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BREAKING: Chris Watts Made a "Second Confession" on February 18 disclosing when, how and why

On March 7th, Weld County will be releasing a small but vital tranche of information: Chris Watts’ confession. But didn’t he confess already? No, this time it’s the real thing.
According to the Greeley Tribune:

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation possesses documentation, including a written report and audio file from its interview with Watts. The information will be released to the public March 7.
Although he pleaded guilty, Watts never disclosed how or why he carried out the murders. Sources close to the investigation say Watts has finally confessed those details.

I don’t want to appear too cynical about this. Obviously, six months after the murders, this is exactly what we need – a genuine confession. But is it? Because it didn’t happen during the polygraph on August 15th, nor during Watts’ recorded confession to his father and the cops. Watts also didn’t take the opportunity to say anything in court on November 19th, although there seemed some evidence of contrition.
So what’s this? A change of heart? Have his parents – or the Feds – successfully appealed to his better nature? Or has someone twisted Watts’ arm?  Has someone pressured Watts in some way?
Bear in mind, Watts took a plea deal back in November 2018. We assumed then that Watts took the deal in order to avoid telling the world what really happened. We assumed he took the deal to avoid putting himself and perhaps certain people he still cared about, through a criminal trial. Have his feelings changed?

One aspect I consider a real possibility is the notion that Watts might be bisexual. This could explain his introversion and the seat of his dual identity and double life. On the other hand does it explain how Watts could fall head over heels with a woman, and then wipe out his family to be with her?
If Trent Bolte is to be believed, and since he’s already engaged with the press, and possibly even with Watts himself since his incarceration, perhaps Watts feels like “setting the record straight” about him being gay, so to speak.

There’s also Nichol Kessinger. Over the past few months Kessinger has been “implicated” in the court of public opinion as an “accessory”. I don’t believe this to be true, but for as long as a fake confession hangs in the air, a cloud will continue to hang over Kessinger.
If anyone could convince Watts to come forward voluntarily, in my view, it’s the person he said he’d felt feelings for like no one else in his lifetime.
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Watts’ “true confession” [if that’s what it is this time] could potentially help clear Kessinger, and if that is the case, it’s to be welcomed.

TCRS welcomes the opportunity not only to examine the second confession on March 7, but also to test the contentions and speculations published consistently here over the course of six months, and in the TWO FACE series, thus far. What did we get right? Where did we we completely miss the boat? How accurate are the hypotheses for 1. the scene of the crime, 2. the order of the murders, 3. the time the crimes were committed, 4. how the crimes were committed, 5. the actual disposal of the bodies and what that involved, and 6. the motive.
Fullscreen capture 20190228 235606
It is the contention at TCRS that the District Attorney was incorrect in claiming “Bella fought back”. Her wounds rather than being defensive in nature were rather a byproduct of being forced through the narrow thief hatch orifice, and suffering damage to her jaw and frenulum as a result.
Of late, many in the public have grown impatient and begun the process of contacting Weld County with record requests. I made my own on February 20th.
So it’s also possible Watts’ confession isn’t entirely voluntary.
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The TWO FACE pentalogy is available at this link.



  1. Liz

    If you read what Ronnie Watts says on the ABC news site about this….. you will be shocked or at least I was.
    I just hope it’s not more BS to be subjected to.

    • CBH

      Accidentally replied to you down below.

    • Elaine

      Regarding the ABC news site: You mean when Ronnie says “In my heart I know he didn’t kill those girls” ( Complete denial) or “It’s over and done with, I’m confused why they [the investigators] went out there in the first place.”(Doesn’t want to know/face the real truth)
      His son now “knows the Bible inside and out.” (This fixes everything. He should be forgiven)

      • thetinytech2018

        > > His son now “knows the Bible inside and out.” (This fixes everything. He should be forgiven)
        I don’t believe that’s what he meant at all by saying his son can recite the bible. Chris’s parents may have their issues, but they’re in a terribly difficult spot and they’re not ignorant to that. On one hand, they saw who Shan’ann was and saw she was a terrible match for their son, putting him under extreme financial duress while picking up exactly none of the slack. On the other hand, they have to deal with the fact that their only son is a killer and public enemy number one, atleast until another story comes around. I can’t imagine being in their position. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, and while we can comment on SW and CW, his parents weren’t the ones who killed their family. People want to blame them, but let’s be honest here, you can raise a child by the books, do everything right – but there’s always that risk that they may grow up and turn into a person you hardly recognize.
        I’ve seen children that have suffered extreme abuse moved from foster home to foster home after parental separation and yet they grow up to be productive, non violent members of society. I’ve seen kids that grew up in my neighborhood with a silver spoon in their mouth, that got matching lamborghinis for their 18th birthday (they complained about the color), that had access to every privilege imaginable and they grew up top be despicable human beings. There’s always been that question of which is stronger – Nature vs Nurture, genetic vs environmental.
        I know people are angry, upset, full of emotion and looking for someone to point the finger at. I wouldn’t blame Chris’s parents for his actions any more than I’d blame the family dog, it accomplishes nothing and just fuels the fire. I understand people wanting to pinpoint why this happened, after all it would give them comfort to know, so that they could feel superior and say “I’d never raise my kids that way”. If we do that, we’re not forced to look beyond the surface and examine not only this case, but our own human flaws.
        As far as the comment regarding the bible, he sure as hell wouldn’t be the first and certainly not the last inmate to find Jesus while incarcerated. There’s plenty of time to kill and reading helps pass the time, if it’s not religion it’s usually learning the law or a combination of both. I don’t think they were saying that he should be absolved, just because they don’t openly speak badly about their son doesn’t mean that they’re not shocked by what he did.

        • Ylime

          “On one hand, they saw who Shan’ann was and saw she was a terrible match for their son, putting him under extreme financial duress while picking up exactly none of the slack.” I’m not sure what you mean by this since SW was bringing in a good amount of income. They are the one’s who decided that she was a bad match – not their so who married he and seemed happy until – well, until he wasn’t.
          They are the people who after the murders slandered SW as much and as often as they could. They get no sympathy from me.

  2. Diana

    IMO RW want’s to live in bliss by being ignorant of the fact that CW did murder Bella and CeCe. I guess no word yet out of North Carolina from Mommy Dearest.
    I see the rumor mills are cranking up with talk of CW implicating NK with the latest interview with LE. I’m not believing that. If anything, I think CW will help put to rest any thoughts that NK was involved.
    Nick I do agree with you that Bella’s injuries likely occurred as a result of shoving a 9 1/2″ body through an 8″ hole into the crude oil tank.
    I hope we find out in which order the murders occurred, what time they were murdered, if CW changed SWs clothes, what item CW removed from the Lexus in plain sight, what room/s the murders occurred in, why CW felt he couldn’t just file for divorce, if SW knew about the affair before her murder, if he truly believed he could’ve gotten away with it, how long he had been planning the murders, did he remember the neighbor had a camera…………….Hey, one can dream!

