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Coonrod: Did she have the kids with her last night? Chris Watts: Yes…

At 41:25 in the clip below Chris Watts tries to imply that Shan’ann was with the kids “last night”. Then he corrects himself, telling Coonrod he was with the kids all weekends. He hastily throws in an alibi, while he’s at it: he took them to a birthday party Sunday.

During my initial research into the case, before information emerged about the birthday party, I thought it was possible the children had been killed on Saturday, or even earlier. This shows the importance not only of the party, but Watts taking photos at the party showing evidence of them being alive and him looking after them and entertaining them.

Also worth watching, at 40:43 Coonrod asks Watts if his kids take any medication. If Watts used 80mg Oxycodone to drug and kill his daughters, this question should have made him nervous. Does he look nervous?

Notice also how he role plays reaching for the neck area while describing the pharmacodynamics of the active ingredients…

Dr. Phil Reveals Paternity of Niko Lee Watts in Emotional Show with Shan’ann’s Parents and Brother + TCRS Revisits Original Theories

 Dr. Phil confirms paternity of Niko Lee Watts

“There’s a medical report that confirms the baby was his [Chris Watts’]” – Dr. Phil [Appoximately 2:30 into the attached link] 

The Daily Mail has released a preview clip of Monday’s Dr. Phil, part two in the show dealing with the Watts Family Murders. Part of the factual findings of the show [not the show’s strength it has to be said] is a medical report proving Chris Watts was the father of the unborn child. Not that that was ever in dispute, but in a case as fluid as this one, where reality seems to shift almost on a whim, it’s good to get certainty. Brick by brick we’re building a solid scenario for this case.
Curiously, what the victims are going through seems to be a parallel universe to Chris Watts’ experience in jail. The Rzuceks are also finding comfort in God, and according to Sandi, she has feelings of hopelessness that sound troublingly close to suicidal thoughts. That’s exactly what Watts has been saying about how he’s handling things as well.
Of course going onto Dr. Phil and telling the nation is the worst way to deal with grief, or to get closure, if that’s the goal.
While the Rzuceks deserve every support and sympathy, and probably will benefit financially from this interview – and significantly – it is not the purview of true crime to hand the fates or the souls of criminals [or their victims] to God. In common with the law, law enforcement and the justice system as a whole, it is also not the business of true crime to be sentimental about criminal matters relating to life and death, though a no-nonsense approach shouldn’t be confused with a lack of compassion or humanity in the face of genuine human tragedies and catastrophes.
It takes a thief to catch a thief, and so in true crime, we can’t catch the operant criminal psychology without trying to outfox the fox. We have to temporarily adopt the merciless mindset of the fox to catch the fox, if that makes sense.
In fact the point of true crime is to show how our humanity [or the criminal lack of it] to humanity actually plays out, and by doing so as honestly, completely and as thoroughly as we dare, perhaps we can improve our sense of self-consciousness, self-awareness, and our ability to adapt to and change for the better. Or as Thomas Hardy once put it:

If the way to the better there be,

it exacts a full look at the worst.

Perhaps by taking an unfettered view at the worst in ourselves, we can find a way to being better, to some kind of affirmative journey to authentic self-actualization.
Not to be indelicate, but it is the purview of populist tabloids and tabloid media to ingratiate and indulge in the touchy-feely aspect of crimes. This does virtually nothing to actually move our understanding forward, and despite appearances to the contrary, Watts’ Second Confession hasn’t provided truth or closure in terms of where, when or how the murders were committed. It is possible the way he killed his children is truthful, or partly truthful in terms of how, even if the where and when is not true.
With that being said, it’s probably timely to address TCRS’s position in terms of the “new information” of the Second Confession, as well the District Attorney’s recent statement that most of Watts said is credible and reliable. Has it changed?

The position of TCRS remains that the children were murdered at home prior to the arrival of their mother [which was originally scheduled to be three hours earlier than she did arrive], which also necessitated the immediate execution of Shan’ann the moment she arrived. The children were killed first, and then Shan’ann, not the other way round.

The position of TCRS also remains that the children were sedated, overdosed or poisoned and that there was no “please Daddy” or any other kind of talking – or crying – in the home, just as there was no talking or intimacy with Shan’ann prior to her murder.

Admittedly, there is no chemical or autopsy evidence to prove the contention of sedation, besides the fact that the basement had containers – floor to ceiling – filled with powerful sedative medication, and that Shan’ann and her husband both worked in jobs on a daily basis that had to do with chemicals, arguably toxic in both cases.

We also have the tiniest thread indicating Watts searched Oxycodone 80mg and subsequently deleted this search, so we can’t be sure when he searched. What we can be sure of is that Oxycodone can also be used as a murder weapon, and far more effectively than a blanket because it is a silent and “soft” kill.

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US drug overdose deaths rose to record 72,000 last year, data reveals – The Guardian, August 16, 2018

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Sackler family members face mass litigation and criminal investigations over opioids crisis – The Guardian, November 2018

OxyContin [another name for Oxycodone] kills 200 Americans daily, so to use it as a murder weapon would make sense, especially if its already in the home.

If there is negligible forensic evidence to prove the TCRS theory, then neither is there evidence [fibers or otherwise] to prove Watts’ contention of in situ random, impulsive smothering at CERVI 319. The blanket as imputed murder weapon for both children  has also disappeared so it’s impossible to verify Watts’ claims. And that’s the point – there is no evidence to confirm his scenario so we have to make up our own minds what makes sense and how it lines up with his introverted, cowardly, sly, two face and face saving personality. One thing we know with certainty is Watts Googled Oxycodone prior to the murders. We don’t whether whether he Googled “smothering”. So which has more objective proof behind it?

….harrowing details emerged this week for the first time since Watts was taken into custody.

‘It’s worse than we ever thought.  We thought we’d heard the worst already, we had no idea it was worse than this,’ Shanann’s brother Frankie said. Her mother cried at points in the interview and said the only thing keeping her alive was her faith.

‘Those were my grandchildren.  I loved them. They were mine. I cry all the time.  ‘There’s many times that I just feel like giving up.  If it wasn’t for God I wouldn’t be here,’ she said.

Frank, Shanann’s father, recounted the disturbing details of the murders to Dr. Phil who replied: ‘I am so, so sorry.’