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Shan’ann Watts didn’t want to have the baby either, and told her friend “I don’t feel safe with him”

It wasn’t in the original release, but in the second release of documents [around December 7th] texts revealed that it wasn’t just the father that was hesitant about bringing another baby into the family.

Six days before Shan’ann was murdered, on August 7th, she texted her friend and fellow promoter Addy Molony:

 “I can’t do this alone with 3 kids.”

I’m not happy.”

“I can’t do this.”

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  1. CBH

    It’s understandable that if she felt her marriage was disintegrating and that Chris had changed and was being rejecting, having a baby was nothing to be optimistic about.

    It’s very telling that she states that she doesn’t feel safe with him. Her intuition was right on target. If only she knew just how dangerous her coming home was in actuality.

    • Sara Smile

      @CBH Indeed.

  2. Cheryl Filar

    Given their crumbling finances and, presumably,
    marriage, I marvel at their entertaining the notion of having a third child let alone actually conceiving it. Mutual delusion led to disaster in this case.

    • nickvdl

      Who would you say was the more delusional of the two?

      • TT

        Shan’ann undoubtedly, although I would argue that Chris Watt’s avoidance of the issues that she was delusional about was arguably more detrimental.

      • Cheryl Filar

        Definitely Shan’ann, although Chris’s imagining he could get away with mass murder and magically move on to a better life with Nichol demonstrates significant delusion. Although a lot of self-discipline and hard work went into it, I often wonder if his butterfly metamorphosis from fat guy to buff guy informed his magical thinking around the murders, as both were an emergence from a cocoon that entrapped, in Chris’s mind, his better self.

        • nickvdl

          Funny you should say that. Was just listening to this interview, and Kessinger’s firsthand experience of the change in him is interesting. She said when he spent the night she had a lot of trouble getting him to settle down.

  3. Cheryl Filar

    Thanks for sharing the interview, Nick. Very interesting, especially in terms of the sleep-deprivation aspect, which can cloud or warp thought processes. I wonder how much of Chris’s persistent wakefulness during this period can be attributed to Thrive and how much to his likely excitement related to losing weight and a new relationship. I’m sure there was some synergy between the two.

  4. Sylvester

    he was triple dipping with the patches and power drinks and likely capsules of thrive caffeine. Speed Kills.

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