After their meal at the Lazy Dog on Saturday night [August 11th], Watts and Nichol Kessinger had their final intimate encounter.

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From her home Watts drove to his home, but stopped at a gas station on the way to draw babysitting cash for McKenna Lindstrom.

Below is a map showing the route from Watts’ home to Kessinger’s place on Claude Court.


The closest gas station on that route is at 3768 State Highway 52.

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McKenna described Watts that night wearing a white-t-shirt and black jeans.

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The screengrabs below are from 22:19 to 22:22. McKenna and her mother Jennifer said Watts arrived home late that night, at around 22:30. He’d agreed to be home by 22:00.

49406806_1964528103665165_5599934577075290112_nAt first glance the brunette on the right in the screengrab below appears to be Nichol Kessinger. But the label on her shirt and the fact that she appears later with her back to the camera, counting notes for him from behind the counter, suggests she was a convenience store worker.49255985_2155889497802959_104945537307901952_n



Many thanks to a follower of CrimeRocket who brought this info to my attention, but asked to remain anonymous.

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