The thief hatches are small, about the same size at the white hard hat of the man on the right, exiting the gangway. When one zooms to directly above the hatches, the perspective shifts and you can see just how small they are. Bear in mind, the opening inside tapers, which means the silver dome is wider than the opening underneath. In fact the exterior of the hatch – at 15.5 inches – is virtually twice as wide as the opening underneath.

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JT81040 New Lid June 2015JT20.1 openJT20.1 a look insidevcrdefullscreen-capture-20180915-101246fullscreen-capture-20180915-101246-001Enardo-ES-665-Blog-Image-3Fullscreen capture 20180911 144456Fullscreen capture 20180911 144510Fullscreen capture 20180916 104145Fullscreen capture 20181103 012551Fullscreen capture 20181103 012024