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“Nickole Atkinson was Shan’ann’s Best Friend”

You tend to know a person through their friendships with other people. Besides the Thrive Kool-Aid crowd, who were Shan’ann’s friends? Who did she hang out with for fun and leisure? Who did she barbecue with and shoot the breeze? Did she know anyone, did she have any friends that weren’t part of her promotional team?

If so, who were they?

Fullscreen capture 20181016 231646

Her Facebook page doesn’t appear to show anyone standing up for her, or looking for her when she disappeared, that wasn’t part of the Thrive cabal. Right now, her biggest supporter is her father and to some extent her younger brother. Any friends in Colorado raised their voices in support of Shan’ann [besides her work colleagues]?

Nickole and Shan’ann became friends not because of shared interests, but because of shared greed. They both wanted to make as much as they could out of their shared interest in MLM. The one was using the other and vice versa. That’s how MLM works.

Whoah! Isn’t that a little harsh?

Is it?

When Nickole was interviewed by ABC she made use of that opportunity to promote Thrive. Notice the sticker strategically sticking out under her shirt?

Fullscreen capture 20181016 151813

This was Atkinson’s moment to talk about her “friend” and bear witness to her. A human being telling America about another human being that has been lost to the world.

In typical Thrive fashion, Atkinson saw this as a crucial opportunity to peddle product on national television. Using a murder investigation of her “friend” to sell patches.

Fullscreen capture 20180917 142319-001

Does that say more about a genuine friendship or desperation?

Bella and Celeste’s Last Supper

The critical question is what the autopsy reports say about Bella and Celeste’s stomach contents. If the children were killed shortly after a large dinner involving barbecuing steak, then it’s possible some of the contents may have remained intact in the upper gut. If there is stomach contents, it would likely be exculpatory for Shan’ann, and inculpatory for Chris Watts.

Going through what we know thus far in the Watts Case, food comes up a fair amount in the file dealing with the final hours of Bella and Celeste’s lives.

In the clip below, just before the 3 minute mark Chris Watts is asked about his relationship with this children. Instead of saying he loves them, and is worried about them, instead of grief he uses shallow, symbolic language. While shaking his head slightly he refers to his children as “the light of my life”.

In TWO FACE I compared this reference to the logo of Frederick – a lamp rising over the mountains of Colorado.


Watts worked in the oil industry, and his job was to put oil in lamps, and get the lamps of Colorado to burn with golden light. Given his financially constrained circumstances then, did he really see his own children, and a third on the way, as “the light of his life”, or did he see the income he was making at Anadarko, and the home he had in Frederick, as the actual golden light? And he wanted to keep the lights on at home, didn’t he?

What was preventing him from keeping the lights of his life on? What was a threat to him not only losing those lights, but the whole house?

Fullscreen capture 20181016 152054

Just ten seconds after his off-the-cuff “light of my life” reference, Watts cracks a joke about food: “Last night [stutters]…when they et – you know when they usually eat dinner I was like, I miss telling them, hey you gotta eat that or you’re not gonna to get your dessert…[laughs]…you’re not gonna get your snack after…I miss that.”

There’s a lot of tension and nervousness around this simple disclosure. He stutters, he waves his hands, he corrects dessert to snack, but when he laughs it’s the biggest and clearest show of mirth in the whole interview. Remember, Watts is an introvert, so showing emotion isn’t his style. And yet here he does.

He also waves his hands around as he talks about them watching television.

Through the entire interview Watts is deadpan, and has his arms folded across his chest. And yet here, talking about his relationship with his kids, he’s laughing, he’s expressive, he’s unfolding his arms to make hand gestures. It’s as if he’s relieved about something; a big weight has left his shoulders as opposed to being weighed down by the uncertainty of not knowing where they are, or losing them.

We also know Watts took the kids to a birthday party down the road in Erie on Sunday, August 12, and that later that afternoon he barbecued on his balcony. Was the last supper for his children the birthday party snacks [that’s another word he uses in the interview], or the barbecue?

