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Letters from Christopher, a new Chris Watts book coming from Cheryln Cadle in October, likely with a Christian spin [UPDATED]

Scott Reisch has noted a new book announcement recently, which was echoed shortly afterward on Reddit.

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Fullscreen capture 20190819 013546


This could be the author.

Scroll down to fifth name below the heading: “Former Employees”.

Bible League International.


  1. Laura Thompson

    “Christopher”, though. 🤣

    This sounds like the title of a book by a smitten eighth grader, discussing emails from the boy she met at summer camp.

    Hard pass. I’ll let others read and review for me so that I don’t have to.

  2. Frances

    Like we can believe him, now…nope.

  3. crimetravelerswife

    Seriously though 🙈 let the victims and families rest now. It’s over and done and the author just out to cash in on the word of a murderer.

  4. Ralph Oscar

    Bleah. The Christianese – it burns…

  5. debbie chiovitti

    I think it is rediculous to write a book based on someone that does nothing but lie. How desperate do you have to be for cash to do something like this? Could it be a friend of NKs to put her in a more positive light…it will never happen….

    • Kathleen

      Hi Debbie, nope not a friend of NK,s in fact Watts and his co-author have both come to the conclusion that NK is a Jezebel, such an enlightened view, makes me want to re-read Hawthorne sigh

  6. Felicitas

    I wish they leave God and Christianity out of this whole mess. He has nothing to do with this. It is money making 10 .minutes of fame plot. Obviously the author is either completely naive or self serving I don’t care the fact is that this man is a pathological liar among other things. He is playing everyone to feed his sick ego. He will tell stories after stories as long as someone is listening portraying himself as a repentant man who really is good and just “snapped” taken over by something. The fact is he is a heartless non feeling being period and always has been. He likes to tell stories and present himself in a good light that’s how he gets his jollies. He will tell you terrible stories how he did it since he has nothing to lose but he will always tell you that it was not the real him and he changed. What a bunch of BS. I am a believer and can’t tolerate God being involved in this circus.

    • Ralph Oscar

      Sorry, you are not the boss of everyone who decides who gets to say they’re a Christian and who doesn’t. The fact is that Christianity has *always* attracted scoundrels and criminals – nothing has changed.

  7. Philip Merhalski

    I am sitting here laughing at the comments of the usual, willingly-ignorant suspects. They know not the author nor the truth of the book. From sitting next to Mrs. Cadle for seven years, listening to her words and heart for the Truth, I speak from authority that this book is neither for fame nor dollars. It is to show that in all lives, regardless of how low we sink, “the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men.” The Lord Jesus changes hearts. The critics obviously have never experienced this and Mr. Watts enters Heaven someday without them.

    • Mari

      I have worked in ER’ s for over 20 years. I do all the codes. In all these years I have had 2 codes going to hell. All the medical personnel involved had to go to counseling. I still wake up sometimes screaming from the nightmares of them begging us to save them. He has not repented if he denies he has done these things. And still tries to make everyone think he is a ” good guy” who just snapped. That is not accepting what he truly has done and he is loving all these sick women who write & visit him.

  8. Sandman has entered

    I applaud the Watts family friends that infiltrated CC and got the book to leak. It is not an accident. This caused thousands of dollars of revenue to be lost. One of the girls involved, is a bestie with Jamie. She is the one who got the Daily Mail exclusive. She gave The Watts Family money from that as well. This was not the first time she raised money for his family. She had a go fund me as well and buys CW items too. The author had no knowledge that the person she trusted most was sabatoging interviews and sales. She has played all sides beautifully. She will leak things to certain you tube connections as well. In fact she is a patreon in CK and AD. And has both of them thinking she is loyal. She plans on visiting Chris soon. She is yearning to meet his family and wants to make a beach trip with them next year. The Watts family has forgiven him plain and simple. The women in Chris’ circle that are cult like are obsessed and actually like him regardless of what he has done. It is sad. I think it’s a claim to fame. I think it’s an addiction. At least 3 women could end if divorced over their addiction. We all want the details yet at what cost? Metallica has an album called “The Puppetmaster”. Is it about the addiction of drugs. The irony is there is a puppet master. It’s not the Watts. It’s not the authors or CK or AD or others . It is the women Jamie has aligned with.

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