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Scott Reisch: “I don’t think Shan’ann’s murder was premeditated…”

He also believes Chris Watts’ account that he and Shan’ann had sex prior to her murder.

What do you think?


  1. ncam619

    I don’t agree with either one of those opinions. Chris mentioned a couple of times after he got dressed that morning he got on top of Shan’ann and he said “I think she thought I wanted to have sex ‘again'”. That didn’t ring true to me. I think he got on top of her and maybe started kissing her and pretending like he wanted to make up and stay together (saying things like “let’s move to Brighton”). He knew how desperate she was to make things work, therefore, he knew the moment he climbed on top of her, if he said all of the right things, she would let her guard down completely. He then had her right where he wanted her. The fact that he got dressed in OLD clothes prior to that scenario proves that it was 100% premeditated.

  2. CBH

    I still believe in the premeditation theory with the children being killed first as set forth in the Two Face series. I believe Watts’s second confession was fabricated from the shadows YouTube.

    • Sideaffected

      I believe it was premeditated more than others I think-at least several days, if not weeks. Going through his phone and internet stuff shows it to me very clearly and I can see when he started to plan-deleting his accounts, when he started telling SW that they were good now and would go to Aspen. But you don’t have no thoughts of murder and then start doing that. So who knows how long it was a fantasy/vague plan? You don’t go from loving your kids to planning to kill them in a couple days, I don’t think. I also think the fact that so many people find it at ALL reasonable that Bella was a “witness” and oh damn, now he had to kill them too is bizarre! It’s disturbing to me that they think that’s even an understandable line of thinking.

      • CBH

        I fully agree.

      • Karen

        I agree that started distancing himself from them long before he killed them. By weeks.

    • Laura Thompson

      I agree with all of the above, and have thus far seen nothing to dissuade me. Also, the only “video of the kids alive inside the truck” Watts is referring to is the aforementioned “shadows” video, which I thought was bs from the first time it was posted.

      • CBH

        That’s why it’s so frustrating that the investigators and DA have made that the final, public truth.

  3. rmkenned

    I agree with you 100% CBH!

  4. Sylvester

    For one hats off to me for listening all the way through one of Scott Reisch’s videos. I find him boring, he sounds like he has a lot of information to impart yet he pads it with so many uh’s and pauses and in the end, he doesn’t know. I think I would hire him just to bore a jury to death into acquitting me so they could go home. As to what he says, he believes Watts. I don’t. And of course I don’t believe he had sex with her before killing her two hours later. Nor do I believe he got on top of her and started an argument where he thought to himself I just can’t do this any more, let’s move to Brighton, etc. That leaves premeditation. He couldn’t have thought everything out, there would be other unforeseen events and variables that night to cause it to not go smoothly, but that would be the case even if he knew exactly what he was going to do and when. Her flight was delayed – that was one very big unforeseen that caused him to be rushed – even so he did a fair amount of clean up morning of and that night. He also engaged in a long phone conversation with his mistress on a work night, which suggests many things – he was waiting up, thought he wouldn’t have to wait much past 11 p.m., and wasn’t worried about waking up his children with the television volume up loud enough for NK to hear it over the phone.

    • Sideaffected

      I’ve wondered if the kids were already disposed of by then. It seems odd that they’d be dead in bed starting to decay and the dogs didn’t hit up there. I also wonder if he’d dug the grave-it seems odd that he’d be comfortable digging a grave when it was getting light, carrying children up there. He got there at like 6:45 I think the Discovery says? That’s a short gap for all that.

      • Karen

        That’s why I think he put them in trash bags and put them in the basement.

    • SRC

      Lol Don’t hire him, Sylvester; I think you may have dozed off during the part where he mentioned the client he was most recently defending was just “surprisingly” convicted.

      Chris Watts planned to murder his wife and daughters and knew before leaving his house that morning exactly how and where he was going to dispose of their bodies. There may be questions as to the timeline of events but there is no question he planned these events.

  5. Sideaffected

    I think, not knowing much about family annihilators probably, and perhaps used to “least bad scenario” as a defense attorney in whatever capacity, he thought this at first, and now he wants to prove to himself and to his listeners that he “was right.” I like the guy but at least one of his videos bothered me a lot-it said “who’s the most hated woman in America?” and had photos of Krystal Kenney with devil horns next to Kessinger’s photo. All the comments just railed on both of them. He talks about how the prosecution for Kelsey Berreth’s case “made a deal with the devil” and possibly put the wrong person in jail and everyone’s agreeing. I find that very irresponsible-it’s obvious to any reasonable person they’re both involved but people just agree with him because he’s a lawyer and must know more and they jump on the bandwagon. Meanwhile he’s urging, or at least suggesting to people, to essentially let a probable killer walk. And comparing her to Nichol??? So everyone can talk about shadows and say she’s “just as guilty?” He has lots of “innocent until proven guilty” for the most likely killers but is publicly admonishing a woman who wasn’t even involved. That feels like “pandering.”

