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Where did Chris Watts get the Oxy from? Answer provided exclusively to CrimeRocket [UPDATED]

On October 4th, 2019, Britain’s Daily Mail tabloid published an exclusive “preview” of a new book on Chris Watts, Letters from Christopher by American writer Cheryln Cadle.

Near the end of the article, the following information appeared:

Cadle asked him about the claims that Watts gave his wife Oxycodone and he responded with conflicting stories, saying he had given it to her twice – once at her parents’ home in North Carolina to try to cause a miscarriage, and then immediately before her death. He later contradicted himself and said he only gave it to her once in North Carolina.

‘I asked him where he got the Oxy, and he told me that is one of the things he will take to his death,’ Cadle wrote.

The moment Chris Watts said he used Oxycodone [the actual letter refers to Oxycontin] but wouldn’t say where he got it from, it set a cat among the pigeons. On the CrimeRocket forums people immediately begun to spread rumors and gossip. This prompted stern warnings – at least from CrimeRocket – for folks to cease and desist.

What they didn’t realize was by simply attaching a name to this new murderous spiel they were actually implicating someone as a potential accessory in triple murder.

I don’t think this was intentional, and I don’t think Watts or anyone else foresaw this possibility, but you can imagine what it felt like to be one of those names thrown in the hat, and there have been a few.

CrimeRocket has certainly been clear from the get go that Chris Watts alone is guilty and responsible for the Watts Family Murders.

Following this turn of events, a source close to the Watts family contacted CrimeRocket on October 5th and provided the following statement which is from Chris Watts himself. Not only was this statement transcribed and sent via email, but an audio clip of the conversation from Dodge Correctional was provided to CrimeRocket as well.

Furthermore, Chris Watts consented to this statements being sent to and published on CrimeRocket, so there was no underhand recording made without Chris Watts’ knowledge. Chris Watts and the Watts family would like to clear up any confusion about where he got the Oxy from.

The statement reads as follows:

“I gave Shan’ann the oxy on either July 30th or 31st, whichever was the first day I got into North Carolina.* I got the oxy from the bin [in the basement]. It was in Colorado and it was on the plane and I brought it from my house.”

*Watts first day in North Carolina was July 31st.

#28 July 31st, 2018: When Chris Watts arrives at the airport in North Carolina, an alarm can be heard sounding in the background #1yearagotodayCW


  1. lucystan

    Hmm. Why would he need to take “that to his death” if he just got it from a box in the basement? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    • stellla81

      lucystan- Chris has always maintained that he got the medication from the basement. Cheryln Cadle’s words cannot be trusted.

      • MelMag

        How can I contact you Stephanie? I tried to email your Hotmail and aol. Same name stella81

      • dana426

        I think the pathological lying crotch goblin’s words “cannot be trusted”.

    • Julie Wilkes

      Only if you assume he speaks with 100% honest accuracy every time he releases info – which for a man on his third confession might be up for question!!

    • Sabi

      Same thing I asked myself

    • Maura

      In my opinion the only thing Chris is taking to the grave is the truth: premeditated murder.

      • nickvdl

        Well he has admitted now that he was planning the murders for weeks.

        • Maura

          Yes, but I meant he’s not giving us the complete truth in any of his confessions especially how and when and in what order.

    • Carrie

      Answer: dim bulb Watts is incapable of sharing factual data. His “truth” shifts…Chris, Truth is solid not variable. He is delusional and a simpleton and he loves drama as evidenced by dating NK. he murders four innocent family members but he’s hiding the identity of the source of drugs…his self- proclaimed “genius” is his own perception, contrary to actual reality.

    • Unheardbird

      Keeps him relevant. Considering people either care enough to ask or just morbid curiosity. As long as he has something to tell people will want to ask… It’s a sad situation.

  2. Haley

    Hmm. Sounds like the statement about him “taking it to his grave” was fabricated to create more buzz about this case.

  3. ncam619

    Thanks for clearing that up Nick. The main reason i am an avid reader of your blog is because you (and the majority of your readers) use logic when analyzing this case. Anyone who still believes chris had an accomplice has absolutely zero analytical skills.

