Pages 4 and 5 of the CBI Report deal briefly with Watts’ version of his relationship with with Kessinger:

He stayed at Kessinger’s house almost every night his wife and daughters were in North Carolina. He felt like he didn’t have time at home to think about his marriage when Shan’ann and the girls were out of state. He went home after work to work out, eat dinner, and then would go over to Kessinger’s house. He slept over at Kessinger’s house almost the entire month of July. Being away from home allowed him to not think about being a father and husband because he wasn’t surrounded by reminders of his family. “It feels like a roller coaster ride that I just kept punching a ticket on and never could get off.”

if Watts spent an entire month sleeping at Kessinger, wouldn’t his GPS have alerted the office in Platteville that Watts was at another location? Wouldn’t he have been asked about it?

Page 554 in the Discovery Documents alludes to this:

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Kessinger wanted to have sex all the time. He never had to worry about saying something stupid around Kessinger and never had to plan what he was going to say when he was with her (Kessinger). He told Kessinger that it felt like she had a leash on him and she was able to tug him away from Shan’ann.

If Watts had been staying with Kessinger solidly for a month, then naturally when Shan’ann arrived back, that scenario would no longer be the case, would it? How could Watts continue to sleep with Kessinger once Shan’ann was home?

Unless he moved out. No wonder Kessinger was actively helping Watts with this part.

Wasn’t this the pressure Watts felt because of her impending return? That his mistress expected to have access to him after Shan’ann’s return, because their divorce was finalized, along with the sale of their home…? Because that’s what he’d told her and now it was important to make reality fit the lie…

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