…you know when they usually eat dinner I was like, I miss telling them, hey you gotta eat that or you’re not gonna to get your dessert…[laughs]…you’re not gonna get your snack after…

It’s possible that Watts is leaking the fact that they usually ate dinner but on the night of the murders they didn’t. But because he role-plays it, because he says “I was like…hey you gotta eat that or you’re not gonna get dessert…” and because he also misspeaks about them eating dinner on the 13th [they were dead already] and then corrects himself, it’s possible he did give them something to eat.

The correction of dessert to snack seems to suggest he knew they normally didn’t get dessert after meals, and people who knew the Watts and knew Shan’ann may have known this too. Whereas giving them snacks after dinner – well, there were plenty of Thrive branded cookies and cakes to choose from. Snacks.

If they had dinner and snacks it was unlikely to be after their bedtime between 18:00 and 18:30.

Fullscreen capture 20180911 095148

But in a premeditated murder [if that’s what this was], it makes little sense to feed your victim moments before you intend to kill them, unless the feeding plays into the death somehow.

hey you gotta eat that

The Last Supper could thus be used to sedate the children, or to poison them. The “light of my life” reference and the cuddling on the couch are at the top of Chris Watts mind during his Sermon on the Porch on Tuesday, the morning after the murders. Yet it’s unlikely he wanted to cuddle with his kids on the couch when there were some big sports shows on television that weekend. His flippant reference to whatever show they wanted to watch, his toss of the hand, seems to confirm that,

Fullscreen capture 20180911 095845

Chris Watts, as an oil man, was used to the idea of chemicals and processing raw materials – black liquid, gas, mud, sludge – into more useful forms. He may have seen his own children in the same way. That he was simply going to use chemicals to convert them into a form that was more useful to him, and would keep the lamps burning in the big house he loved so much.

If he did that to their bodies when they were dead [use chemicals to dissolve them], why not do the same to those bodies when they were living?

Chris Watts Family Homicides were far from a “Perfect Murder” – HERE’S what a perfectly executed murder looks like

What’s the definition of a Perfect Murder? Simple – it’s where there’s no evidence there was a murder committed in the first place.

Within hours of the Watts Family murders, Chris Watts was the subject of intense public scrutiny, then suspicion. He had little choice when he was arrested just three days after the murders to confess.

Due to [what appears to be] a quick conclusion to an “open and shut” case, followers of true crime have since been banging the same drum. Chris Watts is a dumb criminal, they say, and his crime – though monstrous – was daft. Because he was caught so soon, his crime was badly executed. Also, because he was caught so “easily” it probably wasn’t a premeditated murder [or murders], it was a spur of the moment.

Intertexuality Defined

We use Intertextuality to test these “obvious” assumptions. Intertextuality is the narrative consistency between crimes and criminals, and is a TCRS-ism straight from the Rocket Science Toolbox.

To test the assumptions of the Watts Case we need to travel 15 hours by air, 6,126 miles West to East, drawing our smiley face across the globe en route to Istanbul, Turkey

Fullscreen capture 20181016 155156

What does the triple murder in a quiet subdivision of Wyndham Hill, Frederick, Colorado have to do with the mysterious disappearance of a Saudi national called Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul Turkey, halfway around the world? More than you might think.

If there’s a contemporary poster child for the perfect murder, it’s the ongoing, and still unsolved Khashoggi Case. Officially, at the time of writing, Khashoggi remains a missing person. He vanished.

That’s rule number 1 for a perfect murder: It’s not murder, the person is simply missing.

According to USA Today the Saudi position, as told to the media [the equivalent of Watts’ Sermon on the Porch in other words] is that:

[they/the Saudis]…have denied any wrongdoing in Khashoggi’s disappearance and claim that he left the consulate [through a back door], where he had gone to obtain official documents before his upcoming wedding, shortly after his arrival.

A critic of the Saudi regime living in self-imposed exile in the U.S., Khashoggi has not been seen since that day.

Turkish media on Wednesday published the names of 15 Saudi nationals who traveled to Istanbul the day Khashoggi disappeared. One of them is the head of a forensic department in Saudi Arabia’s intelligence services. Others appear to be Saudi agents of one kind or another, according to Turkey’s Sabah newspaper. 

