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There was a second gay man who claimed to have a relationship with Chris Watts [well, except there wasn't]

According to the Daily Mail, there’s a second gay fella who claimed to have met Chris Watts in rehab. The Daily Mail is so brazenly confident in this assertion, they have the allegation in their headline.
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A second gay dude would certainly add fuel to the bisexual fire, except that the Daily Mail have gotten their lines crossed.  Chris Watts was never in rehab, Trent Bolte was. Uh-oh, it looks like some journalists and editors haven’t done their homework…
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But this line of inquiry, though not as sensational as the Daily Mail would have us believe, isn’t a complete waste of time. Have a look at this snippet from the article.
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Interesting, isn’t it, that Watts knew that detail? It suggests he’s taken a keen interest in what’s been said or written about him. Now why would that be…?


  1. ncam619

    The daily mail is known for making blatantly false statements . Sometimes they correct them. Sometimes they don’t.

  2. Sideaffected

    I think he said that cause we all know he’s never been to rehab. So it would be a quick and easy way to say “that’s nonsense.” I wouldn’t be shocked to my core or anything if these allegations were true but I personally don’t buy into it and I think he’s probably being truthful about this.
    Make no mistake though he knows what’s going on in social media. The fact that he refers to SW “bashing” and “Nutgate” shows that, and I’m sure Armchair Detective as well. I don’t think he’s trying to fight anything legally but he is trying to control his reputation despite not seeming to mind jail at all.

  3. LW

    Gotta love the Daily Fail.
    And yes @Sideaffected CW is all about the damage control… still worried that people will think he’s a terrible person.

    • Laura Thompson

      Possibly my favorite line in the entire interview: when Coder tells him that they are still studying and analyzing this case, and they need information in case something similar were to happen in the future, so they could ask themselves, “Is this a monster or is this a Chris Watts?” 🤣
      We all know how Chris probably took that, but there are other, way less flattering interpretations! 😁 Grahm is good.

  4. Polina Polina

    CW denounces having affairs with Trend and with the girl from Tinder, it means they jeopardized their reputation just to show up and fool the FBI officers , cognizant they could have been charged with perjury ? I do believe the Trend Bolte’s plausible confession, it is not a fun to lie and play with FBI , CW is a convoluted and promiscuous man, who was eager for carnal interludes, NK provided him everything he was looking with other people , those vicissitudes fueld him and gave impetus to the murder…

  5. Sheis

    While I don’t believe Trent Bolte or that Chik-Fil-A woman, there was something in the discovery that puzzled me, and it doesn’t seem to be significant to anyone else:
    On July 19, 2018 at 10:41 hours, Chris called an unidentified number (no number, no name) and held a seven-minute conversation.
    I’m assuming it was a burner phone, if LE couldn’t identify it. The use of a burner phone leads me to assume (I could be wrong of course) that it’s purpose is illicit.

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