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Did Chris Watts talk about Steven Avery during his Prison Confession?

When the investigators asked Watts if he thought he’d ever fall in love again, Watts demurred, and then made a specific reference to another inmate whose name is redacted.
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Fullscreen capture 20190310 123550

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If Steven Avery could get engaged, and Damien Echols got married while in prison, the odds of Chris Watts finding love in the slammer are pretty high, I’d say.

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  1. CBH

    Chris did receive a slew of love letters and photos when he was incarcerated at Weld County. This link gives an idea of the sexy pics sent along:
    One never knows!

    • Ralph Oscar

      Well, THAT was a disappointment! I was expecting spicy, but we start out with Bikini Bones and then go on to the drunk mature babes with their glasses of hootch! Yeeks. Bottom of the barrel in more than one sense…

      • CBH

        Yeah, more or less. Just showing that there can be interest.

  2. Ralph Oscar

    Oh heck! If serial killer Ted Bundy can get married in prison and have a child, anyone can!

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