    But I do believe HE believes Chris, due to confirmation bias, perhaps a little ego, and lack of psychological awareness.

    • Shannon

      I thought the girl, working with the guy who killed Kelsey Berreth got a deal, for telling the police.
      That was a terrible horrible crime also. Again over a child.
      Soon woman won’t have kids.

  6. Maura

    @Sylvester Thanks for saving me time to listen to a video which I don’t believe anyway. I still think the evidence indicates that CW planned all the murders and carried out the kids’ murders first via drugs while SW wasn’t home yet. Her plane’s delay gave him less time for cleanup.

    SW said to her friend that CW would be sleeping at 2 am and she wasn’t planning on confronting him then especially being exhausted with kids who slept lightly when they were alive. No way was she up for “romance”. The ambush of her on 1st floor makes sense and easier for him to dispose of her body.

    During his long call to NK she said he stared at her in fixation. Maybe because he had carried out step 1 in his plan to start fresh with NK without the financial burden and time constraints of the kids. CW never planned to kill himself because nothing was done in the heat of the moment. He wanted to get away with the murders and be the only one to benefit from the sale of his house. I don’t know that he seriously considered renting a 2 bedroom apt. either as he could get a smaller ranch house that he favored once his larger house was sold. But he told NK what would make sense while the kids were alive. Afterwards, why wouldn’t he buy a much smaller home like he dreamed about?

    • Karen

      I was going to reply about the 111 minute call as well. Also his ridiculous explanation of why he took the gas can. Why would he drive 45 minutes to kill himself? As for Mr. Reisch I’m sorely disappointed.

      • Rachel Leigh

        I never actually thought about this, but it makes sense. Why drive to his work to kill himself? When he got into that truck he knew he was going to kill the girls. He didn’t plan to kill himself.

        • nickvdl

          Yes, and don’t forget he took a change of clothes – at least one, perhaps two- to the work site as well. I don’t believe this clothing has been recovered either.

    • CassieM

      And what drugs are you proposing he gave her? Any drugs he could’ve administered would’ve shown up in the toxicology screen…

      • Laura Thompson

        Do we know for sure that petrochemicals wouldn’t interfere with toxicology? I don’t know, I’m just wondering. Watts didn’t Google “80 my oxycodone” for fun, but then again, it could be a route he’d considered and then decided against.

  7. Sylvester

    Two thumbs up Maura. That’s a good point about not being serious about renting a two bedroom apartment. He may have been humoring NK. That would be one way of talking her off a ledge wouldn’t it – let’s look at apartments. Or rather you do the looking, if you see something you think I might like I’ll go have a look as I will soon be separating from my wife and filing for divorce. Chris said he didn’t know what a divorce was going to look like. I think he did know what it would look like, and it wouldn’t have looked good. It would have been long and drawn out and given his passive nature she would sell his house out from under him and leave him with nothing. And by then Nichole would be gone. He needed to act that weekend, while she was away from the children, and eliminate them one by one. So many reasons his second confession doesn’t add up, any more than the first one.

  8. Jenn H.

    I doubt that she ever made it to the bedroom with Chris.
    These murders were premeditated.

  9. Sylvester

    Watts also said in his second confession, that he threw away the marital self-help book Shan’ann sent him because he wanted it to look like she had given up on the marriage and left. When did he throw it out – at 4:30 a.m.? 5:00? Or did he throw it out when it came in the mail – Saturday likely.

    • Rachel Leigh

      Yes, I was wondering about the book and the ring. Did he plant the ring and throw the book out in the morning before leaving for work? That pretty much shows he wasn’t planning to hurt himself only the children. He had no reason to drive those children to his work site other than to kill them. I believe Shanann’s murder was premeditated. I don’t believe he was a definite plan, but he had an idea and wanted her gone that day (8/13) before she could announce the baby’s gender in Facebook.

  10. Sylvester

    He couldn’t get the ring off until he had killed her. But the book might have arrived Saturday, after she had left for Arizona. There were other pieces of mail in the Lexus he didn’t bring in to the house – a small padded envelope and two bills.

    • Sheis

      Ooh that’s interesting. I wonder if the skin was abraded from him removing the ring. If it were a bit tight (pregnant women tend to retain water) and she weren’t alive to protest that it hurt, and he were in a hurry, I can’t imagibe he was gentle. Hmmm.

    • Sheis

      Ooh that’s interesting. I wonder if the skin was abraded from him removing the ring. If it were a bit tight (pregnant women tend to retain water) and she weren’t alive to protest that it hurt, and he were in a hurry, I can’t imagibe he was gentle. Hmmm.

  11. Sylvester

    Rourke said in an article posted 8/16/18 that he couldn’t discuss why investigators believe all three were killed in the home. I’m sticking with that. I also think the only breakfast Watts fixed for himself when he supposedly went downstairs at 4 a.m., was the lemon pro-bars. No breakfast dishes in the sink, and only a butter knife and fork in the dishwasher.

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