    • Cruisin

      How is it being analytical, when your taking the word of a convicted murderers family and putting it on his websites and webpages as FACT… sure it should be noted.. but not state “it has cleared it up” For me.. I still want to know who gave it to Chris for him to put it in the bin.. and no .. I don’t think it was a Watts family member…

      • ncam619

        First of all, you obviously don’t know much about this case based on the fact that you’re asking “who gave chris the oxy to put in the bin??” Secondly, the analysis of this case doesn’t only come from Chris’words. There was an entire discovery to analyze, as well as interviews from other people besides chris, and hours of police body cam video. Lastly, i suggest that you get caught up like the rest of us prior to commenting.

      • dana426

        If he slipped it to Shan’ann on July 31st, he hadn’t even seen anyone from his biological clan yet.

  4. Cruisin

    Yes but how did it get to the bin? He probably did keep it there hidden but it was STILL given to him.. I won’t say by who.. I don’t believe it was a Watts family member.. but my empathy for the Watts family has faded greatly as of their recent self serving actions.. I don’t believe Chris had an accomplice… not in the murders but in trying to abort an unborn child I sure do!!!

    • JC


      There’s a miscarriage inducing drug called “Plan B” that is readily available over the counter at any Walgreen’s. Women know about it. The chance Oxy, alone, causing miscarriage is slim and his intention was to murder, not abort. He used what was readily available in the basement. Likely stored there by him or Shanann, which isn’t that odd. I don’t throw away old meds b/c I don’t want them in the landfill or my drinking water. To make it a little more clear, nobody but Chris knew the plan or what was going to happen.

      The drugs were used on the girls the night of the murders, but how in the heck would he get Shanann to ingest it? Didn’t happen.

      • Cruisin

        I think you are referring to what is commonly known as “the morning after pill”… that would do nothing to a 15 week pregnant woman. Either way.. what he did before doesn’t really matter now does it.. His wife is dead, his two little girls are dead and his unborn child is dead. There is no 3 meals a day for any of them, nor the chance to “tell THEIR story” .. regardless of their faults in life.. this monster took theirs… so none of it really matters does it. His new book is once again self serving and anyone with half a brain can see that..

        • JC

          This doctor’s gf was 17 weeks pregnant. I try to stick to facts and existing evidence.

          • Emily

            That article refers to misoprostol which is used to induce contractions to force a medical abortion and is NOT the same as Plan B. Plan B only interferes with ovulation or fertilization. Which is why it is only effective for the first couple days after conception. Misoprostol requires a prescription. It is not given OTC like Plan B.

          • JC

            Thanks for clearing that up for me. I thought they were one and the same, and Plan B blocked progesterone. Low progesterone’s a fairly common reason for natural miscarriages also. (Not a bad idea to ask for a progesterone shot if you want extra insurance against miscarriage. I discovered that the hard way)

          • Anna

            This doctor used Misoprostil and Mifepristone which when used together induces spontaneous miscarriage/abortion. Plan B is Levonogestrel which prevents conception and will have zero effect on existing fetus.

  5. JC

    I concur with ncam above. Thank you, Nick, for this post.

    In re-reading my own posts, I think I made a mistake in trying to understand where thought processes runs amok and why anyone even entertains an accomplice. In rereading my posts I responded to them much too gently. I try to lead them (again, too gently) to rethink, as many people have critical thinking skills they can be encouraged to use, and can be redirected. And, yes, I know that’s hopeful thinking and gets me into trouble sometimes. I’m sorry.

    You know what I think? Cadyl (whatever her name is) is going to cause more trouble than not with her book. And maybe it’s unintentional, idk. Vague and general writing, especially in a book, from an amateur writer is dangerous. My “If…then” statements are easily misinterpreted as my beliefs. They are not.

  6. Julie Wilkes

    Cruisin – it wasn’t hidden, it was part of shannans stockpile that she kept In plastic crates in the basement – that’s what the crime scene photos seem to indicate. A virtual home pharmacy of prescribed medications for herself and the children – likely more than a doctor would keep prescribing for If they knew the last ones hadn’t been used up, if truth be told.

    • Cruisin

      “Shannans stockpile”? Please point me to the source of that information? Yes i’m sure Chris is going to “take that to his grave” and if Shannan was so used to using Oxy.. it wouldn’t have done a thing.. not even make her sick! I have no doubt Chris Watts hid it in the basement bin though…

      • JC

        The bins are clear. See through…not solid.

