I suppose the most obvious question is: who wrote it? In the list of 298 citations, 50 references refer to Summers & Swan, the authors of Looking For Madeleine.  Summers & Swan are also the main narrators of the recent £20 million 8-part Netflix documentary series on the McCann case. It’s strange than 1 in 6 citations refer to only one narrative of the case when there are at least half a dozen others.

In the shorter list of Works Cited, Summers & Swan appears again as one of 14 “authoritative” works on the case, another being Kate McCann’s book.

Now we already know the disgraced British PR firm Bell Pottinger has – in the past – been implicated in editing Wikipedia pages to their own specifications. One example is explicated in this TimesLive article from July 2017: Bell Pottinger’s wicked Wiki ways.

Extracts of the article include:

In 2012, 10 user accounts linked to Bell Pottinger were stopped from making edits to Wikipedia pages after an investigation by British journalists revealed the firm’s evasion of ethical guidelines set out by Wiki founder Jimmy Wales. He was quoted by the BBC at the time as saying he was “highly critical of their ethics” and began an investigation into what appeared to be the firm’s manipulation of Wikipedia content.

This was after the Bureau of Investigative Journalists caught Bell Pottinger executives on hidden a camera bragging about, among other things, having a team that “sorts” Wikipedia pages. In December 2011, Bell Pottinger executives were caught out by journalists who secretly filmed and recorded them boasting about their political influence over the British prime minister and their proficiency at “dark arts”.

Bell Pottinger was involved in providing PR to Kate and Gerry McCann, as well as Oscar Pistorius and the infamous Gupta Brothers [through Oakbay Investments].

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