If what you want is to pull off the perfect murder, you’d probably send along the head of forensics in your intelligence services to let your team of hit men know what to do, when, and how, and how to clean up all the forensic evidence.

Fullscreen capture 20181016 142919

So what does the perfect murder look like:

  1. It’s premeditated
  2. It involves the murder behind closed doors at a prescribed time and place, with a prescribed victim and perpetrator
  3. The crime scene needs to be a secure location where the murder can be executed without being seen, without being heard, without interference and without unfriendly witnesses [in other words, the issues isn’t necessarily that there aren’t witnesses, but more pertinently that if they are they won’t talk. One witness in the Watts case is Deeter].
  4. It involves a “getaway vehicle” and a plan to remove the body from the crime scene to a defined “burial” location which is also secure
  5. The vehicle is backed up to the entrance to allow for ease of transfer of the body, and also to minimize DNA transfer to the ground
  6. The perpetrators have a ready explanation for the crime: they don’t know where the victim went, he disappeared. It has nothing to do with them
  7. There are no traces of the victim at the crime scene

I’ve maintained all along that the Watts murders were not only premeditated, they were carefully calculated and scheduled. They also  check all seven of the above points. So why wasn’t the Watts case a perfect murder? For the same reason the Khashoggi Case isn’t. Unbeknownst to the Saudi’s, the Turkish government had bugged the embassy and placed CCTV cameras inside and outside the building. It wasn’t so much that the Saudi’s executed poorly, they failed to take into account they were being watched – just like Chris Watts.

So the same thing that busted Chris Watts essentially busted the Saudi’s. And here it is:

Khashoggi enters the embassy at exactly 13:14:37 on October 2nd.

Fullscreen capture 20181016 130453

When Khashoggi enters, a black Mercedes Vito with tinted windows is visible over his shoulder, parked on the sidewalk opposite the entrance. Khashoggi has no way of knowing it, but in a short time he will be dead and his dismembered body transported in that black van along with his killers.

Fullscreen capture 20181016 144457

Interestingly, at 12:12 the Mercedes Tito backs up to the entrance of the embassy, possibly in a “test-run” to see how close they can get the van to the door.

It’s unknown whether the body was loaded here or at the back entrance. If the back entrance was available, they likely would have used it especially since Kharshoggi’s fiance was waiting outside/probably had line-of-sight of the front entrance.

Fullscreen capture 20181016 131029

By 15:08 the crime is complete and the vehicles leave. It’s taken just under two hours to murder, dismember, ready his remains for transport and clean-up the crime scene.

In the Watts case, Shan’ann arrived at 01:48 and Chris Watts left the residence shortly after 05:27. Chris Watts didn’t have a 15-man assassin team helping him, and he had three bodies to process and transport not just one, which is why he took almost twice as long as this hit squad to get ready.

Why is the black Mercedes parked at the entrance when Khashoggi arrives. Plausible deniability. It’s in plain sight, moving to the consul’s home in plain sight. It was just the consul doing what he always did, going from work to home. Nothing to do with the murders…

Fullscreen capture 20181016 141127Fullscreen capture 20181016 141129Fullscreen capture 20181016 131122

Three minutes later the convoy of six cars [all with diplomatic license plates] bot only one containing Khashoggi’s remains [in the black van] arrive at the consul’s house.

Fullscreen capture 20181016 141137Fullscreen capture 20181016 141132

Fullscreen capture 20181016 155635


It’s a secure location, just like CERVI 319, where the murderer can maintain control and security over the remains.

Fullscreen capture 20181016 131147Fullscreen capture 20181016 131201Fullscreen capture 20181016 131209

The black van pulls into the rear entrance, so that the transfer of remains can take place without anyone watching.

Fullscreen capture 20181016 131214

Here’s the same timeline with narration and video. It also shows the arrival of the hit squad at the air part, checking in, and which hotels they stayed at. Just as in the Watts case, there was also a schedule flight and transfer from the airport that had to be factored in.