        • Cruisin

          Yes and they are not all packets of oxy! Probably packets of breathing medications of which you usually accumulate quite of few of when you have a breathing disorder.. Oh I do believe it was in there.. but the bin wasn’t full of oxy!

          • dana426

            “Cadle asked him about the claims that Watts gave his wife Oxycodone and he responded with conflicting stories, saying he had given it to her twice – once at her parents’ home in North Carolina to try to cause a miscarriage, and then immediately before her death. He later contradicted himself and said he only gave it to her once in North Carolina.
            ‘I asked him where he got the Oxy, and he told me that is one of the things he will take to his death,’ Cadle wrote.”
            Chris Watts is incapable of telling the truth.

    • farawayforfartoolong

      Curious as to what exactly you are trying to imply here ?

  7. suga

    Where is the evidence its from him? in letter he does not use ‘ in her name he has no email account yet not allowed

    • JC

      “Not only was this statement transcribed and sent via email, but an audio clip of the conversation from Dodge Correctional was provided to CrimeRocket as well.”

      I interpreted this as coming from Dodge prison staff/admin in email.

      • dana426

        Was the audio provided to Crime Rocket by Dodge Correctional staff or recorded by a Watts family member over the phone? (would be easy to do) Also, as I understand it, Chris has email privileges with family members, his lawyers & possibly friends.

        • nickvdl

          It wasn’t provided by Dodge Correctional. It wasn’t provided by the family either, however they consented to its use. People should focus on the actual statement, less so on how it was distributed.

  8. Cruisin

    Can I direct a question to the author of this website? Why are we now putting 100% credit on the word of the family of a convicted murderer? One who has proven to go to any lengths to clear not only their own, but their sons names (not that they committed any crime) .. but their behavior of late has been extremely questionable…

    • farawayforfartoolong

      Because this site has always been somewhat anti -Shanann and the Watts family somehow knows this . These people would never ever talk to anyone who sympathized with Shanann or the Rzucek family . They think TCRS is on their “side” somehow . Nick can say what he wants but he’s always been slanted against Shanann , from the very start . Read through his blog right from the inception of these murders and you’ll understand what I mean .

      • dana426

        IMO, he does criticize Shan’ann & point out her personality flaws, however, I don’t interpret that as being “anti-Shan’ann” or any justification for the hideous crime the crotch goblin committed.

        • Julie w

          Hear hear. And you’ve made me laugh with the goblin description.

  9. Juliew

    I think in fairness if you read comments across a range of posts, this site can not be accused of putting 100% credit on the perpetrator or anyone else. A lot of the comments on this 3rd confession are in fact questioning the accuracy of much of the statement in the light of other evidence. Equally – it would not be quite right to unquestioningly implicate either a family member or associate of cw purely on the basis of what this convicted murderer (& proven liar) – or a person working on his agency such as the author of this book – has now casually said (i.e. About taking info to his death etc).

    And that would apply even if they hadn’t provided this further statement. So I think you’re right not to just take everything as gospel truth – and of course convicted murderers and their family members may not always be totally neutral in the info they choose to release or in what they think. But equally you can’t pick one sentence of what he or his agency (the author of the forthcoming book) have said and over emphasise the credibility of that as being absolute truth or proof of something because it maybe links to something you feel strongly about.

    I don’t think any of us would be on here if we didn’t find the murders of these people abhorrent. And clearly that is how you feel also. However we also want to look at it beyond the tabloid headlines and try and understand what the view from the tunnel was for the people involved, and part of that is weighing up the different accounts given after the event and what pressures might be informing them. In this instance i don’t see much to be gained from their releasing this clarification – if anything it just places the responsibility back where it belongs – with cw.

    On a practical level, this drug seems to have birth defects (i.e. at full term) listed as by far a more prominent risk. It really would be a poor choice for terminating a pregnancy.

  10. richard

    Considering that we know that CW lies, can we really trust this email sent from him ?
    A nice bit of deflection if someone supplied this to him (knowingly or unknowingly what the Oxy was to be used for)

  11. richard

    can we really trust CW and what he says ?

  12. Jackie

    This is heartbreaking. We already know that he committed multiple murder on that day, but for him to actually admit that he made an attempt to severely harm Shanann and her baby several days before is horrifying and heartbreaking. I mean, this man loved Shanann for many years and then after that he sees her as a worthless nothing but a burden he needs to eliminate. He probably looked at her dead body and saw garbage.

