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If Amanda Knox is living like this, why is she asking us for money for her wedding?

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Knox purchased a 3,650 square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bathroom home on March 13th, 2019 for $718 000. The request for public donations immediately followed her “Innocence Project” trip to Italy, in July 2019, three-and-a-half months later.

Secretly Married Amanda Knox Bought $718K Mansion Before Asking For Wedding Funds – Radar Online

Amanda Knox allegedly bought $718K home before soliciting wedding donations, according to report – Yahoo


Amanda Knox Suffers Horrific Christmas Death Tragedy – Radar Online


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  1. Ralph Oscar

    Nice house, but the furnishings are cheap. Must’ve spent it all on the house. No, I’m not giving her a penny, the shameless moocher.

  2. Sideaffected

    That was in poor taste. We differ on whether or not she’s a killer, and I don’t even think she’s a bad person, rather, most of what she does that pisses others off (like the murder mystery picture) I didn’t find offensive but this feels like taking advantage of her supporters. Actually, I don’t really like the idea of ANYONE doing a Kickstarter page to fund their wedding. I just feel those things should be for those in need (funeral expenses I’d get, searching for a missing kid I get unless it’s to pay your mortgage) or where you’re giving back (I support certain musicians/creators on Patreon.) If a poor person did it I’d kinda be like, eh go to city hall like the rest of us?? It’s a want not a need and even moreso like asking for donations for a Porsche not a Honda when you could take a bus. But a rich person asking for money for an excessive stupid wedding reeks of privilege, manipulation, and not being self-aware. It does feel like she’s making money off the original crime which is the only reason she got rich. There are no ads on her podcast on which she has access to incredible resources and people that others don’t (it’s really good) so Amanda shut up! I bet she’ll get it though.

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