Like the Watts Case, the Khashoggi Case also has its version of Nickole Utoft Atkinson, the concerned witness waiting at the door, looking at her phone but getting no answer, and ultimately calling the police. Hatice Cengiz waited 4 hours to call the cops, Nickole Utoft Atkinson waited approximately the same time period [Shan’ann missed her appoointment at 10:00. A check well-being call [CWB] was disptatched at 13:40 – 3 hours 40 minutes after Shan’ann went missing.

Fullscreen capture 20181016 141120-001Fullscreen capture 20181016 141124Fullscreen capture 20180917 142310Fullscreen capture 20180917 142319

The only differences at this stage between the Khashoggi Case and the Watts Case, is a) the cadaver dogs confirming that there were dead bodies involved [and thus it was a murder investigation, not a missing person’s case] and b) the bodies in the Watts case were recovered because Watts told investigators where they were.

In the Khashoggi Case the 15 man hit squad are probably scrambling to get themselves to safety, and also to remove the evidence from the consul’s house, before the Saudi’s “confess” to a crime having taken place.

Once again, it will be adapted from a missing person’s case to a “confession”, except that the confession is a “botched interrogation”. If you think about it, that’s the same confession Chris Watts used; that he was talking to his wife about separating and thus, arguably, the murders were also a “botched interrogation”.

See, that wasn’t such a long walk half way round the world after all. That’s Intertextuality for you.


Below is a brief timeline of what transpired in the Khashoggi Case. For those who have read TWO FACE, bear in mind the timeline presented there and in context, to this one.

According to ABC:

May 2018: Khashoggi meets Hatice Cengiz, a 36-year-old Turkish Ph.D. student, at a conference in Istanbul and she soon becomes his fiancée.

[Also involves a mistress/3rd party]

Sept. 28: Khashoggi visits the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul for the first time to pick up a permission document to marry Cengiz. He’s told come back later.

[Also involves the changing of marital status]

Oct. 1: He returns to Istanbul from a trip to London.

[Also involves return flight at a predetermined time]

Oct. 2: He goes back to the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. Cengiz waits for him outside for four hours, but he never comes out and is told by consulate staff that he left out a back door. Cengiz contacts the Turkish police.

[Cnegiz performs the same role as Nickole Utoft Atkinson. She’s told beforehand that things aren’t 100% kosher, she has a vested interest, she alerts the police]

Oct. 7: Saudi government officials deny involvement in Khashoggi’s disappearance after reports that he was killed.

[Watts initially denied involvement in his families disappearance]

Oct. 8: Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., warns the Saudis of consequences if the government is found complicit in Khashoggi’s disappearance.

[Watts was likely warned of “consequences” is he didn’t confess and give up the remains. He was likely also shown inculpatory evidence just as the Saudi’s have been]

Oct. 9: Cengiz writes an op-ed in Washington Post, saying her husband-to-be had applied for U.S. citizenship and that his reason for visiting Turkey was to take care of all necessary paperwork for them to marry before he returned to Washington. She urges President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump to “help shed light on Jamal’s disappearance.” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said of Khashoggi’s disappearance, “We’re not going to make any judgments about what happened to him. We don’t know what has happened to him. We don’t have any information on that.

[Behind-the-scenes in the Watts case also involves paperwork, admin and debt issues]

Oct. 10: Trump makes his first comments on Khashoggi’s disappearance, saying he contacted the Saudis and invited Cengiz to the White House. “We’re demanding everything,” he said. “We want to see what’s going on here. That’s a bad situation. And frankly the fact that it’s a reporter you could say in many respects it … brings it to a level. It’s a very serious situation for us and this White House. We do not like seeing what’s going on.”

[The Weld County DA’s office have also been treating this crime with such seriousness, the autopsy reports have been withheld]

In Sum:

Both cases involve the “vanishing” of the murder victims,

Both cases involve the transfer by car to another location where the remains are secretly buried/concealed.

Although it hasn’t been proved yet, and the reason I believe the autopsy reports have been withheld, I believe the children were also dismembered and/or processed in some way. If so, then both cases have the dismembering of the remains as part of the premeditation, postmeditation and cover-up.

Finally, in both cases unexpected CCTV monitoring caused the best laid-plans to go awry.