  3. K

    My mother always said to follow the money. CW is not just going to voluntarily give out a confession unless there is something in it for him. He would have to benefit in some way if you ask me. Wow, this is just an incredible case! At this point, I do think he would have been better off taking the chance of death row, because he would not be exposed to the general population of prison. He’d probably have his own cell on death row. Interesting that it was the same people who went to visit him. Did they review evidence and decide to clear something up? Again, just wow!
    The Watts family do not believe that CW killed the children and they have that little note that they believe CW wrote before the murders too.It was mentioned on FB yesterday with a copy of it. I think he wrote that little note at some point after the murders but who knows. Life is stranger than fiction.
    I think I am going to sit down and write out my best theory of what happened and see how it matches what he says.

    • Shannon

      Chris is in PC.
      23 hours a day, in cell.
      1 hour out.
      The only way he could get hurt is if he makes guard’s extremely mad or some inmate, with a grudge……gets him.
      A few child killers in different jails, Now are being killed by the News.
      I hope Chris is aware of this.

      • Stacy

        Don’t worry Shannon he would have had to lived under a rock to not know that he will be at risk if he is in the general population. Another inmate serving time at the same prison also killed his wife and children and hasn’t been killed so maybe he’ll be ok.

  4. Sherri

    I don’t believe anything that Trent Bolte said. His description of Chris was all wrong. He wore overalls, he drove a truck (which he only used for work), he introduced him to his daughters (he never did with Nichole), and he said Chris liked to hike and camp (no evidence for that as Nichole is the ones who suggested the sand dunes, Chris said he had never camped before, and Chris liked to work out and watch sports).

    • CBH

      Agreed. Watts may in fact be bisexual. He may have slept with men. Certainly Nichol had that androgynous beauty. But Trent Bolte is just a fame seeker.

    • nickvdl

      The FBI did believe him, based on the discovery. And CNN have aired his story twice.

      • Sherri

        In the discovery documents, it said that there was never any documented contact between Trent Bolte and Chris Watts in either of his phones. I thought Grahm Coder said to Trent in his interview that he didn’t believe him and that he was wasting their time.

        • Shannon

          Don’t forget this Trent says he wants to visit Chris. One more time. Like to see, when he’s turned away.
          I don’t believe him, myself. It will be interesting if Chris even mentions him.

        • nickvdl

          You’e right about no evidence on Watts’ phone, but there appears to be evidence on Bolte’s phone. Watts was also very good at erasing and removing other messages, so he was likely even more careful with Bolte [assuming the allegations are true].
          You should be careful making assumptions without going to the trouble to find out. Have you listened to the interviews?
          At 17:09 in the clip below Coder says “It sounds like…he’s bi or maybe even gay.”

          You might say Coder doesn’t really believe what he’s saying, and maybe you’re right. I would say he does believe Bolte at this point. Earlier in the conversation he doesn’t believe him, tells him, and gets angry.
          In a scenario like this it’s also okay to say “I don’t know.” There’s some information in support, but not necessarily enough. We shouldn’t be dismissive of evidence simply because we’re not sure of it.

          • CBH

            You’re correct. That does change things.

          • Shannon

            Yes your correct. I should have said” I believe”.
            Not right to assume, he might be lying….Trent.
            Or…..Eeeeek….telling the truth.

          • JC

            One part of the interview that caught my attention starts at 19:10, which isn’t about CW at all. He tells Agents Coder and Lee that he testified against 2 men who were convicted and went to prison for child trafficking and solicitation of a minor . I think he says they got “3 to 5” years. He says it was 2 years ago but they were up for parole in 2015, so the timeline is jumbled. He seems to pull the 2nd name out of thin air and Tammy Lee asks him to spell the name since he butchered the pronunciation. I looked up the man TB accused of this crime and was horrified to discover that he has absolutely no criminal record, but has been targeted unfairly. He is by all accounts a respected person in his community. He’s also FB friends with Trent. He has almost daily posts going back many years.
            Nick, I’m truly worried for this man’s safety as he lives in an area known for violent hate crimes against gay men. I really don’t think he knows he was slandered by Trent Bolte or that this interview is out there for public viewing. After some deliberation, I think he should be made aware of it. It’s possible he was contacted by one of the agents when the video became public, but I’m not sure if they would have necessarily contacted him before that. It would be easy to message him or send him a friend request He may be able to shed some light on the credibility of a lot of the TB statements (prostitution, etc). It’s also possible he doesn’t personally know him – has almost 3,000 FB friends. Personally, I think he needs to pursue having Trent criminally charged for lying to the FBI and quite possibly damaging his reputation irreversibly. I won’t say his name, but I do have links to additional information about him.

      • Donkeykong

        Yes I think Trent bolt is a true story. He said FBI contacted him from phone content. Not other way round. And the discovery states how the authorities contacted Trent first to organise an interview.
        Plus I thought lying to the FBI was a criminal offence? Surely he’d be in trouble by now if he’s been caught lying

  5. CBH

    Really a fascinating development. Perhaps he wants to publicly dismiss Trent Bolte, clear Nichol, and possibly reveal that he was not inhumane to Bella and CeCe.

    • Karen

      Even if Watts says Kessinger had nothing to do with any of it I don’t think the ‘mob’ will believe him. She’s certainly guilty of making bad choices and stupid decisions but I don’t believe she had anything to do with the killings. If he says she didn’t know or help, people will say he’s protecting her. If he says she did, they’ll yell “I told you” “I knew it” She’s damned either way. Do they really think the feds would let her walk away like that? I don’t. I have more faith than that in our system

      • CBH

        I agree. They apparently are so deep now in their conspiracy theory that nothing Watts or the CBI/FBI say will change their beliefs. The FBI have no trouble finding accessories to murder when they need to. The YouTube mob will just say Nichol’s powerful father paid them off, 😂.

  6. CBH

    I just went to abc and saw Ron Watts say, “I just knew in my heart he didn’t kill those girls”. Yikes, is that what this is about? Winning an appeal for a new trial? But why would investigators cooperate with release of audio March 7?

    • Liz

      I had to go back and see what verb tense was used. I just know in my heart ….. Ronnie Watts
      That verb tense you used really scared me.
      What shocked me was
      “It’s over and done with,” Ronnie Watts said of the case. “I am confused why they [the investigators] went out there in the first place.”
      Didn’t the Watts say they hoped at the sentencing that Chris would be forthcoming at an appropriate time? Is this where Chris learned to be a fake, not saying what he meant?

      • CBH

        Very strange. Most likely, yes.

      • CBH

        Ah, that’s what comes of being a skimmer. 😖

  7. Shannon

    I hope it gives us all clarity to some questions.
    It strange how many months later, they are releasing information slowly.
    I wonder why. Is there a reason behind this.

