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CHRIS WATTS: The Evolution of Evil


  1. Sylvester

    I’ve thought about whether Chris Watt’s children may have been the primary target in his premeditated murders simply because if he had eliminated them first and spared Shan’ann there would have been no need after that to stay married to their mother. It could have been a far less messy divorce process. He says he tried to kill Niko first, but had he exceeded he still would have had the pressures of supporting the rest of his family, spousal support, etc. Many is the couple who split up after a tragedy, as neither can cope with the loss of the child (Adam Walsh, for example) as one parent tends to blame the other. In the case of the Ramsey’s however, they needed to present a united front in order to cover up and conceal the crime of another family member. If Patsy had killed JonBenet or John, it’s not likely either parent would have stayed with the other. So to put it simply, had Watts murdered his children and spared Shan’ann he could have more easily slipped into a separation- type situation. Watts liked simple, not confrontational. The stress of losing her children may have caused a miscarriage all on it’s own. This is just a theory.

    I also don’t think his plan was contingent on whether or not Cody Roberts gave him the okay to make a run out to Cervi 319 on his own. His texts to Cody were not insistent, nor do they sound panicked. Watts didn’t need the heads up from Cody to administer drugs to his children, I think he had already administered them. Had Cody said no, I’m taking Cervi 319, Watts would have instigated some sort of Plan B. In premeditated murder the perpetrator goes over in their mind every scenario possible. And there is always a slight variable of winging it. Maybe Frank Rzucek didn’t see CeCe because it took less to knock her out. And even though he says he “heard” CeCe, did he actually hear her or did Watts tell him he heard her.

  2. Sylvester

    “The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” Einstein.

    Could the same be said about Watts? And all of us.

  3. Sylvester

    Speaking of evil – Durst. But I think you know it’s not just greed and entitlement with him. He witnessed his mother’s fall to her death at a young age, his father brushed it off, and later at age 10 or so he was diagnosed schizophrenic. Imagine that. He likely had no one to talk to. He might even start to question just exactly what he did see. He wouldn’t want to have children because he wouldn’t want to bring a child into the world that would end up being crushed as he was. Money became the all-mighty everything but at the same time he could pass it off as meaningless – which would play into the sense of entitlement. It’s there if you need it, one less thing you have to need. Needing someone didn’t work out too well for him.

  4. Sylvester

    Does anyone know when Watts got his Metallica tattoo? I don’t recall anyone commenting on just when he had it done, or why. It’s a massive tattoo, it would have hurt, it would have burned for days. Was he a fat Watts then? It’s at odds with the personality of the nice guy introvert. It practically yells “I’m a bad ass.”

    • Jessica Chipman

      being a bit older than Watts, I would guess the aughts because of the tribal part of the tattoo. He most likely got the metallica tattoo in early adulthood as a show of independence (don’t we all?), and then covered it over with tribal when he decided a band logo wasn’t a good idea.

  5. Sylvester

    Good point Jessica, it is a tribal thing. Not that Watts had a tribe, he seemed to be a lone ranger. But for some a tattoo is sort of a rite of passage and the tribe he was identifying with were Metallica lovers. It had to really hurt though as it’s massive. He would have found showering difficult too, your tattoo has to be covered with a plastic bandage for a few days.

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