  13. Tamara

    If we weren’t talking about a quadruple homicide, this would be comical. Can there be any doubt about the Watt’s involvement in both of these books? Word sure got back to him quickly about his sister being named as the source of the oxy and an immediate recording made in one of his daily calls to HIS PARENTS. MEL and all his other supporters need to stop taking the rest of us for fools. The transparency is ….abundant.

    • Beth

      I couldn’t agree more! It is abundantly clear to me that the Watts clan is in full damage control mode and they are absolutely scrambling. This is just another misstep on their part. I haven’t heard anything so ridiculous since that “if anything happens to me, look to my wife” letter that they tried to pass off as genuine and without premeditation. They really need to set their hatred of Shanann down, shut their mouths, and take the time to properly mourn and accept what a monster Chris is.

  14. Julie w

    Have a look at crimerocket2 and the statement about the cadle author from another person who is supposed to be known to the family and speaking for the. The whole thing around this book is a shifting sands situation and actually I think we’re allowing it to lead us to concentrate on one issue – it has shades of misdirection that seem to be working on us as commenters ! Squabbling around about the not very mysterious source of oxy (logically – from where it was kept in his house and used because it could be attributed to use by the person prescribed it if anything had happened that resulted in her going to a doctor and having blood tests). There’s a host of reasons he could have given it to her not to do with causing miscarriagàe – to make her question her ability to handle the pregnancy with her health issues, to make her ill because that’s how much he disliked her by then, to assess how certain doses affected someone etc etc.

    • Ralph Oscar

      “to assess how certain doses affected someone etc etc.”

      So as a test with his dosing the girls in mind? Diabolical!

  15. Julie w

    Ps so I’m sort of saying that if the comment about him taking the info about a source of the oxy to his grave was meant by CW or Cadle as misdirection , or as a teaser to promote interest in the book prepublication, or as mischief making, or whatever. Then it’s sort of worked.worked

    It might of course just have been sloppy writing by an author now running her manuscript around lawyers!

  16. MelAnie

    Here’s my only question: I’m not buying the book. But I hear it’s addressed in the book….. why the doll photo? That’s all I want to know.

    • ncam619

      I read the book. Chris confirmed that he sent the doll pic to shan’ann when she was in Arizona. He claims that he thought it was funny and that was the only reason he sent it to her. Of course, i don’t believe him.

  17. Maura

    I would not be surprised if Chris tried to kill his wife the first day he was in NC. Shan’ann became violently ill after he arrived. They slept apart. He didn’t see her take the drugs would be his story.

    As discussed in previous posts, Chris had a pharmacy stockpile of pain drugs his wife and kids used stored in their basement. Being pregnant, Shan’ann had not been taking drugs for awhile so her tolerance would be lower. She was ill more often during her final pregnancy.

    Since Chris frequently lies but adds a kernel of truth mixed in, he’s admitting he “Gave her oxycontin to cause a miscarriage” because he didn’t want the baby. Not saying, “I wanted her and the baby to die in NC so I could be free of them.”

    Both his wife and unborn Nico were huge obstacles to his relationship with Nichol who was shopping for wedding dresses, and wanted to be able to give Chris his first son. Nichol told her friend she wanted Chris to experience some firsts with her. Chris knew Nico was a boy.

    Next, the Watts’ abysmal finances were the second biggest obstacle to his ability to start a new life. If Shan’ann had died from medication prescribed to her in a house full of her family in NC on vacation, her death might have been ruled accidental. It would have solved most of his “problems” : No new baby to provide for, No messy divorce, No more wife fighting with his family, and Control of the oversized home which he could sell and gain a profit of $100K after his debts were paid.

    Chris told Nichol, in one of the discovery docs last Nov.,that his dream home was a small ranch house. If his wife was gone and he had the cash from his house sale, I believe he would have bought a ranch home eventually for him and his daughters, who would have been sent to a cheaper preschool. He got along with his in-laws so the Rzuceks could fly to CO and be caregivers on occasion or taken his daughters in the summer. In this scenario, Nichol would not be threatened by his 3 and 5-year-old kids.

    • Ralph Oscar

      That scenario works, Maura.

