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Chris Watts caught on CCTV camera on the night of his last date, moments after his final tryst with Nichol Kessinger [Updated]

After their meal at the Lazy Dog on Saturday night [August 11th], Watts and Nichol Kessinger had their final intimate encounter.

From her home Watts drove to his home, but stopped at a gas station on the way to draw babysitting cash for McKenna Lindstrom.

Below is a map showing the route from Watts’ home to Kessinger’s place on Claude Court.

The closest gas station on that route is at 3768 State Highway 52.

McKenna described Watts that night wearing a white-t-shirt and black jeans.

The screengrabs below are from 22:19 to 22:22. McKenna and her mother Jennifer said Watts arrived home late that night, at around 22:30. He’d agreed to be home by 22:00.

At first glance the brunette on the right in the screengrab below appears to be Nichol Kessinger. But the label on her shirt and the fact that she appears later with her back to the camera, counting notes for him from behind the counter, suggests she was a convenience store worker.

Many thanks to a follower of CrimeRocket who brought this info to my attention, but asked to remain anonymous.


  1. LW

    Ugh! He wore flip flops out on his date with his ho? On top of everything else, he’s a slob, too.

  2. Squirrel

    FWIW, I work in that business park behind the Conoco and can confirm from the images that’s the correct gas station. I’m in there a couple of times a week, further confirming my suspicions that I crossed paths with one or both of them at some point.

    • Nick

      If you’re in the area, Squirrel, would you be able to take a photo of the new fracking pad just built beside Saratoga Trail?

      • Squirrel

        I won’t be back at work until the end of this week, but I’ll try to swing by. The thing is, that house sits in the middle of the subdivision and I know there’s drilling going on west of the subdivision but it’s on the far other side of the neighborhood from the house. If you look at aerials of the neighborhood, it’s now built out to about twice the size of the current maps. There might be something new going on south of there, across HWY 52, but I don’t remember seeing anything. My office backs up to that open field so it would catch my eye. Given all that, his claim about the new drilling has always seemed “off” to me. Drilling is happening everywhere in Weld County right now, and property prices are still skyrocketing in the area.

  3. nickvdl

    If you could try, get a look see, it would be much appreciated. And if you could get a picture of 6507 Black Mesa, that’s around the corner of 2825 Saratoga trail [where he supposedly dumped something on the way home.]

    I’d also be very interested to see if there are for sale signs on the front lawn of 2825.

    • Cheryl Filar


      I believe the Watts’s house is scheduled to be sold through an auction in April. If so, the typical “for sale” signs are not usually placed; instead, auction notices are posted on the front door. However, since the house is now so notorious, the transference of its ownership may be more discreet.

      • nickvdl

        Makes sense. Still, I wouldn’t mind an updated photo of the house. I wonder if the lawn is still green?

  4. Cheryl Filar

    An updated photo would be interesting as per sales activity and maintenance (I bet the lawn is maintained because of HOA regulations and to keep it looking “normal.”) I don’t think the neighbors would suffer the house looking like Norman Bates has taken up residence there. 🙂 I’m also curious if memorials are still being left on the front lawn area or if that’s now discouraged or prohibited by the HOA.

  5. RC

    Squirrel is correct, the Wyndam Hill neighborhood has expanded west quite significantly in the past 6 months. I believe the new fracking pad discussed in this case is the one to the west of CR 5 and to the east of Outdoor Craftsman (landscape business located off HWY 52). That was a HUGE operation when active drilling went on for 4+ months. The pad is now fully installed. I live 3 miles north of Wyndham Hill and drive Aggregate Rd (CR 7) twice daily on my way to/from Boulder for work. My brother lives in Wyndham Hill on Ruby Hill Dr and when I was there last week for Christmas, I drove by the Saratoga Trail house and the front grass was dormant (as is usual for this time of year). Had me wonder if anyone winterized the house – probably not – that will be a giant basement flood mess if/when the pipes freeze/burst. As I type this it is 16* and snowing today.

    I get off work early today, on my way home if it is safe to pull over on HWY 52 for a pic of the fracking pad I will do so.

    • nickvdl

      Thanks RC that will be great!

      • RC

        nickvdl, how do I contact you? I filled out the contact form, shall I wait to hear from you?

        • nickvdl

          I’ve already emailed you.

    • LGW

      Hi RC, were there any memorial-type items when you went by the house? Curious because of Christmas and Bella’s birthday recently.

      • RC

        I did not see any memorial items on Christmas and I drove by today there wasn’t anything but the patio furniture on the front porch.

  6. sheis

    How long would it have taken to drive from Nichol’s place to the Watts place?

    Why don’t those gas stations have surveillance of the parking area/gas pumps? It would handily answer the question of who Orange Shirt is (doesn’t look like Chris to me, don’t be mad).

    • Debbie

      Did he drive Shanann’s car to NK’s their last fling

      • Nick

        Yes but not to the Lazy Dog restaurant – they took Nichol’s truck and he left the Lexus at her place on Claude Court. Also it wasn’t Shan’ann’s car, it was a lease.

  7. ncam619

    If shannan would have seen what Chris was wearing that evening (in addition to that $60 meal ) it would have been obvious he didn’t go to the Rockies game. That dude wore sports related shirts every day he wasn’t working but the one time he actually goes to a sports event he wore a plunging v-neck tshirt??? Dead giveaway imo.

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