    • Karen

      I agree, Shannon. Why even announce it and why make us wait until the 7th? oy vey!

  8. Sylvester

    Well good – there’s going to be a lot more to learn and discuss – hopefully here. It could be that Chris is bisexual. We haven’t heard a word from any high school girlfriends. Why is that? I knew plenty of shy introverted men at my high school who excelled in sports and as such, were babe magnets. Not having girlfriends due to introversion seems to be the opposite. The more quiet these guys were the more the girls went after them – they trusted them, perceived them as good listeners – it was the extroverted girls who went for the introverted boys. Chris doesn’t seem to have had any high school girlfriends, or after high school either – until Sha’nann. Could be that he was keeping his attraction to men a secret. Where he grew up would be a factor as well – small towns in North Carolina have a church on every street corner, conformity, peer pressure, and norms for a particular region (as compared to the east coast and west coast states) would exert extra societal pressure on a young Watts to keep his sexual identity to himself. Question is, did he admit any of this to Shan’ann prior to marriage?

  9. mitzi2006

    Greeley Tribune is reporting a source close to the investigation said Chris Watts discloses how and why he committed the murders.
    I find it odd that not even four months after he pleads guilty he’s going to say that information. Might be Ronnie watts is going to find out that his son did kill them all by himself. I think it’s why he downplayed the whole thing, he doesn’t want to hear the details because he’s forced then to accept it.

    • Shannon

      It’s interesting how the visitors documents show these people visiting him. But show no more visitors. Just that Chris calls his dad every day.
      I wonder if Chris got anything for talking to them. He can ask for many different things, to give information.
      I wish he would appeal. Depends what he tells them.

      • mitzi2006

        I agree Shannon, are they just showing those names and that date or has he had no other visitors. You’d think if he talks to his dad every night his dad wouldn’t be making comments like , “what for, it’s over” kind of thing. He’s acting like he doesn’t know what was said.

        • Shannon

          Apparently he doesn’t know what Chris said to them. Have to remember phone calls, visiting is all monitoring and listening. So he probably doesn’t want to say anything to him.
          This so, guard’s no with any inmate, if something is gonna go down.
          Maybe a helicopter rescue……lol….lol.
          PS…only I would think of this.

      • Liz

        What would he appeal, Shannon? To me the only thing he could appeal is ineffective counsel. And I say that without knowing too much about his counsel or the legal system.

        • Shannon Shipt

          I know. I have to talk to one of my detective friends. I don’t understand “why now”, unless cops found something and want clarification.
          Killers usually don’t do this, talking months after the fact. I don’t think he even had Council present. I think, I don’t know but you can Appeal after the fact. I read about killers doing this.
          This whole case is baffling.
          Unless they want something. But I don’t think Chris really could ask for much more. He’s watching tv, reading papers, goes outside. There’s only so much one can do in an hour.
          All over internet, YouTube, the speculation is mindblowing about this New News.
          Pretty much the same thinking as here. Nobody knows why now.
          Once it’s released, his talking, is gonna go crazy everywhere.
          Oh I thought I read last year, NK was married. Maybe kids.
          With her vanishing…I wonder how that played out.

        • Connifer

          The only way I think Chris could appeal in any way would be to argue that he was abused emotionally and financially throughout the marriage. See recent ruling on wife who was (violently) abused in the UK:

          Texts between Shan’ann and her friends also exist, which show that she planned to definitely get the house – and move her friends in to help cover bills. Perhaps Chris could not see an easy way out.

          • mitzi2006

            Didn’t they say after plea deal that he gave up all rights to appeals with it?

          • Connifer

            I am not sure. Chris could have appealed after the sentencing (within a certain number of days). But he was guilty (the bodies of his family were found at his workplace), so what could he have appealed? If this case had gone to trial however, and I had been one of the jurors on the case, hearing about the extent to which Shan’ann emotionally abused him and spent their way into debt – I may have felt some compassion towards him. Also, not one of Chris’s friends ever had a bad word to say about him – Jeremy Lindstrom even felt sorry when Shan’ann would not allow Chris to leave the house before he had finished tidying the basement.

          • Sarah

            Can’t he appeal on the 126 day thing in his plea bargain?

          • Teri

            He did not just kill his “abusive wife” he killed his pregnant wife and two under the age of 5 daughters. Then he committed more crimes to get away with it. I dont care how horrible either spouse was those girls had a right to their lives and to live out their lives without being murdered by the one person who should have protected them. If she was that horrible he should have filed for custody and had the guts to go through a divorce. That is what a standup guy does. That is what a good father does, fight for their kids happiness. Not take their lives and desecrate their bodies by shoving them in oil tanks hoping for the evidence to disappear. No amount of abuse explains what he did to his daughters. The woman in the article did not kill her children and this story takes place in another country that recognizes that as a defense. She went to trial, he pleaded guilty to 5 counts of 1st degree murder. He admitted guilt. Also some of the abuse the woman in the article endured included her husband having affairs. That was Chris not Shan ann. Plus the mental games he played with her while he was engaging in an affair, maybe multiple affairs. As to the financial abuse he admitted that he messed up the finances before. Also when Nate the neighbor discussed their fights he states that Chris was the one who gets crazy, as if he was the intimidating one during their screaming matches.

  10. Laura Thompson

    I don’t even know what’s going to be said or how much of it is bullshit, but I’m as excited as a little kid anticipating my birthday or something. This is *my* March Madness! 🤣

    • CBH


    • Connifer

      Me too. It was frustrating that there was no trial because we do not know all the details.

  11. Kaye

    If this is true, i do believe he must be trying to take the heat off NK. I bet most of the requests and tips going in to Weld County are asking them to investigate NK more. They might have gone to see him and appeal to him to speak up so NK can be left alone and so that the dept. is not overwhelmed anymore by the public wanting to know what happened.

    • CBH

      I had the thought, too, that perhaps Kessinger’s attorney contacted Chris: this woman can’t move on if thousands online say she’s an accessory to murder of a pregnant woman and two toddlers; you have to speak up.

      • mitzi2006

        I hope he does clear her if she was not at all involved. The vigilante justice and quacks that are stirring that up and putting out pics saying it’s her needs to stop. Some of them actually sound a bit nervous about it, they know he could totally discredit their findings, then what? That’s what I hope comes out of this, he could redeem himself a tiny bit by putting someone else ahead of his own interests

        • CBH

          Absolutely. I don’t see how Nichol or Weld County DA Office could stand another minute of these YouTube forums stating as fact that it was she who killed the children. The public hysteria needs to be cleared up.

        • sheis

          I’m one of the people who has a nagging suspicion that she MAY have more involvement than anyone admits (not saying she killed anyone!).
          If she is proven to be perfectly innocent, I won’t be mad. It’ll be a relief, and I can go back to believing she’s one of Chris’s victims.
          I just want to know that she was thoroughly investigated and exonerated, just as I want to know that Chris was thoroughly investigated and convicted.