Ergo, the Watts Family Murders aren’t nearly as amateurish as many believe, and the prosecution isn’t going to be the slam dunk many assume it will be either.


On the Night of the Murders What Was Chris Watts Doing?

In a previous post I’ve addressed the issue that Chris Watts’ head space – based on his social media – shows he was interested in sports on the weekend before the murders. This aspect forms part of research I’ve been digging into for the third TWO FACE book.

Now as a matter of fact, there’s another clue to Chris Watts’ habits when he was home without Shan’ann, and it comes from Shan’ann herself. It’s not easy to find but it is out there:

Fullscreen capture 20180909 073728-002

The t-bones for dinner three nights in a row suggest he was fond of barbecuing, and the sleeping in and working out also suggests – when given the choice, when given the freedom – how he preferred to hang out.

Remember June 30th Shan’ann and the kids were in Aberdeen visiting her folks in North Carolina as part of her six-week trip. Chris Watts was alone at home enjoying the run of the house.

Incidentally, the above post is now no longer available on Shan’ann’s Facebook feed. Her posts stop at around the June 28 mark. I was fortunate to take a screengrab early on before Shan’ann’s most recent Facebook posts became inaccessible, otherwise this crucial insight wouldn’t be available.

I will deal with the dinner, what it was on August 12th and its importance to this case in a separate post. For now we want to look at what Chris Watts was doing besides eating dinner.

If he was watching sport he was likely on the couch, and if he was on the couch with his kids, or monitoring them after they went to bed but before he went to bed, or if he wanted to be close to them while they slept while watching sport [perhaps with the sound down], then he was probably in this room:

Fullscreen capture 20181007 141027DpBVbk3V4AAUyDODpBVelRUcAAUtznFullscreen capture 20181010 195123

In his August 14 Sermon on the Porch Chris Watts mentions briefly how he spent the night of August 13th alone without any of the kids in the house. The clip below opens at the relevant moment.

WATTS: Last night I had every light in the house on…I was hoping that I would just get- just ran-over by the kids just runnin’ in the door. Just-like barrel-rushin’ me. But it didn’t happen [holds back a smile]. 

We’re not going to spend much time analysing this, except to note:

  1. Why is it necessary to say he had every light on in the house? Was that because he was conscious of having all the lights off [or on] on the night of the murders?
  2. Whether or not he really wanted to be “barrel-rushed”, what’s interesting here is his default impression of his own children. That they sort of physically collide into him and push him around inside the home.

Now we jump to Shan’ann on the loft couch, in the loft lounge, with the kids doing what they do on the couch.

SHAN’ANN: Look at this monster. This is what I deal with. She’s a monster. Don’t you jump off the couch. [Groans as Ceecee falls against her hip]. [Whispers]: She’s a monster. Like…she doesn’t stop. Like seriously…this kid…[grunts again as Ceecee falls on her chest]…hasn’t napped today…

Notice in the background to the above the screengrabs is the television. The kids are basically between the viewer and the screen.

So what I want to illustrate here, and I guess juxtapose, is the situation that was probably going down that weekend. Some have speculated that Chris Watts “just snapped”.

I think that’s simplistic, but it’s not to say the kids being rambunctious while he was trying to watch sport, and Shan’ann was AWOL in Arizona, didn’t trigger some sort of reaction. It may have, especially when we look at what Chris Watts may have wanted to watch on that final weekend before the family murders.

Although I’m presenting a scenario here, I nevertheless want to be clear that I don’t believe this was a case of a sudden fit of pique. The psychology doesn’t match, and neither does the cool calculation of the disposal. Even so, the situation in the home and circumstances over the weekend and leading up to the night of the murders are of VITAL importance.

And it all started with this…


We know for a fact that the Watts parents were ardent Steelers fans. Guess what happened on Friday August 10th, the day Shan’ann flew out to Arizona?


Fullscreen capture 20181015 192249

Since this was the first Steelers’ game of the season, it was likely to be a big deal, something Chris Watts [and any Steelers fan] would have looked forward to. Now imagine trying to watch the game on Friday with the two kids wanting to do their thing on the couch, and Shan’ann not being around to do her share of the parenting.

