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Were the children carried into the truck in transparent plastic containers?

One thing there was no shortage of, and one thing that wouldn’t be missed from the Watts’ home, were large plastic containers. The basement area was crammed full of them.


These containers were also large enough to place a small child inside, and put the lid back on.

We know for a fact that Watts carried out at least two containers to his track, so doesn’t it make sense that he put each child in each container? When Watts mentioned “containers” to the FBI’s Grahm Coder he stuttered. He also corrected himself, first stating container [singular] before correcting himself to containers [plural].

Fullscreen capture 20190717 171728

It also seemed a little strange that Watts would provide some detail for why he was placing these large, transparent containers on the backseat of his track. Incidentally, isn’t that where the girls were supposed to have sat?


Fullscreen capture 20190717 171629Fullscreen capture 20190717 171611Fullscreen capture 20190717 171556Fullscreen capture 20190717 171930

In CSA Yokum’s crime scene report he noticed two large containers in the backseat area of the truck. Thus we have a problem.

Fullscreen capture 20190718 223603

Can you see what it is?

Fullscreen capture 20190718 225256Fullscreen capture 20190718 225441-001

Fullscreen capture 20190718 225001Fullscreen capture 20190718 225108



  1. nickvdl

    Please refrain from using all caps in your comments.

  2. Georgia Pepper

    There are some bigger grey ones in the pics of the basement, the crime scene report “two large plastic bins” so doesn’t tell us if they were clear/other. He makes a point of correcting himself to say there are clear (twice), though he doesn’t describe his jug, bag, lunchbox or anything else with the colour/material so perhaps he was trying to rule out carrying them out there, as if to say why would he do that in see-through containers. He could have switched them out after the act too to clear ones with work stuff.

  3. LGW

    This is a very good theory. I’m going to take a guess at what the problem could be, but keep in mind it is the end of the day and I’m half-brain dead and exhausted.

    Is the problem that there wasn’t enough room for all his tools/equipment, 2 children, 2 plastic containers, and a dead body – unless the 2 children were actually dead inside the containers?


    Apologies on the caps. I was only trying to emphasize some key words. As for my Kennedy, Watts, Moon Landing statements, I’d gladly share my landline phone number with anyone who is curious, and in under a minute I’ll convince you why all 3 statements are the absolute fact. Theories be damned. I’m a retired P.I. and make my statements from professional industry experience, and information. The girls walked, and then, were lifted into the Watts truck. That is now officially updated in the Colorado bureau report.

    • Ralph Oscar

      Sure ya are, buckaroo. And I’m Princess Diana. Of *course* your >opinion< is the only real, true source of truth in the world. Thank you for your participation.

  5. Laura Thompson

    That’s what I see. How could the kids have been seated on the bench seat in back if he had put those containers there? There would not have been sufficient room, and I don’t recall his mention of the girls being crowded in between these containers nor his saying they sat atop them during his “confession”, (version 3.0, or so), in February.

    No way the kids left Saratoga Trail alive. I don’t give a rat’s ass what the official report reads. Oswald killed Kennedy, and we most certainly landed on the Moon, but the girls were dead long before Shan’ann even walked in the door.

    • Sally D.

      Agreed, Laura. I think he said in the second confession that they spent the trip alternating their heads in each others laps and comforting each other. Whatever. I know those back compartments can be roomy, but this just doesn’t work. I think the plastic containers each had one of the girls inside, probably each girl covered with one of the plastic bags, it makes perfect sense. That way he could easily load them into the truck, along with his work stuff, without looking suspicious. I just don’t think he would off the girls in his work truck, either, too much of a chance for something to go wrong. Yes, I’m in agreement that they were done before Shan’nan returned.

  6. Georgia

    Imagine the questions and resistance from two small girls supposedly woken in the middle of the night out of routine being told to get into the truck they never travel in, with no car seats. Having presumably been raised that plastic bags do not go on your face or head, just taking the body of their mother on the floor in their stride n going right along with it all. No way. They’d be so vocal about it all asking a zillion questions and so emotional. The sound would carry in the still of the night. The shadow theory has them walking therefore wide awake and alert. He was all about concealment and put forethought into it (calculator app, disabling garage sensor, amongst others).

    • nickvdl

      Now you’re talkin’.

  7. Jenn H.

    I see a big problem with this! The children wouldn’t be able to be placed
    in the back seat, and little to no room to place Shan’ann on the floor of the truck. Look at the width in between. Why doesn’t this story that Chris told
    fit together? Because the kids weren’t likely alive in the backseat, of the truck.
    I find this analogy very hard to believe as I did when I first heard it.
    There isn’t much room in the back seat for two small children.
    These girls were smart. They would also smell the decomposition starting
    with Shan’ann’s body on the floor board of the truck.
    Bella and CeCe would have been screaming, flailing around in panic.
    There’s so many reasons why this is so far fetched!

    • nickvdl

      Yes, not only logistically unlikely, but irrational. irrational is possible, except Watts is all about being cool, reasonable and rational. And I believe the murders were premeditated, and executed with cool intent. The taking the kids to the well site doesn’t jibe with premeditation at all though.

  8. kswilson15

    Many folks point out that since the girls were out of their routine and it was early morning that they would have simply sat quiet. Shannan had stated she had to keep the garage closed to contain CeCe when leaving somewhere. Even if she came out dazed and tired I find it hard to believe that in 45 minutes she was rearing to go again. And was CW going to take the risk of two unrestrained children and a dead body in a truck on his drive? I also think looking at the doorbell video Shannan is concerned about something. She has a lot of purpose in her walk and keeps glimpsing at her phone. Also, a text from friends went unanswered about arriving home in a group text. Shannan never answered which leads me to believe something had happened and her demise occurred quickly when she arrived home.

    • nickvdl

      Maybe they would have sat quiet. On the other hand, one could argue they were typically up and awake on any other day by 05:30, and Watts only arrived at the well site at or after 06:30. Agreed on your last point.

  9. Ralph Oscar

    “Also, a text from friends went unanswered about arriving home in a group text. Shannan never answered which leads me to believe something had happened and her demise occurred quickly when she arrived home.”

    Excellent observation. Seconded.

  10. Sideaffected

    I know no one walked out but him that morning for a million reasons but I go back and forth between the order. It seems there is evidence that the kids were killed in the evening (grilling alone, loud tv during 2 hr call) but that seems like a huge risk, like having the kids alive in the truck would be. He’d never strangled anyone before (to my knowledge)-how did he know he’d be able to do it without her getting away or at least that he’d temporarily lose control of her and neighbors would hear a scream? That’s why I don’t think he jumped her near exits like downstairs or the basement- I think she’d have to have been in bed for him to be comfortable with it. A lot of ppl think he attacked her right by the door-I don’t buy it. And for her to get in bed, wouldn’t he be anxious she’d see no kids? I also think it’d be risky to have them stored in his truck and it’s unlikely they were dead in bed for hours. It makes most sense to me to do oldest to youngest in rapid succession upstairs where they’re most trapped.

    • nickvdl

      You seem to be a smart person and this is well thought out. Trouble is, this isn’t about how you would have done it. You’re also missing the point of why. Why would you kill children first, at night? Did he [not you] have something better to do that he didn’t want them around? So what was he doing?

      I’m not going to go through the whole introversion thing again. If you think Watts was happy for Shan’ann to arrive home and confront him, talk to him, then that’s your opinion. My opinion is a year later you still have no idea of the kind of temperament Watts has, or Shan’ann for that matter.

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