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Frankie Rzucek Interview

According to page 685 of the Discovery Documents on August 21st, 2018:

Colorado Bureau of Investigation CBI Agent MATTHEW SAILOR and Agent TRACI SCHWARTZBAUER, responded to the DoubleTree hotel located at 119 7th Street in Greeley, Colorado to interview FRANKIE RZUCEK, brother of SHAN’ANN WATTS. The interview began at approximately 15:47 hours, and was conducted in his hotel room, #205.


  1. mitzi2006

    Have you any ideas on why the auction for their house has been moved ahead 90 days to July?

    • JC

      This article provided more details at the time than other news outlets. The author implies that the bank’s primary interest is selling for the outstanding amount of the loan, and the more time that passes between the date of the murders and the auction, the better chance they have of getting that amount. The news that only one of the murders happened in the house, and it wasn’t a child, I suppose might make it easier to sell, but idk.

  2. mitzi2006

    That might be it. I was wondering if there was a possibility of a deal between the lender and the trustee but I dismissed that because it was rescheduled

  3. abbyp

    If I have the means and a single chance to buy that Watts house, I would. I know we would be protected by 4 angels. Shannan and kids love that house. ❤😘

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