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“She had a leash on me; she tugged me away…”

Pages 4 and 5 of the CBI Report deal briefly with Watts’ version of his relationship with with Kessinger:

He stayed at Kessinger’s house almost every night his wife and daughters were in North Carolina. He felt like he didn’t have time at home to think about his marriage when Shan’ann and the girls were out of state. He went home after work to work out, eat dinner, and then would go over to Kessinger’s house. He slept over at Kessinger’s house almost the entire month of July. Being away from home allowed him to not think about being a father and husband because he wasn’t surrounded by reminders of his family. “It feels like a roller coaster ride that I just kept punching a ticket on and never could get off.”

if Watts spent an entire month sleeping at Kessinger, wouldn’t his GPS have alerted the office in Platteville that Watts was at another location? Wouldn’t he have been asked about it?

Page 554 in the Discovery Documents alludes to this:

Fullscreen capture 20190411 134430

Kessinger wanted to have sex all the time. He never had to worry about saying something stupid around Kessinger and never had to plan what he was going to say when he was with her (Kessinger). He told Kessinger that it felt like she had a leash on him and she was able to tug him away from Shan’ann.

If Watts had been staying with Kessinger solidly for a month, then naturally when Shan’ann arrived back, that scenario would no longer be the case, would it? How could Watts continue to sleep with Kessinger once Shan’ann was home?

Unless he moved out. No wonder Kessinger was actively helping Watts with this part.

Wasn’t this the pressure Watts felt because of her impending return? That his mistress expected to have access to him after Shan’ann’s return, because their divorce was finalized, along with the sale of their home…? Because that’s what he’d told her and now it was important to make reality fit the lie…

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  1. Sylvester

    Exactly. He had to make reality fit the lie – but the realty was a lie too. And I suspect Kessinger knew he was lying early on. She can’t be perceived as intelligent on the one hand and so easily duped on the other. She already felt him out early on. She questioned who was the “we” in his conversation. He showed her a picture of his girls, but then she saw a picture of his wife too. So he then had to modify his story to include an impending separation and divorce. And the sale of his house. But she did her due diligence and looked up his house and it wasn’t surprise surprise listed. She even went over to his house. She saw no signs of packing, instead she saw family photos on full display. He had to lie again – he was sleeping in the basement. That had to help him get by here, but still NK was wary, disbelieving. According to Richard’s financial synopsis on another page here 7/14/18 Sha’nann posted pictures of baby clothes – blue – on facebook. After NK had gone to the home July 4 you can bet she was keeping track of him and whether or not the things he was saying were true. Surely she saw the pictures of baby clothes 7/14 from Shan’ann’s facebook, instagram, wherever she was posting things. But by then she wanted Chris – but was also starting to mistrust everything he said. And if that’s the case she may have been pressuring him to keep his word – more so than to hear additional promises she didn’t trust either. That’s a form of revenge you know – if you have been betrayed by someone’s lies you can force them to tell the truth. You can withhold sex, you can tell the other person you have other options and are dating, you can refuse to see them until they resolve their situation, or you can live in lala land that they will resolve their situations and I think she was smarter than that. I think she was already falling out of love with him but the lust remained.

    For some reason in his life he’s used to lying and getting away with it. Is a pathological liar born or made? Made in my opinion. Lying is his fall back. His lying keeps who he really is hidden. Who is he really – insecure, tentative, mistrustful. An introvert, yes, quiet, yes, shy, yes – but those aren’t bad qualities. No need to hide those. But there is every reason to want to hide insecurities and wanting to be pulled along in life by someone – cowardice. He thought he could go right on placating Shan’ann and lying to Kessinger and get away with it. Really, he trapped himself this time. When no one believes you any more you can either come clean, or lash out. He had very little practice in coming clean and having a good outcome, lying was his M.O.,and his habit only this time if he wanted something, which he did very badly – he wanted Kessinger, in his mind he had to do something drastic to keep her – and he likely had no clue that it would do the opposite – because he was counting on fixing it and continuing to lie and get by. We could argue all day whether he’s a crafty liar or a dumb liar, he’s just a liar really. He didn’t become deceitful and two-faced in order to pull off his crimes, he always was – but as to when it started, how far back, would be for a psychiatrist who is treating him to say. He is a two face – maybe even a multiple face but I wouldn’t want to be living with either face.