  12. Kaye

    Or I wonder if this could have been prompted in any way by the Rzuceks’ wrongful death suit? Are they willing to settle in some way if he comes out with the full truth? Did Chris want to avoid being involved in the trial for that?

    • CBH

      Good thinking. I’m sure they want him to fully recant the story about Shannan killing the girls.

    • Shannon

      No Chris didn’t even respond to this file.
      The Rzucek family wants any and all money from Chris.
      He probably won’t do a book…no money there.
      The house sale….no money there.
      No more money hopefully for these people.
      They seem to be getting a bit greedy now.

      • Liz

        I don’t agree … “They seem to be getting a bit greedy now. No more money hopefully for these people.” I’m always a little intimidated to speak here as I know so many of you have been on the site for a while and I have not and all are not happy with the newcomers. This case has certainly brought out people like me who normally never speak. The good news is many of us will not hang around for too long.
        The Rzuceks’ most precious assets were stolen, Life itself. There will be no more interactions between their child and grandchildren. It’s over. It was stolen from them, by a thief in the middle of the night. In this instance the thief can never repay what he took and as a thief, their lives were not his to take. By extension and possibly a misaligned sense of entitlement, he felt their lives were subordinate to his.
        Therapy … has anyone offered to counsel this family without expense? Imagine the cost. They cannot recover what has been taken maliciously from them. Did Chris even consider the collateral damage? No…
        I know in a past post you mentioned they sold some of Shanann’s belongings like this was a horrible thing. Do you expect them to just keep all items around with no where to store them, with the years passing, and just collecting cobwebs? This is not greed. This is something forced on them, and they are just making the best of it. Why should Chris profit from the sale of the house in which he took out 4 lives?

        • Stacy

          I agree Liz and also read that wrongful death lawsuits are pretty par for the course so to say. If he ever did try to profit off his crime he shouldn’t be able to keep the money. They are just trying to prevent that from happening. They probably sold some things that have no sentimental value as many do with estate sales but I have never thought to accuse those people of being greedy. No way in hell am I keeping my parents entire household when they pass that is ridiculous. I also read not sure if it is true that they canceled a sale bc the person running it seemed to be doing it in poor taste.

      • Sarah

        Nickvdl have you heard any information about sw getting out of date epipens from the children’s hospital she worked at?

        • nickvdl

          No, but I imagine it’s a possibility.

          • Sarah

            Also did you know that out of date epipens oxidise into Adrenochrome which causes hallucinations, and Shannan claimed Bella had hallucinations on a fever page 2 years ago 🤔🤔

          • nickvdl


          • Sarah

            And one more thing, she fed cece thrive lemon meringue bars on a live video with no ill effects and yet the ingredients list clearly says tree nuts (coconut) the exact nut that Bella told the babysitter meant that cece would never be seen again? So was the stash of epipens in the house really needed or not? And if cece’s allergies were so bad why was nobody who babysat the children warned about them and given epipens just in case

          • Stacy

            I have read on another forum that coconut is not necessarily an allergen for many with tree nut allergies. According to the ACAAI coconut is not a botanical nut and technically a fruit even though it is classified as a tree nut by the FDA. It states most people allergic to tree nuts can safely eat coconuts so hood chance CeCe fell into that category. Did she even work at the hospital when CeCe was diagnosed with her allergy? I believe it was in Dec 2016 according to a FB photo of her at the hospital after a severe reaction. It was my understanding she was in medical billing or some kind of administrative job at the hospital why would she have access to medications? And was she even working there when CeCe was diagnosed? Did Bella also have an EpiPen? I was only aware of Cece’s allergy.

          • Maura

            Coconut is not a botanical nut; it is classified as a fruit, even though the Food and Drug Administration recognizes coconut as a tree nut. While allergic reactions to coconut have been documented, most people who are allergic to tree nuts can safely eat coconut.
            Data from site below:

          • Stacy

            Thank you Maura.

          • Sarah

            Shannan said cece was allergic to coconut too 🤷🏻‍♀️

        • SRC

          Sarah – hospitals and pharmacies may not distribute prescription medications for patient use past their expiration dates. Those dates have been determined to compromise the efficacy of a drug beyond that lifespan to either weaken its effectiveness, chemically alter its compounds, or increase, in some cases, the reactiveness of the ingredients with unexpected/unknown results. Because epipens can be needed as a life-saving intervention, it would be important to have unexpired supplies on hand. I cannot imagine Shan’ann cutting the cost of medical supplies at the risk of her child. Children are also very prone to high fevers which are known to induce hallucinations so connecting that occurance to a possible expired epipen would be a big stretch of far more variables than what is likely to occur from a naturally high fever. There are programs where expired medications can be obtained, but they go through a screening process before redistribution and it would not be through a hospital or pharmacy. Recipients would also have to sign up for the program for eligibility. At a guess, I’m doubting epipens are on the redistribution list.

      • mitzi2006

        Isn’t it a law that you can’t profit from your crimes, I thought that was the law

  13. Diana

    Kaye I think you’re right!

  14. Liz

    Why would they wait until March 7 ?

  15. Sylvester

    My two cents worth is the media which includes social media, is putting pressure on the Weld County district attorney’s office to sew up the loose ends. God forbid they have another JonBenet Ramsey where 22 years later it’s John did it, Patsy did it, Burke did it, an Intruder did it. We don’t know what time, we don’t know where, and we have to speculate as to why because Chris said he just lost it because Shan’ann killed the girls and next thing you know he’s pleading guilty to all of it. Loose ends.

    • CBH

      Right. And because there was no trial it left an empty space for people to churn out theories such as ‘NK killed the children’ and the DA is tired of receiving emails regarding this.

      • Sylvester

        Exactly. It’s a cruel world. Regarding Trent Bolte – a while back I didn’t much believe him but I can look at it another way. Agent Coder asked him why did he come in. Trent said if it got out that he had been with Chris Watts it could be bad for him. So what I think is Trent Bolte makes his living turning tricks – and advertises for sex on social media. His relationship with CW would be bad for business. Once Coder assured him they were not there to judge, or to lock him up for prostitution, that they weren’t interested in that, Trent seemed to relax and tell a more honest story, with dates and amounts. I’m not here to judge Trent Bolte – I have compassion for him, and if he is making a living from prostitution and advertising on social media then he might have wanted to get out in front of the story and tell it his way. He’s also masochistic. In spite of the way Watts treated him, he wants to visit him in jail. That’s what’s so sad. He lives a high-risk lifestyle, and he doesn’t think much of himself. Very typical of children who were sexually abused in the past.

        • CBH

          You’re right. That’s a sad story indeed.

        • Shannon

          Maybe he should get help.
          Remember he went public, nobody forced him. He thought he was going to get fame….all 15 mins.

