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Chris Watts may have met his mistress at a Health & Safety Meeting

It’s just a hunch, but since Kessinger was employed in the capacity of Safety contractor, and Anadarko had a roster of regular safety briefings at the Platteville hub, wasn’t it likely they’d rub shoulders at one of these briefings?

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Significantly, Watts initially stored Kessinger’s number [on June 22nd when he and Shan’ann travelled together to San Diego] under the bogus contact name of APC Health Safety Environmental.

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Also worth noting – Watts’ spiel to visit the CERVI 319 site first thing Monday morning was to prevent a safety issue from coming up.

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According to the Discovery Documents, mandatory safety briefings at Anadarko’s Platteville hub are done:

  • 2 days a week
  • twice a day
  • 3-4 times per month

Reading into the briefings a little further, we know for certain Watts attended a briefing on CPR safety on May 16th, 2017. The subcontractor charged with some of the safety briefings [Raymond Gibson from SRP Environmental] is obtuse in describing [or failing to describe] the details and the people attending his classes. He mentions 300-400 employees “blending together in his mind.”

If Kessinger Googled Shan’ann Watts in September 2017, then is it really so unlikely that they encountered one another casually for the first time a couple of months prior to that search.

It’s also conceivable that given her position, Kessinger might have given advice or possibly lectured during these classes, which would have attracted everyone’s attention, including Watts’. It’s a theory. Strangely on so simple a question as when Kessinger started working at Anadarko we don’t have a straightforward answer.  What we do know is everyone in the industry was preoccupied with safety and so under the rallying call of safety briefings, Watts and Kessinger likely made first contact.

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  1. Brandon Clark

    Hey Nick if you look at the interview of 8-16 with her dad present, they mention concern for her job. This is the part we learn about Tasman being her employer. Her dad gives further details stating “ …this little thing was hangin out on oil rigs and now they got her in environmental where she’s able to clean up stuff”. So that explains her previous duties with Tasman. Imo the safety classes you are mentioning are required by Anadarko and she would not have been required to attend. She was not at that office. The interesting thing you mentioned was the gas monitor system. It still seems odd that she not only works with them but he did the google search on G.I.T. Which enables you to bypass the sensors on oil tank batteries.

    • nickvdl

      Some useful observations, thanks Brendan. She may not have had to attend CPR meetings but there were a host other other safety aspects, including leaks. Since she was employed as a safety officer it stands to reason that she’d be involved in some capacity, including briefing crew on how to use gas masks or to spot, monitor, report and/or maintain gas leaks.

  2. Sarah

    Why would Chris tell the murders like he did in the second confession? If he had so much fear about seeming like the bad guy why would he paint himself like a monster?

    The premeditation was necessary for a life with NK. Why would he occult this fact? What is the logical conclusion about who would hear that confession? I think it was a confession to his own parents. An account (although false) about how he himself took away all of her power and control over him. His mother was still trying to control him through the kids – even refusing to do something is a form of control.

    I think killing the kids was rage towards his own mother (and somewhat, his father). And I think the second confession was in response his mother fighting against him taking the plea deal. I think him lie about Bella’s last words were meant to be a response to his mother’s “We forgive you” at the sentencing hearing. In some interviews she hinted that she believed that he was innocent and had somehow been tricked into a plea deal. He put an end to that really quick with the last confession.

    In a way him being guilty made her culpable as well. It dragged out her rage against Shanann as well. It proved her disapproval and it made her not wanting to see the kids a finality.

    If my mother didn’t go to my wedding, refused to be kind to my husband, refused to go to my child’s birthday party, refused to acknowledge allergies, then my issue would be with my mother and the ways in which she was rejecting me and my choices. He didn’t seem that interested in seeing them in NC. Didn’t try to mend the fence between Shanann and his mother – though he was crushed about his father’s involvement.

    I think there’s some intertextuality between the Casey Anthony case and Chris Watts case. Just like Casey accomplished two things 1) freedom to do anything she wanted without having her mother involved 2) destroying something precious that her/his mother thought was theirs (or at least theirs to refuse to see or demand to see). That kind of codependence, manipulation and control of these mothers towards something that is NOT theirs to control is put the children in jeopardy. If the string that held control over Chris and Casey was their child and they weren’t particularly attached to the child because of core wiring then the getting rid of the child destroys those strains of control instantly. If Chris wanted to move on with NK or anyone else then destroying the children who finally destroy all control over his life and also say a big F U to his mother.

    When he was caught and under the control of the state, I think the confession was a way to get his mother to acknowledge that he took the control and she will never have it again.

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