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What does "Proposition 112" have to do with the Chris Watts Case? [A PICTURE & VIDEO GUIDE]

First of all, what is Proposition 112?
It’s this:

Why was – and is – public and community safety even an issue in Colorado?

Let’s be clear, Proposition 112 is all about Safety…

Versus Jobs.

A lot of money was raised ahead of the election with two groups lobbying the community. Dirty tricks and propaganda were alleged…
Fullscreen capture 20190306 170205

Why was – and is – Proposition 112 such a controversial issue?

When did Colorado vote to accept or reject Proposition 112?

The answer to the above question [in case you missed it] was that the vote to decide on Proposition 112 happened on November 6th, 2018.
The outcome of the vote was that the proposition was rejected, in other words, Colorado voted to allow fracking to continue close to public infrastructure and neighborhoods in Colorado.
Fullscreen capture 20190306 164738
Guess what else happened on that very same day?

So what does “Proposition 112” have to do with the Chris Watts Case? Nothing, or everything?
Fullscreen capture 20190306 122320-001


  1. CBH

    I’d say everything.
    And it’s horrid that the proposition was rejected.

  2. William

    It has a lot to do with the Watts case, but it’s hardly given a mention because the crimes were so heinous. It’s like look over here, not over there. James Taylor comes to mind: “I used to think that I was cool, running around on fossil fuel. Till I saw what I was doing was driving down the road to ruin.” That would be the road that Chris Watts took.

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