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The Chris Watts case in a Nutshell: “I got lost in those stunning green eyes”

There’s the long version to the Chris Watts case, and then there’s the short version.

The short version goes like this:

They met at work and over an unknown period of time, hit it off.

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Meanwhile Kessinger communicated to Watts her intent:

I’m looking for someone to build a beautiful life with.

Watts liked the sound of that.

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Especially because he was getting lost too. He was falling in love.

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But there was a problem he couldn’t easily get out of…



  1. tbp

    …and “We have a lot of FIRSTS together and I want to keep having them with you!!” Must have been very important to share firsts together, but kind of hard to do if those firsts were already experienced with another. Unless you remove/erase those firsts from your life.

    • nickvdl

      Good point tbp.

  2. Karen

    If she truly thought that they were in the process of separation and it was becoming “pretty finalized” she would not have referred to wanting to build a beautiful life similar to what he has with his wife…Obviously, it wasn’t so beautiful

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