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JonBenet Investigator Analyzes Burke Ramsey on “Dr. Phil”

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  1. Sylvester

    I wanted to say something here, as I just found this particular post a day ago. James Fitzgerald is obviously speaking here before the CBS Special aired in 2016. He says all of the investigators from the show took 22 minutes to hand write and copy the ransom note. He’s making a point, which I think was lost in the blur of being interviewed and interrupted, and I’m guessing his point was that a random intruder would not have sat in the house for at least 22 minutes, using the Ramsey notepad and pen to compose a note. But another scenario arises for me, in that the murder must have happened within a few hours of the Ramsey’s arriving home the evening of December 25. This would give the Ramsey’s hours and hours to come up with a plan and sit and write a note. For instance if the crime happened around 11 p.m. that gives them 6, maybe 6.5 hours before the 911 call had to be made. Hence, no one intruded on their home after everyone was asleep, unless the killer brought the note with him (using Patsy’s notepad and pen, not likely). Thinking about what to say, in addition to practice pages, would have taken even longer than 22 minutes.

    Also Fitzgerald says he thinks the garroting might be part of staging. He doesn’t elaborate. Why does he say this? That theory would presume that the head blow came first, and the garroting the coverup. Or could he mean that the strangulation marks from the chord looked like the chord had been moved and re-positioned. I also think the (torture), sexual assault, use of a garrote, and head blow – just the crime itself, not the staging, had to have involved two individuals. It’s too much for one – there were too many things going on at once.

    And as we know the last two hours of the Special were cut out. Any theories on what the last two hours contained?

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