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Insights from Addy Molony + The mortgage payment for August was due on August 16, 2018, the day after Watts was arrested for triple murder – Discovery Documents [20th Tranche]

According to fellow Thrive promoter Addy Molony, Shan’ann would have likely been making “next to nothing” for the first couple of years. Shan’ann started working as a Thrive promoter in January 2016. It’s not clear whether Thrive promoters tell one another that, or just the police during criminal investigations.

In any event, while Molony couldn’t say how much Shan’ann was earning, in 2018 Shan’ann “hit the $80K mark”. I’m not sure what that means, but it doesn’t mean she was actually earning $80 000 a year. She was earning nowhere near as much as her husband’s meagre salary, and she was also borrowing money from him and maxing out all her credit cards.

It’s very likely that after going bankrupt in 2015, Shan’ann’s two years working at Thrive did a brilliant job at taking the family finances exactly nowhere.

Through Addy we’re also informed of Shan’ann’s reaction to getting an alert on her phone that Chris Watts had used her credit card while she was in Arizona, and ther $62 charge suggested he’d likely bought a meal for two.

Earlier that same date – Saturday August 11 – Kessinger Googled for 45 minutes on “how to prepare for anal sex”.

Addy also confirmed that Chris Watts parents [plural] did not like Shan’ann. When Chris Watts traveled to North Carolina in the first week of August, his parents told them they hadn’t seen their grandchildren in two weeks, even though she’d traveled there to visit his and her family over a 6 week period in total.
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  1. Georgia

    If he had $3500 sitting in accounts why didn’t he make some payments? Or part payments? Was he stockpiling cash and keeping it purposefully out of the home, and can you do that? Surely the bank would see there is money sitting there?

  2. Shannon

    Shanann’ being in NC all those weeks and not visiting his parents with the kids, probably saying she would….pissed Chris off. He went by himself to visit.
    He might have been sick and tired of her ways with his parents.
    She was being mean and vindictive towards them.
    She thought it’s her way or no way.
    Funny she didn’t reach out to his parents when he started to change. At that point I’m surprised she didn’t, she needed all the help she could get!

  3. Shannon

    Georgia. Sorry, he might not have known there was money in the bank. She handled the finances.

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