Way back in September 2018, when I published the very first book of the TWO FACE series, I noted the strange alert picked up by media cameras and microphones. It happened on the morning of August 14th.  You remember what happened, right? Jayne Zmijewski, the dog handler [also known as the “Bear Lady”], lead her chocolate brown Labrador retriever onto the front porch.

I blogged about this “most important clue” about a month later, in October 2018. We actually see Zmijewski lift two of the cushions before moving on.



At the time the original post covering this detail gained virtually no traction. In 2018 it was viewed just over 1000 times, and this year [up to the present], about the same. A total of just over 2000 views.

It was always an alert that never seemed to make any sense. Why would a body have been left outside on the cushion? Now it seems to make more sense why the cushion is outside, and why the configuration of the cushions [as noted in the October post] seems to be out of line.

Fullscreen capture 20190404 052354