  18. richard

    I suspect a lot of people will listen to CW for now until he drops NK in it (somehow), then people will just switch off as his lies are spun.
    There seems to be a lot of people out there that think NK had something to do with it

    • nickvdl

      You’re coming perilously close to being banned from commenting further on this site Richard. Are you aware that by suggesting Nichol Kessinger might have been involved, you’re implicating her as an accessory to triple murder? If you feel this is the case, why don’t you go to Colorado, lodge a case with the Frederick Police Department, and accuse who you wish to accuse in a proper forum. When you do that, she can then counter sue you for defamation, assuming you can’t prove your case. Are you new to true crime in general, or are you just used to the idea of accusing people online, in public without facts or evidence?

      • richard

        Sorry Nickvdl, this is not my intention.
        However, on social media sites. there are a lot of people suggesting this.
        I don’t think NK is involved. CW said he done it.
        Considering the lies upon lies coming out of CW, I really wouldn’t be surprised what he comes out with next

    • ncam619

      You mean a lot of “sheeple” believe NK had something to do with it. There is no evidence she was involved and it makes no sense that chris would not have implicated her by now. If she was involved he would have used her involvement to secure a better plea deal. Most people would rather spread false rumors then use their God given brain.

      • JC

        Also on the list could be NK’s friend in WI, and CW’s family who were just living their lives like all of us do half way across the country. The circle of conspiracy keeps expanding.

        • nickvdl

          It shouldn’t.

          • JC

            Your YT channel is the first I’ve ever subscribed to but it causes other unwanted Watts case videos to come up in my feed. Mary Marlow cites you and your material directly in a recent video to absurdly reinforce an accomplice. And AD is another runaway train, but everyone already knows that.

            It’s a bizarre (is that the word I want?) phenomena to see play out in real time.

          • nickvdl

            Do you know what’s even more bizarre? Unusually for me, I reached out to an American reporter today and had a brief discussion. It felt like talking to one of the AD commenters. Everything I said the reporter felt wasn’t true. I said I could provide proof, but then thought, if you are so ignorant of what is going on in this case, why cast pearls before swine? She didn’t even know Watts had made a statement from prison, and the video link I’d sent her she hadn’t even bothered to watch. Lazy journalism and lazy journalists.

          • Julie w

            I think there’s something emblematic about this crime that leads people to imprint their own stories and conclusions in it based on their own value system. It is in some ways a modern morality take about the dangers of living above your means, entitlement to material goods, believing your own social media hype, self delusion, magical thinking, projecting an image and believing it yourself, be it happy family or a successful mlm businesss etc. There’s emblems such as homewrecking women and nasty in laws. Some of the YouTube stuff out there is mad. I’m not generally given to daft conspiracy theories but for about 1 second I wondered about the psyop theory myself after reading it – on account of the morality tale aspects. But then I got a grip! Mind you, it’s looking like cw might be weighing up the benefits of claiming a touch of demon possession.

          • nickvdl

            Very much so. JonBenet Ramsey was also a lot like this case in that respect.

          • JC

            Right on, Julie. Modern morality, social media, MLM’s grandiose living. And, now, demon possession?

            @nick Wondering what kind of journalist you spoke with (aside from lazy). The best news and journalism I read is coming from independent publications. The hedge fund Alden Global has bought up so many regional and local newspapers; Denver Post and other smaller news sources. It’s been an attack on thoughtful, in-depth journalism – but that’s a conversation for another time.

            If your conversation didn’t sour you today on all American journalists, a story about this case for educated, analytical readers is long past due. Take a look at this piece by a Boulder County journalist about another crime writer focusing on another case that had ties to Weld County and Boulder. It’s a pretty long read but it was a 2-part cover story, so… Her last name has to be a sign from the universe, right?


            The Jon Benet Ramsey case was covered extensively by them, but not one story or blurb about this case. I think the woman who wrote the Springford piece would be someone to ask and converse with – although she may only have a cursory knowledge of the case too, she doesn’t shy away from complex stories. If nothing else, she would welcome knowing that a talented author with in-depth analysis of area crimes exists – and half a world away at that.

          • nickvdl

            Thanks for the recommendation JC. It’s funny about the crockett thing. Fingers crossed!

          • JC

            @nick Gave you the wrong email. This is correct:

          • nickvdl

            Yup. Thanks I figured when I got the delivery failure. No response thus far.