  16. William

    Could be that Kessinger wrote a “plea” to Chris to please tell the truth because she cannot go on with her life with all this speculation that she was somehow involved, and that her lawyer sent it to someone in law enforcement and then they went down there to deliver it to Chris and then he came clean. Or maybe he has been wrestling with his conscience all along and wants to unburden himself. Colorado CBS reported that it will be a redacted version we get on March 7th and that Frank and Sandra Rzucek already know what he has said and are deciding what, if anything, they will make a statement about. So very interesting. The Bible says “the truth shall set you free”, so I am also guessing that Chris has been feeling remorse and wants to repent and this is why he’s been reading the Bible. I do have compassion for him and I think this will be a good thing, for everyone involved. This will put to rest a lot of rumors. I also think they may have polygraphed him again.

  17. KerryA

    I am a bit sad reading this as I have a feeling Chris may be preparing to commit suicide. Introverted people are deep thinkers with a rich internal life that often become lost in their own thoughts. Chris has certainly had many hours alone be to think about all that has happened. Perhaps he did not speak at his sentencing because he was still coming to terms with what had become of his life and indeed, perhaps he was still in shock at his own actions. (There appeared to be a lot of emotion running just below the surface that was unresolved) He appears to now be acting in a way to make amends as much as he can; he is not fighting the wrongful death lawsuit, he apparently has become serious about his religious beliefs (praying, studying the bible and meeting with a religious official in jail), he also calls his beloved father often according to Ronnie Watts . We all know he does not need to meet with law enforcement or say anything at all at this point, so there has to be a reason it is important to Chris to further confess/provide information. Perhaps this is also an act of amends if he wishes to exonerate innocent parties (NK whose life has surely become hellish). He may also wish to confess to other behaviours or ‘sins’ (as he may see them) to have a clean slate. Chris is intelligent and disciplined – he thinks, he plots and he acts without telling anyone. He is mechanical in his thinking, he understands how to make things work – I can see him figuring out how to kill himself with the things he has access to or can obtain. If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is that if someone makes the decision to kill themselves and are determined, there is nothing that can stop them – they will eventually find a way. TBH it is understandable, he is a young man with a long incarcerated life ahead of him and he seems to lack the will to defend himself for his own reasons. In the end, this is a terribly sad tragedy, no one won and everybody lost.

    • Lynn

      I completely agree. He is getting ready to commit suicide but needs to cleanse his soul first. It’s the first thing I thought of when I read the headline.

    • Laura Thompson

      I hope and pray that he isn’t preparing to commit suicide. Another death won’t solve a thing. But, you are so right about introverts.
      Was anybody else unreasonably excited when they saw that Dave, Grahm, and Tammy were the LE officials who visited and questioned Chris? I mean, of course it would be them; they are the people who conducted the original investigation. But it was cool to have that confirmed, because they are fantastic at their jobs, and we have all kind of gotten to “know” them and their skill sets by watching the videos.

    • CBH

      Great thoughts.

    • CBH

      Addendum: Feeling suicidal would not be unusual in his situation: Guilt over the crime, surely missing his children and Nichol, having lost all, facing the rest of his life behind bars. Suicide would be an option to be seriously considered by anyone in his position.

    • Shannon

      Your comments pulled at my heart.
      Suicide: Chris will have nothing in his cell, except bedding, his clothes to maybe hang himself. The prison allows nothing that can help them kill themselves.
      Because he’s high risk, probably monitoring him more.
      He really has nothing to live for, his mindset will be a trigger.
      He can talk to other inmates on his cell block, but only through doors, windows. No contact.
      Does the Bible say anything about, redemption, killing one’s self for murder?
      If he’s truly studying this book, I don’t know.
      I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid.

    • SRC

      KerryA – that’s a very real possibility and incredibly insightful. I find myself at a loss whether to feel compassion for someone who did something so heinous for whatever his reasons but then I think he was just a person caught up in his own hell and reacted badly. We have all reacted badly to situations in our lives at one point or another. What separates the degree of how badly we might react? He was a normal guy living a normal life who made abnormal decisions because…
      The fact that I don’t understand doesn’t make him a demon spawn. The troubling part is knowing how others suffered for his decisions. Then the question becomes how much he was suffering for their decisions? Round and round it goes. With only the degree of response separating one from another, legal from illegal, life from death.

  18. SRC

    Does anyone wonder if this is his more well-thought out scenario that Shanann murdered their kids? At this point, all he has is the love and support of his family within their belief he didn’t kill his daughters, all that might protect him from the prison population is to perpetuate the belief that Shanann killed the kids, and he has nothing to lose by putting out his “perfected” version of how it all went down. He’s had nothing but time to think and he would risk sacrificing his only supportive family with a blatant admission and he’d be painting that red x on his chest even bigger as a target as far as prison justice goes. I have a sickening feeling Shanann’s legacy is in for a beating and they are gong to let him do it to protect him, protect Nichol, and let the blame rest on the only person who can no longer be affected by the lie. Even admitting his sexuality, if that’s the case, makes him more vulnerable. Nobody – alive – would suffer any more than they already have and his new version might be believable with all the time he’s had to think it through. There are too many risks to him and for him to give the truth. I see a travesty of justice coming on the horizon. I’ll be glad if I’m wrong.

    • CBH

      “Does anyone wonder if this is his more well-thought out scenario that Shanann murdered their kids? “.__________________
      I had seriously thought that last night when I went to and skimmed the article, seeing Ron Watts saying something about knowing in his heart Chris couldn’t have murdered the girls. But then another poster who read more conscientiously pointed out that this was followed by him saying there was no point to any further discussion.
      I understand all your points and it’s depressing that perhaps this further confession may be just more recycling of the first. Time will tell.

      • SRC

        I hope I’m wrong, CBH. From what someone else posted of Frankie’s response, it would indicate I am. I’ll be very surprised if he does reveal the truth, hoping the investigative team uses some form of measurable test to verify the veracity of his claims, and that he isn’t spinning another web of lies for whatever purpose. He still has a lot at stake considering he is at the mercy of a justice system within the justice system (prisoner justice) and is at risk of losing the support of his parents. And knowing that any admission he might make contrary to what they have convinced themselves to believe could push his father to the edge of his limits. Is he willing to do that to his father? His hero? The person he talks to daily?
        We will speculate until March 7th and continue to speculate on after. I doubt his added details are going to put anything to rest so much as they are going to add fodder for the mill.

        • CBH

          “I doubt his added details are going to put anything to rest so much as they are going to add fodder for the mill.”…….I have to agree with you on that.

    • ncam619

      I doubt it. There’s no way those agents would fly to Wisconsin AFTER a conviction if Chris was going to double down on that Shan’ann lie, because they don’t believe it themselves. I’m sure they had confirmation from Chris’ lawyer before flying out there that he wasn’t going to blame Shan’ann again.

