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McCann PR Circus in Pictures

The Madeleine McCann case is the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern history, and at a current cost of  $15.4 million/£12 million, the most expensive missing-person search [for a single person] in history.

2007 spokespersons/PR/Campaign leaders timeline:

May 5th, Alex Woolfall (Bell Pottinger) assists the McCanns on behalf of Mark Warner.
May xth, Sheree Dodd assigned as “close consular support”, acts as spokeswoman.
May 11th, David Beckham Appeal

May 19th, Alex Woolfall departs for the UK.
May 21st/22nd, Clarence Mitchell assigned as “close consular support”.
May 30th, Sheree Dodd returns to the UK.
May 30th, Papal Visit in Rome.
June 12th, Clarence Mitchell recalled to Britain.
June [x]th Justine McGuinness Hired at £350-a-day. At some point brings in a friend of hers, David Hughes.
Sept 7th, McCanns named Arguidos. Justine McGuinness and David Hughes accompany Kate to Police station.
Sept 9th, McCanns flee Portugal.
Sept 11th, David Hughes appears as “spokesman” for the McCanns on MSNBC Live.
Sept 15th, Justine McGuinness’ contract expires.
Sept 18th, Clarence Mitchell hired in a private capacity.

More: Spokespeople involved in McCann case
List of people and organisations that appeared not long after the announcement of Madeleine’s ‘disappearance’

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  1. Sylvester

    Although there are some similarities between the Ramsey’s as a couple and the McCann’s as a couple the McCann’s plight had more of a broad-based emotional appeal. Patsy and John weren’t all that well-liked – admired for their millions perhaps – and when they clammed up for four months and didn’t appear to be helping the police and instead took shots at them and the media by the time they did their television spots the court of public opinion believed they were hiding something. I can remember what I thought when they did their first television spot. The McCann’s gained public sentiment quickly and launched a cottage industry around the notion of abduction in a foreign land. They also used their physical fitness (running) to attract celebrity sports figures and teams. Who was going to sympathize with the Ramsey’s – the pageant circuit or big business? The Ramsey’s were more successful in the arena of fear and intimidation via lawsuits, again using John’s business sense plus the value of having expert legal counsel to begin with. But both couples were and have been very clever in keeping the truth coming to light. And why is it when one looks at a photo of Gerry he has a look of duping delight? It’s like he’s having fun with it all.

    • nickvdl

      Well, they made a fortune, and possibly made more money than they ever would, or could, even as doctors.

  2. Sylvester

    Right on, they certainly did. I have to wonder how much Ramsey has made suing people too. I’d love to know what the CBS/Werner Spitz settlement came to.

    • nickvdl

      I seem to recall hearing Burke Ramsey made $20 million out of his 3-part TV exclusive with Dr. Phil that aired in September 2016.

  3. Sylvester

    Well there you go. He’s set for life! No more plodding away in some off-site office as a computer tech – he can sail and camp and skateboard to his heart’s content.

  4. Ralph Oscar

    Wow – the image of the “buck-toothed man” directly underneath the image of Kate wearing a red and white striped top in a car looks *exactly* like…KATE!

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