At 1:38 in the video clip below, Shan’ann reads aloud the writing on Bellas’s shirt:

“Does it say, ‘Most likely to spend daddy’s money’?”she asks Bella.

Fullscreen capture 20181215 224110

Much of the Watts Family album is peppered with branding, aphorisms, quotes etc. There are a lot of words painted on walls, t-shirts, plastered over Facebook and attached to patches. There are dream boards and Thrive branded promotion messages. During virtually every promotion Shan’ann loads onto Facebook, she’s wearing the product, showing the product, sometimes eating the product or feeding it – on camera – to family, friends or other promoters.

By branding something, one is saying “this is what this is”. By branding someone, or oneself, one saying “this is what I am”, or “this is who I cam” [because of a particular product I’m using, and trying to sell]. But this is the biggest mismatch of all, in terms of the Watts family. How they were branded, and what things really were like, couldn’t have been more different.

Below is a sample of the incredible array of branded products and t-shirts Shan’ann used to brand herself and her family with.

Fullscreen capture 20181109 100239Fullscreen capture 20181109 100307Fullscreen capture 20181109 100312Fullscreen capture 20181109 100319Fullscreen capture 20181109 100321Fullscreen capture 20181109 100326Fullscreen capture 20181109 100330Fullscreen capture 20181109 100334Fullscreen capture 20181109 100344Fullscreen capture 20181109 100404Fullscreen capture 20181109 100411Fullscreen capture 20181109 100420Fullscreen capture 20181109 100422Fullscreen capture 20181109 100425Fullscreen capture 20181109 100436Fullscreen capture 20181109 100441Fullscreen capture 20181109 100448Fullscreen capture 20181109 100452Fullscreen capture 20181109 100457Fullscreen capture 20181109 100503Fullscreen capture 20181109 100506Fullscreen capture 20181109 100541Fullscreen capture 20181109 100608Fullscreen capture 20181109 100643Fullscreen capture 20181109 100741Fullscreen capture 20181109 100747Fullscreen capture 20181109 100827Fullscreen capture 20181109 110159

Fullscreen capture 20181208 191207Fullscreen capture 20181109 110449

29342844_10155304878071935_5173751816696603666_n35199018_10155486782216935_8667169777703190528_n35728647_10155508130486935_5794844930316697600_o35900565_2146083248755083_8901926642788597760_n36223051_10155518743506935_3523017336237850624_nFullscreen capture 20180904 072119Fullscreen capture 20180911 094515Fullscreen capture 20180911 095141Fullscreen capture 20181009 112812Fullscreen capture 20181009 113601Fullscreen capture 20181010 090727

Even the doormat is branded.Fullscreen capture 20181010 090911-002Fullscreen capture 20181010 091056NINTCHDBPICT0004269904182NINTCHDBPICT0004269904235phpy4qldwg2qbwethe-scent-of-death-police-dogs-and-the-chris-watts-investigation

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Fullscreen capture 20181014 162738Fullscreen capture 20180917 111738Fullscreen capture 20180917 111846Fullscreen capture 20180919 145324Fullscreen capture 20180929 203354Fullscreen capture 20181027 014816-001Fullscreen capture 20181027 015741Shannan-Watts-and-daughters-1024x576

16406616_10154260191191935_7129305167162223685_n16473552_10154257180981935_7008465087573275639_n16508987_10154257179026935_6672402546830779442_nFullscreen capture 20181211 080243Fullscreen capture 20181213 161609Fullscreen capture 20181213 174957pI8fp6T47381885_738402183193540_1587231724314558464_nXaxYf1PFullscreen capture 20181213 161614maxresdefault (1)download