      • Liz

        This makes sense to me, ncam619
        Hopefully Chris realizes the hell he has put the rest of the families through and wants to make amends the best way that he can. I don’t worry so much about his suicidal thoughts. I worry more for those in the families who have to live with this, and I hope they can survive this. The losses were so great and grievous. Even though I think NK caused many of the problems that manifested, with the way the world is, I worry she may look to that as well. How does someone survive the public shaming in a digital world? Where does one go and how do they reaffirm their life?
        As insensitive as it sounds, Chris forfeited his own life the moment he went Dark. It’s too late to respect the Ten Commandments …. Thou Shalt Not Kill, Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery, Thou Shalt Not Covet … I know a lot of people don’t see this the way I see it on this forum, but he literally took things into his own hands and became a power freak. I have said before he had nothing left to lose, but maybe, in his mind, he can save his soul. He’s in a place most of us will never know so intimately. I would wish his reality on no one.
        I don’t think there will be an appeal. He’s not fighting the civil suit, and he doesn’t have any money. I doubt any lawyer is going to take his case pro-bono. But you never know.

  19. Connifer

    Because there was no trial, any member of the public who has not properly studied this case has formed their opinions by: 1. reading newspapers like the Daily Mail (where Watts is described as an evil, domestic abusing monster who cheated on his lovely ‘successful’ wife) or 2. Listening to DA Michael Rourke at the sentencing (ie that Chris murdered his wife as he simply desired a fresh start with his mistress and didn’t want to get a divorce). Obviously, it was despicable to murder his family. But some of us have tried harder to understand why. We have learned that Chris had always been a hard worker – both at school and at his employer Anadarko. Oil companies are political places (I know, I worked in one), so it is telling that not one of Chris’s colleagues had a bad word to say about him prior to this event – they said he was very knowledgeable and always willing to help colleagues. Not one of his school friends had anything bad to say. Chris was pushed to the brink by Shan’ann’s excessive spending, plunging them deep into debt. If Shan’ann was such a wonderful person, why didn’t she give up the charade of her network marketing career and get a proper office job. Furthermore, landing Chris with $25,000 pa of private school fees on top of all the other debts cannot have helped. Chris suffered years of emotional and financial abuse. I hope the FBI and CBI agents treated him with compassion. As another user mentioned, Chris could well be considering suicide – the bleak outlook for the remainder of his life consists of sitting in a cell 23 hours a day.

    • CBH

      I agree fully with all.

      • Anna

        Ditto! For most of us here we realize that there is more to the truth than just the facts.

  20. Sylvester

    I think this second confession has to do with his Bible reading and redemption. To fly Agents Coder and Lee and Baumhover to Wisconsin, get it in writing and on audio file means they are taking him seriously. But Ronnie’s statement “I am confused why they (the investigators) went out there in the first place” is puzzling. He says “I am confused” not I was confused, which says he thinks he has the truth from Chris now – and could be preparing for an appeal. Anyone want to place a bet?

    • CBH

      I’ve always wondered about the appeal, but unless a God-fearing, Bible-reading Chris is going to smear Shannan as a murderer of 2 toddlers, there’s no real grounds for it in this country (there would be in others). Perhaps the father was preparing for one and is now fearful his son is about to destroy the plan by coming clean.

    • Clean Queen

      I agree, Sylvester. That is the first thing that came to mind. He seems to have really latched on to religion and faith in prison. I hope that in addition to this second confession, we also hear more about the circumstances leading up to it. I’m very curious as to how this came about.

      • Ralph Oscar

        Being actively Christian is often regarded as a positive when evaluating a given prisoner for parole. I know Chris will never be eligible for parole, but Christianity enjoys such an (absolutely undeserved) elevation in the public sphere that simply identifying as “Christian” is often enough to gain someone undeserved privilege. It may be part of a self-protective strategy on CW’s part, since most of the people committing violent crimes identify as Christians, at higher rates than the frequency of self-identifying Christians in the population at large.

  21. Donkeykong

    Frankie Rzucek has now said
    “ yes it’s true he finally told investigators why and what he did to my poor INNOCENT pregnant sister and nieces”
    That was straight from the horses mouth. Innocent in capitals…So I guess we can assume CW has likely fessed up, and with details too.

    • mitzi2006

      I notice that comment doesn’t say what “they” did, but what he did. From that it sounds like he took sole responsibility

    • Stacy

      Is that linked in one of the articles? I only saw a quote from Ronnie Watts.

  22. LW

    Although I am eagerly awaiting the release of this information, I’m being cautiously optimistic about whether this will be the truth. I think that there was a lot of pressure as someone suggested for investigators to tie up the many loose ends here. Colorado has a history of botching things up and they are probably eager to try to prove that this all went down the way it should have. But CW isn’t under oath and as far as I can see, has no motivation to tell what happened.
    Unless there is a true smoking gun – some audio/video evidence that will be made public that he can’t refute, so they are giving him once more chance to say what happened. Other than that, I just don’t see why he would even say anything. Since he is such a coward, I highly doubt he will provide much more information. Maybe he’s going to say some other lie about how Shan’ann was responsible. I don’t know. I just don’t have much faith we are going to get the answers to our questions.

  23. Stacy

    Serious question can he request an appeal after taking a plea bargain unless something was done incorrectly? I would think if it was for an appeal he would have a lawyer present. Maybe the FBI wants to use him as a profile on family annihilators so they agreed to meet and obtain more information. Maybe Chris will earn more privileges or a tranfer to another facility for his cooperation.

  24. William

    Forgive my ignorance on the law regarding this, but could this interview with Chris actually be a deposition taken for the wrongful death suit filed by the Rzuceks? I don’t know if it’s unusual for the detectives that worked on the case to do the interview, but maybe it was arranged that way since Chris already had a rapport with them. Maybe this is why, if he confessed and took full responsibilty and is not fighting the wrongful death suit, that that is why the Rzuceks lawyer said they will decide what the next step will be for them, and also why the Watts were not privy to this interview, because it was taken as a deposition.

    • nickvdl

      That’s a good point.

    • Anna

      “Excellent!” I cried. “Elementary,” said he. ~Sherlock Holmes
      Does this also perhaps indicate that the civil case will be settled by March 7th? I would think they wouldn’t disclose anything like this unless it was?

  25. Sarah

    I very much doubt that it’s going to be a confession, I doubt that would be important enough for CO investigators, CBI and FBI to all fly 922 miles to hear him confess to a crime he’s already pleaded guilty to, if he was confessing he’d have probably told the warden and they would have forwarded to them. I think they’ve either found evidence of an accomplice or the forensics and dna results have come back and there’s questions. Also her parents have consulted lawyers about next steps, what next steps could they have from a confession?

    • Liz

      I’m curious about this as well, Sarah. March the 7th. I still don’t understand why not just release the info rather than say We are going to release the info….. as CBH says, Strange.

      • Sarah

        And if the info was that sensitive and they aren’t releasing it till a specific date why would they tell her family and not slap a gagging order on them?

