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Who Can Assist This Reader/Reviewer?

I get it a lot. The raven. Why is there a raven? I don’t understand why there is a raven?

Anyone have any ideas?

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Amazon banned Criminal Profiler Pat Brown’s book on the Madeleine McCann case

Madeleine McCann Netflix documentary could trigger fresh legal action by parents – The Mirror

‘IT’S ALL NONSENSE’ Kate and Gerry McCann may sue over ‘lunatic conspiracy theory’ video blaming them for Maddie’s disappearance – The Sun

Madeleine McCann’s parents win libel payout – BBC

Kate and Gerry McCann Suing Sunday Times over ‘Madeleine Clue’ Defamation – Internatrional Business Times

Kate McCann Has Threatened To Sue Social Media Users – LadBible

Madeleine McCann parents lose appeal against author who alleged they were involved in her disappearance – The Independent

Never heard before court audio reveals the battle and consequences of the McCanns’ feud with lead Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral.

DOUBT is available exclusively on at this link and here. And yes, there will be ravens [better get used to it!]

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  1. Sideaffected

    I don’t think I can contribute much Nick as I haven’t read your books YET. But IMO, your writing isn’t “flowery”-that’s not the same as using metaphors. I think you use imagery and analogies and the like but choose your words very carefully; there isn’t fluff and using words just for words’ sake.

    Nick- you seem to give a link to both the U.S and English sites to Amazon to the Maddie books. Did that change recently? What is the author of this review talking about? I’m surprised that Amazon is letting you sell those books if they won’t sell Pat Brown’s book and The Truth of the Lie. Particularly Brown. And yes, the author asks why and we know it’s because of lawsuits, but THAT’S NOT OK. A good lawyer could go a long way fighting them. It’s ok for her to sell the MOST biased book for obvious reasons but an FBI profiler and the lead detective aren’t allowed to? What about all the horrible things they’ve said and the allegations they’ve made? Stop suing people or everyone who they’ve ever bad-mouthed should collectively do so. That shouldn’t be legal-not the Third Reich. They shouldn’t have this much power. They’re just doctors-people act like they’re the Queen and Henry Kissinger. They really are painting concentric circles on themselves when they sue everyone who opens one’s mouth. They think it makes them look honorable somehow but it does just the opposite; they want to win money from their dead or even hypothetically “kidnapped” child. I HOPE they try to sue about the Netflix doc-they’ll seem so money hungry going after a “documentary” obviously biased towards them (which it necessarily would be, based on their sue-happy grimey ass hands)

    I hate these people the more and more I learn.

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