Fullscreen capture 20181015 192436

Besides football on Friday, there was also another big game involving a big local team.


Fullscreen capture 20181015 191730

Chris Watts liked this tweet [see below] by NFL Receiver, 2 time super bowl champion, and co-host of 104.3 in Denver Brandon Stokley. Notice the date. It suggests 1) Chris Watts is a supporter of the Colorado Rockies, and 2) that he watched the game.

In the same way the Steelers game was a big deal, so was this game. We don’ know whether Chris Watts went to the concert, or wanted to go [with someone], but we do know Shan’ann mentioned the social calendar in Colorado and how often they could go to concerts, and THRIVE gave them the energy to do so with their kids.

Besides football and baseball there was also a third big sporting event playing out on that fateful weekend.


Fullscreen capture 20181015 194904-001

It’s not 100% certain that Chris Watts was interested in golf, but we know he also liked Stokley’s tweet posted on August 12th about Tiger Woods. Well, Woods was playing in a three-day tournament that lasted the entire weekend. If Stokley was saying Woods was fun to watch, and Chris Watts was agreeing, then doesn’t that suggest Chris Watts was watching the PGA – and Tiger – the entire weekend?

If the sport was compelling, exciting and ongoing, then we can imagine what “two monsters” may have been like to deal with not just on one day and night, but three in a row, when Watts wanted to get his football, baseball and golf fixes.

The fact that Shan’ann’s flight was also delayed by several hours may have meant Watts eventually did snap. Maybe one of the kids barrel-rushed him one-time too many and he COMPLETELY lost it.

Take that HLN > “This book is better than any news channels I have watched!” ;-)

Below is a five-star review posted today [October 15th, 2018] on for the second TWO FACE narrative..

Such an engrossing, captivating read, that will have you continuously swiping the pages. The writer of this book did an amazing job writing it.

*The key to understanding all people, and all social constructs, is to see people through their eyes, not ours.

After reading the first book and this one, it raises my curiosity even more. He points out many aspects of the Chris Watts case that I have not thought of or took notice too.

In my first review of the first book, I referred to it as a novel. I am completely out my genre on this. I am a romance reader and review them as a hobby. But this authors writing is fantastic, I enjoy his input on the case and was glad to see he wrote another. I will continue to read every book he writes proceeding this case.

He has many great ideas and a unique way with his words. His words are just so absorbing, I literally cannot put the book down once I began reading. The first one or this one.

A compelling read. I refuse to share them all and ruin it for other readers. The writer has such a unique way with his words!
*But there’s a nasty edge side to the blade of symbolism. While validating symbols can cut through a stifling jungle of obstacles, allowing us to escape our cages…

I would recommend this to anyone who is following this case and tunes in every night to watch the news. This book is better than any news channels I have watched!

TWO FACE BENEATH THE OIL is currently a #1 Bestseller in Trail Practice, and ranked #22 in Hoaxes & Deceptions. 


Could Chris Watts Beat the Charges?

Bella and Celeste’s corpses were submerged in crude oil for four days before authorities recovered them. The cadavers of these two children will implicate either their mother or father in their murders, or possibly neither. If their mother is implicated, Christopher Watts could beat the charges against him based on “justifiable homicide”.

But what if no DNA is found on the girl’s necks, and no contusions? In that case, the law tilts in Chris Watts’ favor. If there’s a lack of evidence in this area, there is also doubt, and arguably reasonable doubt that he didn’t kill his daughters.


ABERDEEN, NC – SEPTEMBER 1: Shanann Watts, 34, her daughters Bella, 4, Celeste, 3, and unborn son Nico are at their final resting place at Bethesda Cemetery after services on September 1, 2018 in Aberdeen, North Carolina. (Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Curiously, it’s been Chris Watts’ own defense team who’ve asked for DNA swabs to be taken from Bella and Celeste’s necks. That must mean they know [and Chris Watts knows] they won’t find DNA on their necks. This also suggests strangling may not have been the cause of death [although it doesn’t necessarily preclude asphyxiation].