          • Julie w

            Boulder seems quite well represented in some high profile cases now you mention it (anyone checked the water ?!)

          • JC

            @Julie. haha. Boulder just attracts crazy: from Georgia, from Alabama, from North Carolina.

            CW and Brent (from the article) both found demons in Colorado! Go figure…Apparently, the murderous demon’s name is Akasha. .

          • Ralph Oscar

            So what’s the joke about “Crockett”? “Davy Crockett” the old-timey explorer and mountain man? I don’t get it 🙁

          • JC

            @Ralph The author’s last name is Rockett. Funny coincidence.

            But thanks a lot, Ralph! Now I”ll have the Davey Crockett song in my head for hours. ~~King of the wild frontier~~

          • Ralph Oscar

            It *is* a modern morality tale, and one with some very clear and obvious lessons. I certainly learned from it! It’s important as a cautionary tale even though 99.999% of similar scenarios won’t end in multiple murders. If we can’t learn anything practical from events around us, then we’re pretty useless…

  19. Shannon

    If he really wanted the baby gone, he could have punched her in the stomach.
    It has been done before.

    • Ralph Oscar

      “If he really wanted the baby gone, he could have punched her in the stomach.
      It has been done before.”

      And then Shan’Ann would have called the police and he would have been charged with domestic violence and assault and even a murder charge of some sort if she miscarried. And if she didn’t miscarry, there would still be the domestic violence and assault charges and jail time and a trial and even more of a mess. C’mon, Shannon, you’re better than this.

      • Shannon

        HI Ralph.
        Yes I know, but there are many ways to abort a baby.
        He could have, but now. I don’t think they had physical abuse in their marriage.
        But Chris was desperate.
        It was just an out there thought.🤔😎😍

  20. Artiststateofmind

    “Pawprints from Dieter”, the follow-up book that will contain Watts’ next version of “truth”.
    That’s more believable than the rubbish he’s contrived since the beginning.
    Chris, if you’re capable of actually feeling remorse, THAT would be shocking!

    • Maura

      If only Dieter could talk.

    • lisa

      Dieter….ashh now there is a book I’d consider the truth.

      Interesting Dieters Original
      Owner-asked for him back-but..apparently That friendship ended despite living w/The Dieter family for a year and getting a job at her hospital.

  21. Juliew

    We know that cw had direct access to oxy in his own house. It’s on the police camera footage! Why would be need to obtain it from elsewhere? He wouldn’t. We also know his confessions are somewhat ‘creative’ but can indicate bits of truth leaked out in different context and circumstances in which they happened. I do believe he used it on the children with the intent to kill them and it either did kill them or near killed them, with the use of manual suffocation to make sure. He may have administered it to Shannon at her family’s house but I don’t think it was with the hope of it directly causing a miscarriage (just so unlikely to work and he’s a lot of things, but not stupid). I personally don’t think it would have been administered as a serious intent to kill her there (too high a chance of her staggering and slurring around/ambulance called by family/opioid overdose recognised/narcam administered/awkward questions!). However he may have given it to her to shut her up and keep her indisposed why he was busy texting and chatting and shopping for necklaces – or – to try and encourage her to end the pregnancy (Look how ill it’s making you – you’re not up to it with your health probkems) – or as a passive aggressive act of sadism i.e. To make her suffer for the hell of it.

    • nickvdl

      I had the same thoughts exactly. It’s people who are trying to create clickbait and create conspiracies.

    • JBosh

      My ex husband drugged me for years, and I just found out recently through multiple witnesses. I used to tell my ex husband that I couldn’t remember anything, felt weird and didn’t know why. I had bruises and bumps, never knowing where they came from. He made me call my friends, tell them I was suicidal on speaker phone, so that if he overdosed me my death would be ruled a suicide. These people have no soul. I bet he drugged her regularly.

  22. Shannon

    “Those who know don’t tell, and those who tell don’t know.”

    “People who “Lie” about the lies they lie about.”

    “A pretty lie, instead of the “ugly” truth.”

  23. JBosh

    What a great article. I wasn’t aware that he drugged her. Do you believe Chris Watts acted alone? I have always had the feeling that Nicole Kessinger helped. Thank you for this!

    • nickvdl

      Yes, acted alone.

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