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And the real reason Watts deleted his Facebook account is…?

While he was having an affair, Chris Watts was clearly on tenterhooks about being exposed somehow on social media. But exposed for what? That he was having an affair, or that Shan’ann was pregnant, or both?
Or did it have something to do with the imminent gender reveal that was to take place on Facebook? After their rollercoaster romance in the month of July, a big announcement on social media about Watts’ baby boy wasn’t going to do either of them any favors…

In his Second Confession he claims he didn’t want Kessinger’s friends to find out about him. This has some credence, because Kessinger seemed to “conspire” with him, if that’s the word, in deleting his Facebook.
Remember this?
August 9th:

August 10th

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  1. ncam619

    You’re right about that Nick. they definitely comspired to shut down his FB account. Chris doesn’t make any decisions on his own and NK only makes decisions that benefit her in some way. She pretended not to be tech savvy while being interviewed. Those two were made for each other. They’re both diabolical liars.

  2. Stacy

    I am on the fence with NK. I guess I would say I would not be surprised if she just got caught in an affair with a bad guy or she was completely obsessed with him, pursued him, clung to him very fast (initial searches of SW, saying she wanted a life like he had with SW, being very upset when he would leave her). And in both of those scenarios was shocked that he would kill his family. I also have to wonder if there is anything deeper when he said he could be himself around her. Sure it could just be from being in the beginning of a new relationship and maybe they were a better match etc etc. But what if it is more than that? What if he felt comfortable enough to tell her about his wishes to be rid of his family and she supported and even encouraged him? Hopefully that is just a paranoid thought of mine but it does make me wonder…That 111 minute phone call would tell us a lot. What did they talk about? Was it more sinister? Some have put the theory out there that she picked up the phone and left it at her apartment and went to his house (again a little far fetched but it might be a possibility).

    • Shannon

      How far apart for they live from each other.
      Take into account, travel time, there and back. How long left to be at location.
      Crimes do happen like this, an alibi.

      • Shannon

        Sorry. Tv loud also. To might help, muffle screams.

  3. Ralph Oscar

    “Some have put the theory out there that she picked up the phone and left it at her apartment and went to his house (again a little far fetched but it might be a possibility).”
    You mean to deliberately keep the line open?
    Who *does* that?

    • Stacy

      Ralph Oscar criminals I guess lol. Like I said it is a pretty far out there theory but they did check her phone pings so it would appear she was home during the call. Shannon yes I thought the same thing about the TV being loud. I think she would have had time but not a lot with the drive there and back and I really don’t know why she would need to help him.

  4. nancyjames3358

    “That 111 minute phone call would tell us a lot. What did they talk about?” Quite the verbal Bermuda Triangle. If I recall, NK was asked and didn’t respond or didn’t remember. Maybe she was embarrassed again, 111 minute phone sex.

  5. Sideaffected

    Yikes. She looks really bad in his Chris’s new passive-aggressive comments about her. He drops hints and when asked “why would she do that?” he’s like “I don’t knoooww!” At first he says to save face but it becomes more accusatory in other parts by omission or a sideways jab. I don’t know why he’s doing this-whether she’s involved or not involved (as I believe, I think.)

  6. Stacy

    I believe they found her phone pinged in Frederick around the time he was loading his truck. She made a short 1 minute call to Jim. She lives in a different town and neither town is where the office is located.

    • JC

      She actually has to drive through Frederick on I25 to get to work, and the Watts house is only about a mile from the interstate. She made that call about 6:15 and arrived at work a short time later. It looked really fishy to everyone at first glance though.

  7. Stacy

    Good to know JC! I was wondering how the towns were set up sounds like it might be the suburbs. I am leaning towards her pursuing him and maybe being just as obsessed with him and pushing him to choose her or his wife. I am hoping that’s where her involvement ends.