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And the real reason Watts deleted his Facebook account is…?

While he was having an affair, Chris Watts was clearly on tenterhooks about being exposed somehow on social media. But exposed for what? That he was having an affair, or that Shan’ann was pregnant, or both?
Or did it have something to do with the imminent gender reveal that was to take place on Facebook? After their rollercoaster romance in the month of July, a big announcement on social media about Watts’ baby boy wasn’t going to do either of them any favors…

In his Second Confession he claims he didn’t want Kessinger’s friends to find out about him. This has some credence, because Kessinger seemed to “conspire” with him, if that’s the word, in deleting his Facebook.
Remember this?
August 9th:

August 10th

August 11th and 12th

Chris Watts deactivated his Facebook profile on August 11, 2018 – one day before the murders [16th Tranche]

Chris Watts usual paid for Nichol Kessinger’s meal using Anadarko gift cards. But on the night of August 11, he paid using one of Shan’ann’s credit cards. This sent an alert to Shan’ann’s phone which worried her [and she had every reason to be worried]. To Nichol Kessinger the purchase with a credit card was a sign that the Chris Watts marriage to Shan’ann was over, which, ironically, tragically, it almost was.

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