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A Critical Reviewer Has A Change of Heart

After leaving not one but two scathing one star reviews, one reader’s outlook shifts markedly in book 5, DRILLING THROUGH DISCOVERY.

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The reviewer makes a good point that one book isn’t the final analysis on Chris Watts. The books need to be seen as a continuum. Each narrative exposes another facet of the case, and each narrative reflects the knowledge-base known at the time it was written.

In ANNIHILATION I’ll be dealing with Watts “Second Confession” and addressing how the information in that final interview changes things, and why and where it doesn’t. I’ll also be providing a final analysis for where, how and why the crimes took place [based on all the information we now have] and what the murder weapons were. ANNIHILATION will also be explicit about the exact time of death of the three victims.

Something else worth noting – although this series of books is designed not to be read at a snail’s pace,  racing through the content and skipping links means you miss most of the really good stuff. Many subtle, intricate, carefully laid out and meticulously reasoned arguments are missed when the reader starts detaching from the narrative and scrolling on. Don’t do that.

Give the narrative time and opportunity to present its case. Explore some of the reinforcing material if you’re curious or unconvinced. Be curious! Believe me, all the building blocks and explanations are in place, just give yourself the space to absorb them and then decide for yourself how much they resonate.

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  1. Dana Roth

    I agree with you that his second confession was pretty much bullshit. I believe the girls were dead, then he began to BBQ.

    But, I am struggling with the idea of believing Shan’ann was murdered right away. What about the bodily excrements found on the sheet?

    • nickvdl

      Post mortem defecation is common, especially when the victim is asphyxiated. We also find it in the Rohde case.

    • Kathleen

      Are you wondering how the excrement got on the sheet if she wasn’t in the bed? I think he wrapped her in the sheet possibly post mortem. One of the statements that lends some credence to Watts’ story about that nightmare of a truck ride out to the oil tanks is when the children complain that it smells bad. The second confession is completely baffling to me. I cannot believe anyone could not fight asphyxiation, even if she were asleep…..

      • Ralph Oscar

        Remember, SW had had neck surgery to repair damage suffered in a car accident years before – she bore a scar on her left side of her neck. It is likely that there might have been some lingering impairment of the ability to turn her head, particularly that direction, from the scar tissue. If CW had gotten his hands on her neck from behind, what could she realistically have done? Especially if she was prone and he was sitting on top of her? As most people here already know, I favor the “Here, you look so exhausted. Let me give you a back rub, babe” scenario.

        • Kathleen

          Yes, I agree. From behind with a lie if needed. With lupus and pregnancy and exhaustion she wouldn’t have been able to defend herself. It’s the sleeping or praying her way through it that is not credible. She was terrified, betrayed, worried about her babies, and very aware that the man she adored was killing her.

          • mitzi2006

            The one thing that makes me convinced he caught her from behind by surprise was in this second confession. He said he sat on top of her but then speculated what Shan’ann saw when she looked back at him. It’s got to be one or the other but his emotions when he made the comment on what she saw seemed to be the authentic one

  2. Susan

    Enjoying every word.

  3. Shannon

    I still believe he killed her the minute she walked in. Change clothes, wrap her. The kids already dead.
    Chris is playing with the cops and her parents. He’s in the spotlight now, it’s his time to shine. Remember no one listened to him before. Bet ya, cops visit him again.

  4. Shannon

    For Shanann not to fight back… element of surprise. I highly doubt she was praying.
    Stupid F–kin comment by Chris.
    He was praying it would end fast.

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