        • Shannon

          I can’t find any comments from Junior. I doubt he made that comment.
          Gag order, yes indeed.
          The cops have to Edit, written, audio, before they release anything. They will keep certain things back from the public.
          Should be interesting.

        • Sheis

          I’m not a lawyer or law enforcement, but I don’t think a deposition requires three lead detectives from the closed criminal case to be present. I think there would be legal counsel and staff (paralegal, stenographer/videographer) present, instead, as it’s a legal proceeding, not a criminal one.
          Just my guess, am happy to be corrected if wrong.

  26. Shannon

    I have looked all over the internet, for Frankie Junior’s comments to this new development.
    I can’t find any?

    • Liz

      Supposedly, it’s on his FB. I don’t do FB so I can’t see any of anything, even if public.

    • Stacy

      Shannon, the only thing I could find is on a fake troll FB page. It has a quote similar to what Donkeykong. It says horrible things about SW but also salacious things about the case. It has a real pic of Frankie for the profile but everything else is fake. I found what appears to be his real page and only his profile pics are viewable. I reported the fake page.

      • Shannon

        Oh yes I’ve seen that page. It’s fake. I hate to say thou, it’s quite funny.

        • Stacy

          My new comment is under moderation but it looks like the quote came from his legitimate page and was possibly shared by one of his FB friends. The profile pic with the post matches his real page.

        • Donkeykong

          Shannon I’ve seen some fake Frankie fb accounts. But I just double checked and it’s definitely the true correct Facebook account of Frankie that posted that quote. He’s just changed his profile picture in the last day but same pic on the post as his Facebook account. It’s definitely him who wrote it. It was not a public post. Someone on his friends list has taken a screenshot

    • Donkeykong

      Shannon I’m not sure how to post a picture of his comment? I have the screenshot from his Facebook. It says quote
      “I’m sure by now everyone has seen the news about my family. YES ITS TRUE. He finally told investigators why and what he did to my poor INNOCENT pregnant sister and nieces. I will let everyone know when it will be released. Please don’t ask me question.”

      • Shannon

        That’s ok. I’ll take a peek.
        You can tell the difference in juniors FB pages.
        Thank you.

    • Sarah

      I saw one this morning that said Chris had finally confessed and his INNOCENT sister could rest now or something like that

    • ArdentFire

      There’s an obvious fake troll page but there is a page that matches up with what was posted. On Facebook there are privacy settings where you can monitor who can see your posts, so not everyone visiting the profile is going to see it unless you’re on his friends list.
      I’ve seen complete strangers try to chat him up and talk to him about his dogs and everything else, on that page and his youtube page as well — maybe they’re just trying to be nice but I think people should just leave him alone.

  27. Stacy

    Ok I may have been incorrect. There is a troll page but someone shared a post on Reddit with his real profile pic saying something along the line of what Donkeykong was saying. It’s possible one of his FB friends shared it bc his page is private. It said, “he finally told investigators why and what he did to my poor INNOCENT sister and nieces”….So that quote may be legit.

  28. Stacy

    Hopefully my other comment posts soon. Guess we have different senses of humor but faking the identity of a grieving family and slandering them isn’t very funny to me. Whoever is behind it is just an attention seeking troll imo.

    • Shannon

      I meant when I first read the fake juniors FB page, the headlines for the posts were funny to me. It just seemed to stupid to be real.

      • Stacy

        Oh yeah they are ridiculous and sadly some ppl on that page believe it is really him.

    • Donkeykong

      Stacy I agree. The few fake Frankie pages I’ve seen are reprehensible, just despicable. Whoever made them up are very troubled sick people. Who has time for that anyway?! I can’t imagine being in Frankie’s shoes right now. Trying to care for and protect his parents, and grieve his sister and nieces. And be slandered all over the world online

  29. Sylvester

    What would be the advantage to Chris of finally confessing?

    • LW

      Maybe he is confessing to set the record straight and show the conspiracy theorists that his beloved NK had no involvement. Idk.

      • CBH

        That’s not the way it goes. They will only dig in their heels and insist he’s lying to protect her, or that he was paid off or given privileges to clear her.

        • chipnanna

          I hope that’s the case, because if any part of this new info has to do with clearing her name, it would only make the public wonder why that was really necessary when she has not been charged with any crimes.

          • CBH

            She was charged in the court of public opinion, via social media.

    • CBH

      There’s no practical advantage as it ruins any future appeals and marks him to the prison population as definitely a baby killer. It would have to be spiritual.

    • SRC

      A death wish? Deliberate provocation for what he thinks he deserves?

  30. Sylvester

    Yes, it does seem to be leaning that way CBH – at least in our minds – that it has to be spiritual. But why would it take 3 agents or two agents and one law enforcement personnel to record such a confession. I’m hoping he will be forthcoming and fill in the missing pieces. And I’m hoping that the audio file will be released as well. I want to hear him.
    By the way, there is an interesting 411 Now video called “Watts Security Camera/Neighbors/Police plus busting myths” out today. He seems to be nice and concise and does his research so I still favor him over all the rest.

    • marielangford3311

      I saw that video also Sylvester. He, the 411 guy ,, also left a comment to one of the commenters, the commenter had read that the autopsy photos had been leaked and the 411 guy confirmed that the photos had been leaked. This guy seems more informed than the rest of the YouTubers.

      • nickvdl

        He does seem more informed but the autopsy photo claim doesn’t appear to be accurate. I’ve also asked him directly for information on this and he hasn’t responded.

        • marielangford3311

          Sorry Nick. I shouldn’t have repeated that.

  31. Lisa Simmons

    CBH, I like your last sentence to your last post. Forgiveness ❤

    • CBH

      Thank you, Lisa.

  32. Donkeykong

    I commented few hours ago but it says awaiting moderator approval so hopefully this one goes through.
    I’ve double checked and is definitely Frankie’s real fb account. It’s not a public post and someone SS it. It says quote
    “ I’m sure by now everyone has seen the news about my family. YES ITS TRUE. He finally told investigators why and what he did to my INNOCENT pregnant sister and nieces. I will let everyone know when it will be released. Please don’t ask me questions’”
    I don’t know how to post a picture of this but it’s frankie. Not a fake account. He’s changed his profile picture in the last 24 hours but it’s def Frankie. I would say from that, whatever he has said is likely enough truth to satisfy SW family that he’s finally coming clean.

  33. CBH

    Will have to check it out.
    It is odd that 3 agents flew clear to WI to interview and record Watts. And this was Feb 18. A nearly 3 week delay until release to the public. Why? 🤔

    • marielangford3311

      CBH, I wonder if Chris gave them new info that needed to be confirmed before officials released it? I have read all I can on this case, and I can find no information that answers questions like here at TCRS

      • nickvdl

        I’ll post a screengrab in the next few minutes. Hold tight.

      • CBH

        Quite possibly, yes.

