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Shan’ann KNEW Chris Watts was deleting messages off his phone

If Shan’ann knew, or suspected, that her husband was cheating on her, when would have been the best time to confront him about it? Before her trip to Arizona was one possibility, except he’d already communicated to her that he didn’t want the baby. So consider the fine line Shan’ann may have felt she had to walk. If she confronted him too strongly, he may have dug in his heels and rejected the baby. What she was trying to do was sort of woo him back – by suggesting counselling, by have him read a book, by him writing a love letter to her.

Shan’ann would have felt some confidence, perhaps, that she could get the ship back on course. She was an influencer on Facebook, and she was used to controlling her husband and telling him what to do. So this would be just another version of that.

At 16:18 in the video below  Addy Molony, one of Shan’ann’s Thrive promoter pals, mentions Watts “coming around a little” immediately before her trip to Arizona. This made Shan’ann think she should stay and sort out her marriage. If she had, maybe the children would still be alive, and maybe Shan’ann would be too.

ADDY: Maybe he was willing to work things out. And she told him she didn’t want to go to Arizona, she wanted to stay home, and work things out with him. He said, ‘No, just go.’ Because, you know, she had the kids by herself for six weeks, so he said, ‘Go, go ahead and get away…and we’ll talk when you get back.’ So she was really anxious to get back when all the bad weather was happening, she was super nervous that she wasn’t going to get back…And she was looking forward to this coming weekend when they were supposed to go away [to Aspen].

So Watts also made Shan’ann think it was okay, even good, if she went on the last trip. Of course what this did was buy him more time with Kessinger, and provide him access to the girls while she was away.

During the weekend when she was in Arizona, the signs that something were afoot got worse. Things – literally – weren’t adding up. Addy suggested Shan’ann look through Watts’ phone to make sure.

But Shan’ann had already done that.

At around 09:00 in the video clip below, Addy tells the cops that Shan’ann knew he was deleting messages even before she left for Arizona on August 10th.

ADDY: She told me through a text that he was even deleting text messages with his dad…because she’d had a falling out with his parents.

Fullscreen capture 20181230 161718


We ought to ask: why would Watts feel it necessary to delete messages to his father while Shan’ann was still alive? One possibility is that he was trying to minimize the fallout that was already taking place. Shan’ann had exploded about the nuts thing, and after that she wanted to some extent to shut out Watts’ family. So if he was communicating with them, this could set off a conflagration between her and him.

Another possibility is that Watts knew the argument she’d had with his dad could go to motive, and so he wasn’t just deleting messages at this stage [about 4 days before the murders], but destroying evidence.

What this demonstrates, though, is the first person Watts was trying to conceal, hide and deceive stuff from was his wife, and arguably he’d sort of succeeded in that until he made a credit card purchase on Saturday night [August 11th] at the Lazy Dog restaurant.

This purchase then alerted her phone, just as the hair care product purchase on the morning of August 13th immediately activated an email at 02:30. When it did, the penny dropped.

From the moment Shan’ann found out about the $62 charge, she was pretty sure he was having an affair and she was right – he was. That bill was proof that he was on a date with one Nichol Kessinger. But Shan’ann couldn’t very well confront him while on a business trip, nor could she do what she did to his parents on Facebook [name and shame] because by then his Facebook was no more. That meant she had to sort things out the moment she got home, or the next morning first thing.

In one of her messages she admits to temporarily “going with the flow” and hoping for the best. Watts was hoping she would do that, anything that could buy him some extra time with his mistress.

Fullscreen capture 20181230 162201

This was an interesting change in the dynamic, because usually it was him going with the flow, not her.

Fullscreen capture 20181230 162136

If Watts knew she was going to return home to confront him, and the murder is premeditated, why would he want to have that confrontation? Why would he let that happen? Remember, if he told Shan’ann he was having an affair with a co-worker, would Shan’ann want him to continue going to work? Would she try to confront Kessinger herself? What would happen then? 

Wouldn’t he prefer not to have a confrontation, or rather, to have a confrontation on his own terms?

Officer Matthew James’ Call to Chris Watts on the night of August 13th at 21:12 + Handwritten Notes on Yellow Pad Up Close [40th Tranche]

Earlier on Monday afternoon, while standing in the alcove near the stairs with Deeter sitting in a pool of sunlight behind him, Officer Mark James offered Watts his card and suggested Watts call him if anything came up.

[Scroll down to the bottom for the video of the call.]

Fullscreen capture 20181211 143311

Fullscreen capture 20181211 143448Fullscreen capture 20181211 145126Fullscreen capture 20181211 145315

Fullscreen capture 20181211 142157

By 21:00 that evening Watts hadn’t called the cops to report anything, or to ask for anything. So Officer James called him.

