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Coonrod: Did she have the kids with her last night? Chris Watts: Yes…

At 41:25 in the clip below Chris Watts tries to imply that Shan’ann was with the kids “last night”. Then he corrects himself, telling Coonrod he was with the kids all weekends. He hastily throws in an alibi, while he’s at it: he took them to a birthday party Sunday.

During my initial research into the case, before information emerged about the birthday party, I thought it was possible the children had been killed on Saturday, or even earlier. This shows the importance not only of the party, but Watts taking photos at the party showing evidence of them being alive and him looking after them and entertaining them.

Also worth watching, at 40:43 Coonrod asks Watts if his kids take any medication. If Watts used 80mg Oxycodone to drug and kill his daughters, this question should have made him nervous. Does he look nervous?

Notice also how he role plays reaching for the neck area while describing the pharmacodynamics of the active ingredients…


  1. MoonlitDarling

    I believe my sir you nailed this one! Did she have the kids with her last night? Without a moments hesitation “YES”!!! Quickly followed by the fumbling cover up… How incredibly sad….

    • Donkeykong

      So many tiny little inklings of truth in his lies. Notice at 42 min 35 sec mark the big burly cop says do you remember last night (I think that’s what he said) and Chris says “yeah I was up there, cause the monitor and stuff is up there, waiting for her to get back

      Yes, yes you were ‘up waiting for her to get home’ weren’t you Chris..

  2. Sylvester

    That question about medications took him a little aback. He starts weaving, even though he’s reciting what they take – then gives an affirmative head shake. Almost seems like his mouth goes dry. I’d say yeah, he’s nervous. He might have had to clean up some vomit too if one of them had vomited while being overdosed. He could have gone on and administered the acid reflux medicine just to make sure everything stayed down – the pizza, the candy, the drug.

  3. Sylvester

    A friend told me A&E aired “Hunting JonBenet’s Killer: The Untold Story” Thurs. 4/11. Did anyone see it – I think it’s to be a series. Any thoughts? (I can’t stream it).

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