  34. Ralph Oscar

    Giant flaming lips – gah!
    But as for the rest, it’s Chris-mas! Maybe.

  35. chipnanna

    About what’s written about Bella, I agree that the DA was wrong in assuming & saying that Bella’s injuries were from her fighting back – but I always have thought that being smothered could’ve caused her injuries too, especially since her top teeth were misaligned (protruding, what some call buck teeth). If someone pushed a pillow into her face to smother her, it seems likely that the pressure would cause her top lip to push into her teeth, causing damage – I don’t know about the tongue, but maybe the autopsy would show whether the injuries were sustained post motem or not.

  36. Connifer

    President Trump gives the multiple mass murder oversee-er Kim Jong Un a second chance.
    President Trump gives the multiple mass murder oversee-er Mohammed Bin Salman a second chance.
    So, on this premise, why can’t Chris Watts have a second chance.
    Chris was a good guy who was pushed to the brink by an emotionally and financially abusive relationship.
    I am Team Chris Watts.

    • Teresa

      Please don’t be facetious, there’s a world of difference between a Chris Watts private citizen and governmental rulers, however gruesome and evil they may be.

    • Duttdip

      I don’t understand why Chris deserves any more benefit of doubt and sympathy than Scott Peterson and Ross Harris, other than pure perception based on his spectacled, professorial looks.

      • Ralph Oscar

        And the fact that his victim was so much less sympathetic than, say, Laci Peterson…

  37. Maura

    Will it be the truth? Do the police and FBI, who have seen all evidence, consider it the truth?
    People who may benefit if he tells the truth or provides more details:
    •Nicole Kessinger if the information clears her. Perhaps her father contacted CW on her behalf now that she’s hiding somewhere.
    •Anadarko if it gets the case out of the headlines.
    •CW’s family if the information reduces interest in them.
    •Chris himself if it helps end the spotlight on him.
    His family will never believe the truth that he murdered his kids. Even if he had a trial, he is still guilty of murdering 4 people including his 3 children. I don’t believe a trial would lessen the severity of the murders and disposal of his daughters in oil tanks to destroy evidence of what he’d done to them.
    I’m sure her family doesn’t care what happens to him because 4 of their family members are dead including Niko who would be 1 month old. He took their choices and life spans of 50-80+ years away.

    • Sylvester

      Maura, I don’t think we can believe anything he says – even now. Seven months in stir – no matter how many chapters you go through in the Bible – isn’t going to produce a transformation in Chris Watts. According to Will/Bill Finley this Feb. 18 confession or whatever we end up calling it, is just the beginning – there will be more flights planned to Wisconsin and more information forthcoming. Will/Bill Finley has already put in a request for the transcript from this Feb. 18 jail house visit. Sometimes the criminal mind blocks out certain details – especially why. Because they don’t understand why themselves. I’m not so concerned with why as I am with where, and what time. I think “why” has been covered extensively here.

      • Maura

        I am skeptical too that he will tell the truth and that there will be a way to positively verify the details he provides. Would be nice to know for sure the where, time, how, and his top two whys, which we can guess. And how long did he premeditate?

  38. Sheis

    People are asking whether he told the truth on 2/18. If his statement is consistent with forensic evidence, I think we can believe him. I’m sure the detectives will be able to discern, matching his words with evidence. He can’t credibly say “I gave them cheesburgers for dinner and then I strangled them with piano wire” because the evidence doesn’t show that.
    Does anyone know if there would be any further tests whose results would have come in this late?
    If there had been a trial, I think both parties would still be gathering evidence and preparing their cases. Since there was no trial, would the evidence/test results still be trickling in?

  39. William

    Here’s another crazy scenario: What if Chris was telling another inmate some things, maybe new details, and word got around, or the inmate told staff or his lawyer that he had information straight from Chris’s mouth, and that is why CBI and FBI went out there. Too bad we can’t know if CBI and FBI visited and talked to this other inmate first, then went to Chris to verify the new info.

    • Shannon

      He has no direct contact with other inmate. Only through his steel door. He’s in his cell 23 hours a day. 1 hour out. He’s in PC.

  40. cobten

    Its the 7th which is 121 days after the verdict .The 6th is the cutoff of the 120 days timeframe, which is the legal timeframe to have a prisoner add anything helpful and substantial which may alter said prisoners sentence or give them added extras so to speak.

  41. Shannon

    Chris Watts 120 days of appealing his sentence ends March 6.2019.
    New statement coming out March 7.2019.
    He could file for a Rule 35(c).
    Post conviction relief.
    Aug 14.2018. 2:06am, final conversation between NK and Chris.
    Aug 13 – 14 2018, lots of chatter between Chris and NK.

  42. Duttdip

    I see a very similar pattern between Chris’s crime, his first confession and his second confession. That the man cannot withstand pressure and has a very low breaking point.
    1. The crime was a result of immaturity and inability in handling family pressures. Yes, Shanann had her shortcomings, but majority of “real men” would not find themselves in the blind end that he found himself in. And he gave in to the pressure.
    2. The first confession was a result of the pressure created by the detectives. He could not withstand 5 hours of interrogation, where as OJ and Scott Peterson lived full lives with hardly any signs of guilt.
    3. The second confession would be the result of moral pressure created by the 3 Rs : rumors, relatives and religion. He just can’t take it any more.
    Bottomline; He’s chicken hearted, and has hardly manned up to face any pressure. The prison is his most secure place to be in.

  43. chipnanna

    Your comment is definitely the truest amongst the millions of comments ever made on the Watts murder case.

  44. Stacy

    Ralph Oscar remember Laci Peterson was murdered before social media allowed us to make judgments on people’s lives. For all we know she was just as strong of a personality type as SW. I remember an interview when it happened and one of Laci’s friends said that when you went to her home for a party you dressed up and were expected to act a certain way. They joked that she was a younger Martha Stewart. Since a lot of the judgments of SW have come from what she shared on social media we can’t really compare the two victims’ personalities. Who knows what kind of social media presence Laci would have had if she was given the chance.

    • Duttdip

      Ditto. And as Nick would say, “It is not what we think. It is what Scott Peterson thought..” I am sure Scott had his own share of unhappiness that forced him to sniff around. In an animal kingdom, neither Scott nor Chris were at fault. But, we are humans and we are governed by some boundaries. Killing people, especially one’s own family, is way beyond that boundary.
      Also, we cannot ignore that social media was part and parcel of Shanann’s profession.Just as a car is a part of Uber driver’s profession. She (possibly naively so) took her job very seriously. There was a certain degree of sincerity in “I do more than 90% of the women out there…” (again from her angle).
      Chris let these things fester for too long. None of these – her MLM participation, buying the house, enrolling kids to a day care, happened in Mars. Possibly even Deeter was a more active family member than him (just joking). There is a saying- silence is assent. You can’t just wake up one fine morning and walk out on your family, while all the while before you were posing smilingly in videos. That’s deception.

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