This call was made prior to Watts’ Sermon on the Porch the next morning. It was effectively Watts’ first version where he explained both the trip to North Carolina and how that may have led to their “separation” taking effect that morning and Shan’ann’s disappearance shortly afterwards.

When Watts refers to separation we assume he means separation, but Watts is really using this word symbolically [in terms of his own psychology] as a euphemism for death. He knows it’s a permanent separation.  But in his own mind, separation is a nice safe term to acknowledgesboth worlds, the fictional world he’s selling and the reality change in his circumstances [wrought by him].

He uses the same symbolic euphemism to the FBI when he tells them “I only hurt her emotionally…” and later, when acknowledging the murder itself: “She hurt them so I hurt her.”

Fullscreen capture 20181211 150119Fullscreen capture 20181211 150935

She hurt them -> I killed her -> [Father does a double-take at the word kill] -> I hurt her

Intuitively Watts seems to be talking about his parents here. She hurt them [during the tree nut meltdown] and so he killed her. He’s telling his father this, and saying because she hurt them, he “hurt” her. It sounds reasonable except when you replace the word “hurt” with murdered, and the fact that he murdered both his daughters too, it’s not reasonable in the least.

But this sort of bald-face lying, tailoring and customizing of a version to make it sound just right isn’t new to true crime though. It’s classic to true crime.

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What this shows is how a murderer tries to minimize his actions, and his words, by softening them, just as evidence is softened, minimized, concealed, covered up or lawyered into oblivion.

Interestingly, during the almost seven minute long phone call, the first number Watts gives Officer James is Addy Molony’s. These are supposed be friends Shan’ann may have left with the kids to be with. But Addy doesn’t even live in Colorado. The third name he gives the officer is Cristina Meacham. She’s in Hawaii!

In the end he only gives James four names, and each name is like pulling teeth. Officer James nevertheless follows-up by calling each of the four names Watts has pulled out of a hat. Through them, a portrait of what’s really going on gradually pixelates into something sharper and more specific.

An affair. Facebook deleted on Thursday. Did not want baby.

Fullscreen capture 20181211 135615

Fullscreen capture 20181211 152141Fullscreen capture 20181211 152509Fullscreen capture 20181211 152940Fullscreen capture 20181211 154649

Fullscreen capture 20181211 141119Fullscreen capture 20181211 141056Fullscreen capture 20181211 141102Fullscreen capture 20181211 141107Fullscreen capture 20181211 140830Fullscreen capture 20181211 141849Fullscreen capture 20181211 141500Fullscreen capture 20181211 141621Fullscreen capture 20181211 141709Fullscreen capture 20181211 141742Fullscreen capture 20181211 141812

In the phone call Officer James also asks Watts to elaborate on their marital problems. Watts makes three very big statements in response to James’ open-ended question:

“I could never really be myself…”

“She could never see me…”

“Right now it’s hard to be in this house right now…”

Notice too the shocked, pregnant pause and awkward response when James asks him point-blank if he’s having an affair right at the end of the telephone interview.

Insights from Addy Molony + The mortgage payment for August was due on August 16, 2018, the day after Watts was arrested for triple murder – Discovery Documents [20th Tranche]

According to fellow Thrive promoter Addy Molony, Shan’ann would have likely been making “next to nothing” for the first couple of years. Shan’ann started working as a Thrive promoter in January 2016. It’s not clear whether Thrive promoters tell one another that, or just the police during criminal investigations.

In any event, while Molony couldn’t say how much Shan’ann was earning, in 2018 Shan’ann “hit the $80K mark”. I’m not sure what that means, but it doesn’t mean she was actually earning $80 000 a year. She was earning nowhere near as much as her husband’s meagre salary, and she was also borrowing money from him and maxing out all her credit cards.

It’s very likely that after going bankrupt in 2015, Shan’ann’s two years working at Thrive did a brilliant job at taking the family finances exactly nowhere.

Through Addy we’re also informed of Shan’ann’s reaction to getting an alert on her phone that Chris Watts had used her credit card while she was in Arizona, and ther $62 charge suggested he’d likely bought a meal for two.

Earlier that same date – Saturday August 11 – Kessinger Googled for 45 minutes on “how to prepare for anal sex”.

Addy also confirmed that Chris Watts parents [plural] did not like Shan’ann. When Chris Watts traveled to North Carolina in the first week of August, his parents told them they hadn’t seen their grandchildren in two weeks, even though she’d traveled there to visit his and her family over a 6 week period in total.
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