wasn’t feeling well the night before she was afraid she might of fainted or something.

    2. She wore black flip flops, the ones she wore everywhere. Nicole said they were the only shoes that she brought on the trip. Nicole also seen the same shoes by the door when she went over the next day.

    3. A pair of shoes outside of the shoe closet of CeCe, Bella’s shoes by the back door and two pairs on a chair on the porch.

    4. Chris was asked by Coder who the girl was in his first interview.

    5. When a manager from Anadarko told of emails found between him and Nicole.

    6. August 15

    7. Nicole found the purse in Shannans office by the door when doing a search of the house.

    8. They are a Children’s beads, there is a photo of Bella wearing them, Shannan and Bella were both wearing yellow dresses in the picture.

    9. He said by luring them into a trap.

    10. No he only admitted to killing Shannan. He said Shannan hurt the girls.

    • nickvdl

      Carole it looks like you’re the winner. You’re the only one who got question #1 right. Well done. Full answer at this link:

      No one got question 4 right.

      The first person to ask Watts about his marriage and a possible affair was Officer James over the phone around 21:20 on August 13th [5:34 in the clip below], although Officer Coonrod had also [but more subtly] broached the subject with Watts directly earlier the same day.
      Behind Watts’ back the neighbor also mentioned Watts was acting weird and thought marital problems was the reason Shan’ann had left for North Carolina.

      I would have preferred you to have mentioned Huskey and at question 10 he specifically said Shan’ann smothered the girls [which is what Michael Rourke repeated at the sentencing hearing]. But you did good [as they say] on the other questions and although it’s subjective, I’m inclined to agree that those aren’t anal beads.

      Would be good to locate the picture of Bella wearing that exact necklace to make 100% sure though.

      Can I use the email address you’ve logged in with to contact you?

      • Mustang Sally

        What about the meeting Nickole and Shan’ann had that afternoon with the new promoter Nickole had sign on to sell…didn’t she say that was also one of her reasons for checking on Shan’ann? And when she found her purse, you requested that information as well…was it after she/they returned from Nate’s house?

        Congratulations, Caroleann!

      • caroleann29

        Hey Nick, thanks so much I’m delighted.

        Yes you can use that email to contact me no problem.

        I actually saved the pic somewhere, I will have a look . What is the best way to send it to you if I find it?

        Thanks again.

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