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This book was just so incredibly well done! To anyone that is interested in this case, this is vital reading. It walks you through the interrogation from many different perspectives. I found myself, as I tend to do with Nick’s books, reflecting on this case and gaining incredible new insight into what, when, where, how, and most importantly, why. If there are questions as to why this book isn’t released in hardcopy form, it really isn’t meant to be. The links provided by the author, (peppered through the book) when clicked on, invoke stronger understanding. Nick has such a brilliant mind and was born to do this! I’m ready to go back and start reading the other books in the series for the second time. I just can’t get enough! I’m hooked!



  1. CBH

    Excellent review, and mirrors my own thoughts.

  2. EllTee

    Just got it today, and only had a few minutes to read over the first couple chapters before I had to go do my running. Can’t wait to curl up with my Kindle in bed tonight! Reading a fascinating book is pure deliciousness, and one of life’s greatest pleasures !

  3. Ralph Oscar

    I don’t know where is a good place to put this, but there’s another murder victim, Terri “Missy” Bevers , of Texas. She was murdered in a church where she taught fitness classes. The case is still unsolved, from 2016

    Look what she’s wearing on the back of her left arm in the closeup and on her left shoulderblade in the still from the video at that site. She was a social media junkie, too.

    “More recently, Bevers had leveraged her social presence to push her involvement with both a network marketer of nutritional supplements and Camp Gladiator, an Austin-based company that uses independent fitness trainers to host boot camps in Texas, Colorado, Florida and North Carolina.”

    And from Missy Bever’s Facebook page:

    “My name is Missy Bevers and this is my Le-Vel “Thrive” story!

    I am a Fitness/Personal Trainer and a mom of 3 very busy daughters! My day begins every morning at 4:45am to get ready and awake for 6:00am clients at the gym. Very soon, I have 5:00am boot camps starting! I need lots of energy!! I decide to give “Thrive” as try. My friend, Jennifer Zandt gave me a supply of samples. The first day, I could feel the extra energy and was convinced. But, what got my attention the most was that I could get out of bed without feeling the discomfort in my heel. I was a big time runner but because of my heel discomfort I stopped. When I started Thrive is when I started running again. After, 4 days of running, I thought it was weird that my feet were not hurting. I mentioned this to a friend at the gym. He brought to my attention, “you think it might be due to the foam you are wearing”? I had been telling him about “Thrive” because he asked about the DFT foam. I clicked, he was right! I, need more of this product. It works!! Thank you, Le-Vel for helping me bring running back into my life!!

    It was a no brainer that I needed to share this with family and friends. I mentioned my experience with Thrive on Facebook. This is how it all began. I have an awesome team building! They have helped me reach my first business goals. I’m working with family and friends that I love, meeting new people and building relationships. My team helped me achieve VIP 800 and earned a mini ipad. I’ve earned free products and a paycheck in the last 21 days! The extra money, helps me make my “new” car payment. I love the “Thrive” products! I love the new product, “Activate.” I had been looking for a new pre-workout and Activate was the answer. I can share these products with my clients. They are always asking my what supplements would I suggest. Of course, I share Thrive with all of them. It’s my goal to help others reach their fitness/wellness goals!

    Thank you, Jennifer Zandt and Mauria Dillard for never giving up on me! I love that we can work together as friends and a team! You ladies mean the world to me. Let’s get to “Thriving”!!”

    Another tragedy linked to Thrive.

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