  2. Sideaffected

    Yep. But if you go on a certain YouTuber’s page, who is much better generally as far as providing actual facts and not making things up like Armchair Detective, it has become essentially a Nichol Kessinger witch-hunt. In her hours long live chats, they’re trying to find out Jim’s address as well as her ex-boyfriend Shawn’s. When I comment on her videos that maybe they shouldn’t stalk innocent people and that Nichol, while not behaving the way I would, is most likely not a baby-killer, I’m accused of being Nichol Kessinger or someone close to her OR I’m necessarily anti-Shanaan and the kids. They don’t care about the victims more than I do, but I seem to care more about alive people than they do. They think they had burner phones, and when I ask why she didn’t use that to send naked texts and questionable google searches instead, I am a Chris Watts supporter. Sorry rant over.

    Yes, she was probably pressuring him, which isn’t unreasonable if she thinks he’s miserable in the marriage and in financial crisis and that he is capable of killing them. I think he felt stuck between both her and his wife/kids who I believe he sees more as one unit/person/problem as well as them and his family of origin. I think they are as much of a motive as NK, that “dagger” he sees SW as causing between he and his Dad. I believe he felt he was on a leash, but didn’t realize he had the ability to take it off his own neck in other ways. He does seem to be incapable of saying no, until he REALLY says no.

    • Laura Thompson

      I don’t think Nikki had anything to do with it, either. Again, I feel like I’m shouting at a wall sometimes, but, the FB freaking has resources and tactics the average lay person has no idea about. (“Absolutely no inclination.” 🤣). If more people were involved, they would have already been arrested and charged. Any videos the public has seen, the FBI has seen, enhanced to the boundaries of current technology, and perhaps using techniques we don’t know about. Yet, only Watts has been arrested. It will be a year in August, and you can bet that this huge, internationally known case has received mega attention and resources from every possible appropriate law enforcement agency.

      Also, doxxing is uncool, and against the terms of many online platforms.

  3. Sylvester

    As for me, I find AD amusing. I do not in any way think NK collaborated with Chris to kill his family. But I am not a supporter of a person who made lying a lifestyle. And it’s alot more complicated than that because we are looking at him in the context of Chris Watts: murderer. Not just Chris Watts: liar. It’s very very tricky. You have to see him for what he really was/is – who he portrayed himself as – what happened when he decided there was something he wanted more than what he had – and then loop back around to how he dealt with it – Watts in particular – not how we would have dealt with it but how he did, then look for why. I think Rocket Science attempts to examine true crime and the criminal by looking at everything and coming to conclusions based on the particular crime and the particular individual. Some generalities can be made, certainly there is intertextuality (something I’m still learning about). If who you are is afraid, and a coward, and your default mechanism to counteract that is lying instead of focusing on the underlying fear that has you lie, a shrink would look at what he is afraid of, why is he a coward? Then expose that fear as being an unreal fear of something. What you think about yourself is based on some belief you have about your world and your place in it. It’s not out of line at all for Watts to describe Kessinger as having him on a leash, “tugging him away” (or yanking his chain). Isn’t that what Shan’ann had him on – a leash – a chain – “tugging” him places he didn’t want to go? Someone who is confident who they are don’t get yanked or tugged – and my suggestion is that is what he was covering up – that he wasn’t a confident person – going way back. Maybe NK would have allowed him to come in to his own and blossom, but wouldn’t you say that by 33 who you are is pretty much, well, who you are? Especially if you have had no therapy, no desire to introspect and “look” and no self-awareness. Then you will always be “tugged.”

  4. Sherri

    Maybe you also noted this elsewhere, but Chris also said during his “2nd confession” that while he did spend every night at NK’s house, he drove home, worked out, talked to wife and kids, and then drove to NK’s house.. in the Lexus and not the work truck. He also said he would get up really early to go back home to get the truck.

    • Amanda Collins

      Indeed… He had to at least take care of the basic needs of the poor dog he left at home the entire time he was away. =/

  5. Georgia

    Sherri I wonder if the neighbours camera would verify Chris’ account of how he spent his evenings and early mornings with regard to the coming and going in the Lexus, and with all that going on how much sleep did he get each night for weeks on end? Sounds so emotionally & physically exhausting keeping up two worlds, two women happy/placated, getting to two different locations/homes each day plus going off to work.

    • Donkeykong

      The next door neighbor mentions in the discovery files that on many occasions he saw Chris walking down the side of the house through the side gate and out to the street. Then down to their white car that was parked a little further down the street.
      I think that’s how he was escaping to NK’s house, by avoiding the security system (door bell camera and door alerts) that would alert shanann on her phone over in NC

      • Sherri

        Yes, totally agree with you DonkeyKong. I think he intentionally parked the Lexus on the street during that time.

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