“The police investigation against her was revealed as shockingly inept?”

Is that why resources were summoned from Rome?

“The analysis of the DNA evidence supposedly linking her and Sollecito to the crime was completely botched.”

Supposedly? Knox wasn’t convicted because the DNA evidence was botched, she was acquitted because of dubious claims of contamination. Were it not for these claims, Knox wouldn’t be able to trumpet the supposed lack of evidence linking her to the crime.

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Fullscreen capture 20191004 170705Fullscreen capture 20191004 170742

Knox’s current narrative relies on the public and the media having a short memory, and of not being informed about the details of the prosecution and defense. Including this one:

Fullscreen capture 20191004 170946

TEN FACTS the makers of the Netflix film ‘AMANDA KNOX’ don’t want you to know!Fullscreen capture 20191004 171333


Vecchiotti KrissyG's Eyes - Google Chrome 20191004 171829

“Her prosecutor was wildly irresponsible, obsessed with fantasies about elaborate sex crimes…”

This reminds one of the West Memphis 3. “Satanic panic got them convicted”- not them.

“It took eight years…for Knox to be finally declared innocent…”

Strange, how come she only served 4 years in jail of a 26 years sentence? Jodi Arias trial and Oscar Pistorius fizzled through court rooms for several years. Steven Avery case is ongoing – apparently.

“When Knox was freed from prison, a large angry crowd gathered in the Perugia town square to protest her release…”


At 01:32 in the trailer for OJ Made in America you see and hear a small woman screaming at OJ in an airport:


Was she wrong?

What about the crowd baying for the blood of Casey Anthony, and Chris Watts. Are they wrong?

“The Amanda Knox case makes no sense…”

Well, it does make sense. But it requires a long attention span, and it requires the stamina to wade through the four separate hearings. Most people don’t have that kind of focus, even those – especially those – enthralled by the defendant.

Knowing about Knox’s backstory as a poor girl from a broken family helps.

Knowing about Sollecito’s backstory, as a rich boy from a broken family helps.

Knowing about Meredith’s backstory, as a balanced, hard working, well-mannered, well brought up child in a mixed family, helps.

Knowing about the Ivorian’s background helps.

“Let me give you the shortest of all Amanda Knox theories…Her case is about transparency.”

Actually it isn’t. It’s about PR. It’s about lost in translation. It’s about playing people for fools using both sides of the fiddle. First you rubbish the DNA experts, then you pretend there was no DNA and count on the media to collaborate in your PR induced collective amnesia.

The Judge was a civil Judge. Knox case was his first or second criminal case. He didn’t understand blood evidence.

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Fullscreen capture 20191004 183233

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Fullscreen capture 20191004 173954Fullscreen capture 20191004 174100


Fullscreen capture 20190918 225959-002

Let me give you the shortest of all Amanda Knox theories…

This is the problem. But it’s not the first time Gladwell has been accused of oversimplifying, and being reductionist. There’s effective thin-slicing, and then there’s cutting things too finely. Gladwell commits the latter sin with his loosey goosey interpretation of Amanda Knox. It’s not an interrogation, it’s simply an opinion, and it’s woefully under-informed and mis-representative of the basic history of the actual case.

Fullscreen capture 20191004 181404

But if we’re going to insist on being reductionist, how about this. What if there is an explanation for Knox’s ongoing – in fact – infinite capacity for oddness, and goofiness…?

Fullscreen capture 20191004 175205

Fullscreen capture 20191004 175257

Knox had an unusually strict, regimented, sheltered life. Sheltered is a word Gladwell uses as he tries to make the point that he can’t explain the Amanda Knox case in hindsight. In his view it’s “completely inexplicable”. It’s not!

Fullscreen capture 20191004 180214

Amanda Knox seems to playing the narrative now that she’s suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 12 years after the crime, when for the past decade, she’s become infamous for not showing any signs of trauma, for not acting emotional at the time.

Fullscreen capture 20191004 142710

Even at her own murder trial, Amanda Knox always seemed to be smiling, as if she was enjoying being the center of attention, and regardless of why that was. Knox was conceived out of wedlock, an inconvenient fact her parents tried to cover up.

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