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Frankie Rzucek Interview

According to page 685 of the Discovery Documents on August 21st, 2018:

Colorado Bureau of Investigation CBI Agent MATTHEW SAILOR and Agent TRACI SCHWARTZBAUER, responded to the DoubleTree hotel located at 119 7th Street in Greeley, Colorado to interview FRANKIE RZUCEK, brother of SHAN’ANN WATTS. The interview began at approximately 15:47 hours, and was conducted in his hotel room, #205.

Nickole Atkinson Audio Interview with the Cops

Although Nickole Atkinson’s statement is mysteriously missing from the Discovery Documents, the audio of her interview on the evening of August 14 [around the same time Watts was being interviewed for the first time by the FBI] is available.

Give the clip 3-4 minutes before Atkinson begins to speak. There is no video.

More: Why is Nickole Atkinson’s Witness Statement Missing from the Discovery Documents?

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Interview with Dark & Stormy Book Club on TWO FACE Book Series [Starts at 17:43]

At the time I did this interview TWO FACE III was developing as a natural extension of the first two books. It’s since developed into a monster, and will only be released after the first week of November. It will be a meatier and far more disturbing read than the first two books.

My segment in the interview with Dark & Stormy kicks off at 17:43. Not sure why the Spreaker crams the audio into itself, but this definitely sounds like a speeded up version of what was discussed so listen quick!

The TWO FACE series is available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited at this link.

Book 3 coming soon!