According to CBS:

The motion filed…by Christopher Watts’ attorney, James Merson, asked that DNA swabs be taken from the girls’ necks. The request quotes an expert, Richard Eikelenboom, who believes the oil would not eliminate DNA and said samples can be obtained “after strangulation.” 

Eikelenboom also recommended taking DNA samples from the girls’ hands and the hands and nails of their mother.  Authorities separately announced that the Weld County Coroner’s Office had performed autopsies on Friday [August 17] and confirmed the bodies as 34-year-old Shanann, 4-year-old Bella and 3-year-old Celeste Watts.

Police have not released any information about how the mother and daughters died. More testing is planned to help determine that.

Although the autopsies were performed on August 17th, it’s not clear whether they were completed by then. Since the bodies were only made available for buried two weeks later on September 1st, it suggests plenty of time was spent examining the three bodies and potentially the fetus as well.  The bodies also had to be transported to North Carolina, so not all of the 14 days were spent doing tissue samples etc.

Still, it appears the corpses presented an unusual challenge to the coroner, and may have presented an enigma, especially if chemicals were being sought that had been altered or perhaps even preserved by the oil. It’s also possible that the oil that held the children in suspension was collected and tested.

In the same article cited above, we’re reminded that Chris Watts had been working at Anadarko since early 2015, iow for almost three years. Was he up for promotion after that length of time?

In June 2015, according to CBS:

Shanann Watts was working in a call center at a children’s hospital at the time, earning about $18 an hour — more for evenings, weekends or extra shifts she sometimes worked. But the family remained caught between a promising future and financial strain from debt and other obligations. 

During her second pregnancy and the Thrive years, did she earn more or less? Were her expenses [including the new Lexus and travel roster] adding more debt, or less?

Now, back to Watts’ defense. Irrespective of the autopsy findings, he will probably claim his right to a fair trial has been “substantially damaged”, and his prospects “wrecked as a result.

Fullscreen capture 20181014 153854Fullscreen capture 20181014 153940

Personally I doubt whether any right-thinking jury will buy anyone damaging Chris Watts’ case more than he damaged itself during his Sermon on the Porch.

The real question is this: If it can be proved, and let’s face it Chris Watts also admitted killing Shan’ann Watts, will a jury be able or allowed to make an inference that he also called his daughters, even if there is no corroborating evidence? If not, then could he conceivably beat not just one charge, but all three charges fielded by the prosecution against him based on reasonable doubt and a lack of evidence?


Would you like to be a Prop in Shan’ann’s THRIVE spiel – *every* day?

The clip below is a classic example of Shan’ann using her husband and children as promotional props to sell THRIVE merchandise.

Shan’ann’s taking her kids to the zoo, but not without her fix of THRIVE Pure.

“They’ve already tested my patience this morning so…bottom’s up…”

Is Bella in the pantry because she’s being punished, or because Shan’ann’s implying they’re being punished? Or simply because Bella wanted to be in a dark room by herself?

In the clip below Shan’ann is teaching Bella to have a dream board just like her momma.

SHAN’ANN [While recording]: But w-what would like to add to your new vision board?

BELLA [Unsure, looks at her mother’s vision board for inspiration]: Um…my watch…uh…[inaudible].

SHAN’ANN: I know. [Suddenly barks a series of harsh, staccato words]. Focus! Child! [Snaps fingers]. Bella! Look at me! Hey! Focus!

Bella glances timidly at her mother holding the camera.

SHAN’ANN: What do you want to add to your new vision board?

Is four-years-old too young to be teaching kids to have goals? What kind of goals was Shan’ann teaching Bella to have?

At 3:46 Shan’amm tells Bella to show her the poster because everyone’s watching. She then goes into a spiel about Chris Collins, who, as a child wished for a Lamborghini and was told by his disbelieving mother that this [the picture] of the Lamborghini is the closest he’d ever get to getting one.

And now Chris Collins has two Lamborghinis – because he made a vision board as a kid.

Fullscreen capture 20181014 170650

Is it realistic or constructive having a MLM person foisting Kool-Aid inspired fake fairy tales onto her children?

Fullscreen capture 20181014 163407

Fullscreen capture 20181014 163843

Is there anything wrong with having dreams and gratitude custom branded?



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