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Chris Watts: Why He Killed His Family [Motive and Psychology of a Murderer] – ANALYSIS #2

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Chris Watts’ body language told detectives that he had murdered his wife and children – Meaww

“…A few days later, he confessed to murdering all three, though the reason why he did so is not clear to this day…”

At 8:58 in the clip below, the Weld District Attorney tries to answer the question.

What does True Crime Rocket Science say about the “why”? Well, there’s a short version and a longer version. It’s important to look at both. We can say the same about why people have affairs or why a marriage ends in divorce. There’s a short version, such as one partner finding out the other is having an affair, and a longer version, the reason the one partner fell out of love and was attracted to someone else. Both of these versions alone aren’t the full answer. It’s only when we put them together that we get the full story.

In his video about relationships, at 4:02 Watts refers to two types of deterioration in a relationship.

“You have sudden and gradual. Sudden would be an example of infidelity.”

At 4:19 Watts refers to a relationship “gradually” deteriorating.

“Gradual would be…if you met somebody at work, or a new friendship as occurred…and as it goes on you see that, well maybe this relationship has more potential…”

A short answer is necessary, but it’s not the whole answer. A long answer is necessary too, but even with the details of a long narrative, we still need to be able to break it down into its building blocks, and then find our way to the biggest block of all. And that block, in this case, is the pregnancy.

Initially it seemed like it was a mistake, didn’t it? Or even that Shan’ann had gotten pregnant to trap her husband in the marriage. Then it seemed like it was a mutual idea. Then it appears it was his idea, and then he changed his mind.

Probably what happened is the marriage hit the rocks, and Shan’ann confronted him about it and pushed him in the direction of another child. And probably he wasn’t opposed to the idea, after all he’d mentioned it before [at 3:26] in the speech he made about how to heal relationships.

He also mentioned [at 5:02 in the clip below] going to a place where one had first met, to heal a broken relationship, which is precisely what he and Shan’ann did.  Was this also like pregnancy, her idea based on his idea, and he simply went along with it?

So he probably went along with it, as he tended to do his whole life. Go with the flow. And then when Shan’ann announced she was pregnant, Watts realized he was scared, and confused. Probably at this time he had already developed feelings for Nichol Kessinger.

Thin-slicing the Psychological Building Blocks, from Biggest to Smallest

1. Late abortion

2. Kill the baby, kill Shan’ann

3. Kill the children, they were also an expense. Watts didn’t enjoy his time in North Carolina, and didn’t like that his children were being sequestrated from his family by Shan’ann.

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4. The expenses associated with the baby, Shan’ann and the children.


5. If he had gotten divorced he would have lost everything, except, perhaps his job. But with no money, his only recourse would have been to move in with Nicole. She said she didn’t want that. Odd because he had spent the night almost every night at her place while Shan’ann was away.

Overarching Psychology and Identity

A. He’s an introvert

B. He’s a mechanic. He wants to fix things.

C. Oil worker, oil industry is also about bullshitting. Clean energy and safety.

D. He was emerging as more confident but he was still an introvert. Physically fitter and better looking, and Kessinger was someone who took an interest in him, edified him.

E. Shan’ann’s Temperament and Nutgate. Nutgate in a sense provided the psychological apparatus, to kill his children and his wife. In his mind, Shan’ann had already killed his children, she’d taken them away, and put a “dagger” into his relationship with his parents, especially his father.

Late abortion

Kill the baby kill Shan’ann

Kill the children, they were also an expense. Didn’t enjoy his time in North Carolina.

Context and Perspective

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None of that would have been an issue if he hadn’t met Nichol Kessinger.

If he was a rich man, divorce would have been easier too. It might have been why Nichol was attracted to him in the first place, because he appeared to have the perfect life, as many rich people, and rich men do.

She was attracted to him because he represented a better life, which was a fairy tale and a fiction. He was attracted to her because she represented a better person, and a nicer person [in his mind], than Shan’ann, and he thought with her he could also have a better life. But this fairy tale was built on the delusional fiction that his wife needed to vanish and that his girlfriend would accept the fairy tale that she and the kids had simply gone somewhere else and carried on with their lives somewhere else.

Even this notion was a mirror of Shan’ann and the kids spending 5 weeks in North Carolina. If she’d done that, why wouldn’t she simply walk out of her own marriage. If was believable, but it wasn’t reality. If we think that’s stupid, consider our knowledge – and that includes law enforcement, the District Attorney, the media, and everyone talking about this case. How many have really been able to explain why? The true answer to that question tells you how delusional we as a society have become, and why individuals need to develop their own discernment, their own Rocket Science to burn away their delusions.


In the next episode I will debunk the “Narcissism Narrative” as communicated in these videos:

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