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Who blocked whom on Facebook?

The word “block” appears 19 times in the Discovery Documents, many of these references to suburban address “blocks”, but also to Ceecee’s “blocked” tear duct and Shan’ann’s intention [on the day before her death] to block out family time for Watts to improve her marriage. There’s also the instance where Watts “was attempting to block…Officer Coonrod’s view of Nate’s TV when footage showed Watts walking around his truck.”


Shortly after the disappearance, Watts also tells FBI Agent Coder the house is a “concrete block” and doesn’t want to sleep in it – a symbolic reference to a millstone around his neck.

But what we want to address here are at least half a dozen references to blocking on Facebook.

Simple question:

Did Shan’ann block Watts’ parents, or did they block her?

According to Cassie Chris’ parents blocked Shan’ann.

Fullscreen capture 20190601 164340

According to Shan’ann Chris’ parents blocked Shan’ann.

Fullscreen capture 20190601 165759Fullscreen capture 20190601 170825

According to the Rzuceks Chris’ family blocked them.

Fullscreen capture 20190601 180046


But Shan’ann also communicated the intention and the desire to block Watts’ parents, not only on Facebook but in real life.

Fullscreen capture 20190601 180613

So which is it? Who blocked whom?


  1. Kaye

    During Chris’s interrogation, Ronnie looks through his phone to pull up the post on Shananns Facebook page of the doll with the blanket over its face. He then shows it to the agents. If she had blocked him, he would not have been able to access her page. Because of that, I believe the blocking did occur from Chris’s family. Ronnie might have removed the block after hearing that she and the girls were missing.

    • nickvdl

      Good point. Her page is public which means blocking only has a limited effect anyway. Maybe they blocked each other.

  2. Sylvester

    Watts would like us to think that something just came over him, he was in some sort of a fugue state and not in command of his senses. If so he quickly recovered, not only knowing where he was going to go to dispose of the bodies, but how and where to hide evidence of his murders. Whatever came over him likely came over him days in advance, then what was left to do was make sure he would not be distracted when the time came and that he would have the guts to go through with it.

    Using the Rules of Blocking for a Returner in the game of football – the Returner needs to possess a few traits: 1) be a fearless competitor, catch a punt at full speed and continue his run forward. If the defense isn’t blocked, the collisions between a returner and a tackler can be extremely violent. 2) Have superior hands. 3) Have tremendous concentration. Several players are generally within a yard of him – the neighbors? the police? the dog? his co workers? his wife’s friends? – so the sounds of players blocking and running tend to surround him. He must close out these sounds, block them out in essence, in order to catch the ball and maintain his composure.

    Watts can’t brag about his final act of fearlessness. Instead he has to portray himself as a confused individual who was just overcome by something he doesn’t understand.

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